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Resource UpdateOctober 2014
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Creative Tools for Healing
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This month we share more tools that we have found to be particularly helpful for healing and personal growth. We think that you will find most of them to be creative and very relevant for yourself as well as for your work in member care and mission/aid. The five topics include tools for depression, trauma/violence, grief/loss, stress, and addictions. We finish with an invitation to the upcoming online gatherings (webinars, first one in October) to further develop skills and knowledge for global relevance. Not to be missed!

What other tools do you use that you have found to be especially creative and helpful--for anxiety, relationships, transitions, etc.? Please feel free to share them with us and we can post them on the MCA website in the
Tools and Training section.
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Kelly and Michèle O’Donnell


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(paraphrase of Proverbs 22:29)

Tools for Healing and Growth


I Had a Black Dog
and Living With A Black Dog are short animated videos and picture books that explore the experience of depression and ways to help yourself and others (by Matthew and Ainsley Johnstone). "Depression is sometimes referred to as the 'Black Dog.' Just like a real dog, it needs to be embraced, understood, taught new tricks, and brought to heel." The videos are available online for free (click the links above) and the books are are available on Amazon and other sources. Some examples of the many other creative resources for depression are online at Black Dog Institute and iFred.

Common Threads. Have a look at this 10 minute video from Common Threads that shows how narrative textiles are being creatively used for healing people and communities that have experienced trauma and violence. Click here also for a short article by psychologist Rachel Cohen on this healing approach.


Tear Soup: A Recipe for  Healing After Loss 
is Is a family story book and video that uses the metaphor of making soup in order to help people work through grief and losses. Click here to watch the first three minutes of the video. See the other creative resources on grief, loss, and bereavement at Grief Watch.

Stress Management
CHOPS Inventory
is the main tool we use for helping people explore their struggles, successes, and strategies in mission/aid. It is organized into ten categories of stress ranging from cultural to human to spiritual.
Click here for the latest version (with additional items in green font reflect areas of stress that are often experienced by national/local workers. The previous version is in seven languages: click here (see bottom of the landing page). Another creative tool for stress/growth is our reflective article Giants, Foxes, Wolves, and Flies, (in five languages).

Addictions and Recovery

The Prince and the Dragon
s the first of 19 short stories from Dr. Melinda Reinicke's book
: Parables for Personal Growth: Tales for Your Healing Journey. "In a mythical realm not far from your own inner struggles..." The stories (parables) are accompanied by personal reflection exercises--great tools for those who are serious about honesty, growth, and recovery. Click here to watch the animated version of the first story and click here for the text. 'There will be mercy for all who wish to be freed from the dragon. Truth is our most powerful weapon against the dragon.'
Final Thoughts
More things we like:
Online gatherings for global relevance

This month we are launching our online training events--special interactive gatherings (webinars)--focusing on different aspects of global integration (GI). GI involves actively integrating our lives (connecting and contributing) with global realities (the major issues facing fellow humans) in light of our core values (e.g., ethical imperatives, commitment to humanity, God’s glory). We will convene the initial gatherings from different locations/organizations and include interviews with experienced colleagues from different sectors who are working on global issues. The first one will be in early October, focusing on global mental health (including issues, training, cultural considerations, services) and its relevance for your work. More information will be posted at the top of our main MCA website ( as well as sent by email. Stay tuned!

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