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Resource UpdateAPRIL 2014
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This is the 60th issue of the monthly Update. So we are recalling the variety of issues over the past five years while also reflecting on future issues for member care in the context of global integration. One crucial area involves training for the diversity of member care workers, the subject of this Update. We briefly describe and link to several examples, acknowledging a) that there are many other ones that could also be mentioned (including those outside of "mainstream" member care and those within other sectors); and b) that many more training resources still need to be developed especially within Asia, Africa, the Turkic-Arabic world, and Latin America (click here for some examples/links in Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese, Spanish, etc.). 
The first set of resources lists a few examples of programs offering graduate degrees or credit In member care. The second set of resources focuses on brief training and online modules in various subjects related to member care such as member care basics, counseling, coaching, and stress management. We begin this Update with a short video on adult learning and conclude by listing 10 Commitments for Member Care Workers. Pursuing training opportunities is really part of the commitment to lifelong learning--for developing resilience and relevance, and for growing deeply and broadly on behalf of our globalizing and needy world. 

Warm greetings from Geneva,
Kelly and Michèle O’Donnell


We must grow together through the hard times, inspired by the vision to see member care develop globally in culturally relevant ways—for all peoples and from all people. Global Member Care (volume 2): Crossing Sectors for Serving Humanity (p. 381)
Want to know more about adult learning principles? 
Watch: Adult Learning in Under Three Minutes
Want more?
Interact with this short video series on Adult Learning for Facilitators by BRAINMASS Helps.

Graduate Degrees and Credit
Columbia International University, USA— D.Min. (Member Care) 
 “[This degree program] equips professionals who have demonstrated skill in providing ministerial and/or therapeutic care for missionaries. Multi-disciplinary training tools equip you as a Mission Support Services Specialist serving in an organizational setting or as a Clinical Counseling Specialist (requires licensure) focusing on clinical needs of missionaries.” Columbia also offers a MA in “ministry care.”
Heartstream Resources—Member Care Training Course
“[This] is an accredited graduate course, with three units of credit for each week. Various graduate schools accept the course…inquire about your own school and how they would list this course to fit their curriculum….Week 1: Foundations of Missionary Care; Week 2: Implementing Missionary Member Care.”

Redcliffe College, UK-MA in Member Care
"[This degree programme] covers: A Biblical basis for Member Care; Member Care and suffering; Cross-cultural relationships-teams, marriage, family, singleness, counseling; Member Care in crisis situations; Advance skills in Member Care. There is also the opportunity to focus on a specific context or Member Care issue through an optional module."

Note: There are various member care related courses/lectures at graduate schools such as Rosemead School of Psychology (e.g., mental health issues for cross-cultural sojourners) and Fuller School of Psychology (e.g., practicing psychology in mission/aid settings) in the USA. Also note the online masters programs in counselling at institutions such as Regent University, USA.
Brief Training and Online Modules
A. On-Site Training
International Training Partners, Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills
“[This workshop is] designed to enhance the knowledge, attitudes and skills of Christian workers in how we relate to family, co-workers, friends as well as those from other cultures.”
Mission Training International, USA—CODAR Member Care Workshop
“This week-long workshop gives member care and personnel professionals a foundation in the vital aspects of an effective debriefing and renewal process for cross-cultural workers.”

Narramore Christian Foundation—Counseling and Member Care Seminar
“For more than 30 years the Narramore Christian Foundation has offered intensive two-week seminars in counseling in the United States and Thailand. More than 2000 people have taken this training. Now this helpful counseling seminar is being offered in Antalya, Turkey…. The seminar will increase your counseling and member care skills. Instructors will emphasize a strong integration of biblical truth with practical psychological insights and counseling techniques.” (next one In October 2014, Turkey)
OM, People Care Course 
“[This course] is designed for all staff who are interested in improving their ability to support colleagues in their (inter)personal growth and self-care as they serve in ministry, but in particular for leaders and those involved in Member Care or Personnel roles. The structure of the course is designed to optimize both immediate and long-term member care skills  development. The teaching style…accesses the dialogue learning method, actively engaging participants with the material and other participants. Dialogue learning allows participants to gain maximum skill development throughout the week they invest in the course.“ (next one in early May, Italy) Contact:
B. Online Training
Centre for Humanitarian Psychology (CHP), Switzerland
Self Management in a Humanitarian Context—A Resilient Path: “…the CHP [emphasises] building stress resistance, self-awareness and healthy relationships with co-workers in the field. This course is a personalized approach to developing resilience in spite of harsh living conditions….Managing Team Stress after Critical Events: This course aims at giving you [team managers]the vital tools to guide and protect your team members in the middle of a volatile context, take the right decisions in the case of critical incidents, guiding them back to an acceptable level of well-being.”
Creative Results Management
Some examples of the training offered by this organization include the Coaching Workshop Certificate Program and Coaching Mastery Certificate Program There is also a free, one hour telecast: Explore Coaching (17 April 2014, 13 May 2014).
Headington Institute
“Our materials range from longer online certificate courses to quick handouts, videos and self tests. We invite you to explore the major topic areas.”

Note: There are many opportunities for additional training via resources on websites, presentations at conferences, etc. Examples of conferences with member care emphases: AMCN (Asia), COMIBAM (Latin America),  EMCC (Europe), GMCN Conference (International), MANI (Africa), MEMC (Middle East), Mental Health and Missions (USA), Pastors to Missionaries (USA).

Final Thoughts
A Personal Word from Kelly and Michèle 

Here are some thoughts about 10 core commitments needed to do member care well (adapted from Global Member Care (volume 1): The Pearls and Perils of Good Practice; pp. 167-168). The underly­ing principle is for Member Care Workers (MCWs) to provide the best services possible in the best interests of the people whom they serve. The commitments reflect the ongoing development of three broad areas: character, competencies, and compassion. Use them as a grid to review your own work as in member care. Sending groups can also do the same as they consider their own member care programs and prospective service providers for their staff.
1. Ongoing training, personal growth, and self-care.
2. Ongoing accountability for my personal/work life, including consultation/supervision.
3. Recognizing my strengths/limits and representing my skills/ background accurately.
4. Understanding/respecting felt needs, culture, and diversity of those with whom I work.
5. Working with other colleagues, and making referrals when needed.
6. Preventing problems; offering supportive/restorative and at times pro bono services.
7. Having high standards in my services and embracing specific ethical guidelines.
8. Acknowledging different disciplinary/regulatory norms for different MCWs.
9. Abiding by any legal requirements for offering member care where I reside/practice.
10. Growing in my relationship to Christ, the Good Practitioner.


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