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July 2016 -- Number 87

Member Care Update--July 2016
Expanding the global impact of member care

Recent Resources and Events
Member Care Around the World

This month we traverse the globe as we share a variety of recent member care resources and events. Many thanks to friends and colleagues for sending us your suggestions! Most of these materials are from 2016 and 2015. Member care continues to go global as it takes deeper root in sending groups (churches and agencies), countries and regions, local settings, different sectors, and indeed in our own hearts. We finish this Update with a brief excerpt from “To the Ends of the Earth, To the End of the Age” an encouraging reflection about the specialness of mission workers.

…we will foster a culture of care among our churches and mission organizations compliant with the model and mandate of Christ to love and serve each other…cooperate in stewardship of God’s resources with each other and with the global member care community…raise more church leaders and ministers particularly focused on Member Care, adequately equipped…to serve the needs of…[mission workers] including their families and home-based personnel (excerpts from the Declaration, Philippine Member Care Congress, October 2005)


Member Care Around the World



Recent Books and Materials

General Member Care
Help Your [Mission Worker] Thrive: Leadership Practices that Make a Difference (2016), Ken Harder and Carla Foote

--Staff well-being and mental health in UNHCR (2016). Suzik, D., Thomas, R., Lachens, L., & Mihalca, L.

--Workplace Stress: A Collective Challenge (2016) International Labor Organization


Mind the Gaps: Engaging the Church in Missionary Care (2015) David Wilson (Editor) and the Trinity Church Member Care Team

Healthy, Resilient, and Effective in Cross-Cultural Ministry: A Comprehensive Member Care Plan (2015), Laura Mae Gardner

--The missional heart of member care. International Bulletin of Mission Research 31(2), 91-96.

--Member Care Study on Korean Mission Workers (in Korean, 2015), Korea Research Institute for  Mission 

—Special Issue on Member Care (February 2015) Missio Dei (journal)

--Humanitarian Effectiveness and Staff Wellbeing (webinar 30 July 2015; archived) Professionals in Humanitarian Assistance and Protection


--The Curious Incident of a Boy's Transformation: Helping a Child on the Autistic Spectrum (2016) Debbie Lovell

God’s Design for Community: Strategies for Building Better Relationships (2015), Gaylyn Williams.

Reconcilable Differences: Strategies for Your Journey Through Conflict (2015), Gaylyn Williams

Married in Mission: A Handbook for Couples in Cross-Cultural Service (2015), Alexis Kenny

Love Across Latitudes: A Workbook on Cross-cultural Marriage (2015, sixth edition), Janet Fraser-Smith.

Our Global Families: Christians Embracing Common Identity in a Changing World (2015), Todd Johnson and Cindy Wu.

Recent Events and Training (2016 examples)
--Africa: InterHealth (Kenya, South Sudan, Somalia, UK)

--Asia: Asia Member Care Consultation (April 2016) Singapore

--Australia: Spiritually Aware Member Care Course (June 2016)

--Europe: European Member Care Conference-10 (May 2016) Germany

--India MUT Conference (June 2016)  

--Korea:  Global Member Care: Serving Jesus Christ in the Missio Dei (leaders workshop, May
2016), Korea Research Institute for Mission

--Mexico (Latin America) Member Care Course (June 2016)

--Spain: Adelante (May 2016)

--Turkey: Counseling and Member Care: An Intensive Counseling Seminar for Cross-Cultural Workers (October 2016) Narramore Christian Foundation 

--USA: Mind the Gaps Conference (March 2016)
Note: Neal Pirolo was a main speaker. See the updated version of his book, Serving as Senders Today (2012).

--USA: MK Retreat Seminar (July 2016)

See also:
--Sharpening your Interpersonal Skills (schedule of trainings around the world)

--Member Care Update: Training opportunities (April 2014)

-- Breathe, Restore, Traction, etc. (special retreats, just a few among many)


More Member Care Materials
--Brigada Today (search “member care”)

--Cross-Cultural Workers

--William Carey Library

--100+ Books for Member Care (including updates)

--Member Care Materials in Different Languages


Global, Regional, National, and Local News 
(updates, newsletters, resources)

--Global Member Care Network






--Latin America

--Middle East and Central Asia


Personal Reflections
Global Member Care—Polishing the Gold

Doing member care well helps us to do missions well...It is a pioneering, practical, and deeply personal ministry. Doing member care well is a direct and strategic way to fulfill the Abrahamic Covenant of Genesis 12, along with both the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. That is to say, God blesses us and thus we bless others, especially those who bring the blessings of God to the unreached.
Tolkien (1965, p. 325) has said it well: “Everything that is gold does not glitter. Not all those who wander are lost. The old that is strong does not wither. Deep roots are not reached by the frost.” In the world of missions and member care, some of the choicest servants are unheard of, not necessarily professionally trained, and not usually invited to be plenary speakers at conferences. But they are solid gold—they sparkle internally, privately, out of the limelight; and they are sturdy folk, with deep roots in God, putting into practice the biblical call to “love one another.”

It is not the member care specialists—as important as these are—who are the main practitioners of member care, even though some of them might be leading the member care charge. Rather, it is the missiological equivalent of “the average person on the street”—the [mission worker] on the field. Herein lies the backbone and the future of member care: mutual support and spiritual nurture among [mission workers], and between missionaries and the people to whom they are called. We member care workers primarily polish the gold that is already there. May God give us grace to follow their examples of sacrifice. And may we do our part in supporting them in their most holy work, serving with them unto the ends of the earth and until the end of the age.
Excerpted from “To the Ends of the Earth, to the End of the Age.” Doing Member Care Well: Perspectives and Practices from Around the World (2012, pp. 9-10)


Member Care Associates

Member Care Associates is a non-profit, Christian organisation based in Geneva and the USA.       We provide-develop supportive resources for workers and organizations in the mission, humanitarian,
and development sectors. Our services include consultation, training, research, and publications.


Global Integration (GI)
GI is a framework for actively integrating our lives with global realities.
It helps us to connect relationally and contribute relevantly on behalf of human 
the major issues facing humanity, in light of our integrity and core values
(e.g., ethical, humanitarian, faith-based).

More MCA Resources 
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Global Member Care: (volume one): The Pearls and Perils of Good Practice (2011)
(e-book version is available on Amazon)
Global Member Care (volume two): Crossing Sectors for Serving Humanity (2013)
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