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March 2017 -- Number 95

Member Care Update--March 2017
Expanding the global impact of member care

Go for It!
Building Our Future Foundations--Now! 
Be brave. Be strong. Don’t give up.
Keep your eyes on Jesus,
who both began and finished this race we’re in.
Psalm 31:21 and Hebrews 12:2, The Message
In this Update we feature three articles that we have written over the last year (March 2016-March 2017). Although focusing mostly on mental health professionals, they are also very relevant for those with member care responsibilities. The articles are meant to encourage us as we consider the many new opportunities for member care in mission and for mental health as mission.

This trio of articles provides directional tools that can help us build our “future foundations.” Chief among these tools is the global integration framework that we have been promoting the last six years. We share these tools with you now, the member care and mission community et al, for your consideration, knowing that as influences (“teachers”) we shall receive a stricter judgement by the Lord (James 3:1).

So…read, reflect, debate, discuss, adjust, apply! May these materials guide and goad us further into our future foundations and into the heart of Jesus Christ for all people. We finish the Update with some personal reflections and some special encouragement from Lareau Lindquist’s book,
Too Soon to Quit. But first, we start off with an anecdote involving another encouraging person, George Verwer…Go for it!
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Go for it!
Building Our Future Foundations--Now! 
Goooooooooo for it!
The first time that George Verwer ever spoke to me (Kelly) was on a Malaysian beach.
He only said three words.

It was late April 2001. I was at a conference in Port Dickson, Malaysia. Part of the conference involved the first major meeting of the in-formation Global Member Care Resources group (MemCA). Somehow I had managed to help coax and find funds for several colleagues from different countries to come to the conference: to connect more broadly to the mission world and to help shape this new entity called MemCa.

There was an extended conference break. And like a magnet, the early afternoon beach drew me effortlessly to its warm waters and white sands. I started running along the shoreline and lo and behold, I saw two people walking hand-in hand ahead of me. As I passed them, I realized it was two people that I had heard about but never met—George and Drena Verwer.

And then George said something. He spontaneously and enthusiastically called out to me with an imperative: “Go for it!”

These brief, supportive words, meant to spur on my running, began to impact me deeply. The reason is that my head had also been running that balmy afternoon: churning inside with thoughts passions, and doubts about wrhat I should be doing in member care. Was I really on the right track in my desire to help develop member care around the world. Too ambitious—or even grandiose? Would MemCa take off? Did I have what it takes? What risks might others and I have to endure? Would such a diversity of people rally together? Could it last? Was this simply a good idea or was it a God idea? And ultimately….should I go for it?

Well, my short, serendipitous encounter with George and Drena that afternoon helped me hear my own heart better and God’s too I think. I continued my run, without breaking my stride, heading into the right direction. Thanks George for your guiding, settling words that day!

Doing Member Care Well
(published February 2002)
English, Spanish Portuguese, and Korean versions.
Several chapters are also in
Arabic and Chinese.
Tools for Building Our Future Foundations
There is a tremendous need to address major problems affecting the wellbeing of people and the planet. Both member care and mission provide many opportunities for strategic involvement—at local to global levels—by Christian colleagues who can leverage their character, competencies, and compassion. Those with member care responsibility in particular are encouraged to connect and contribute in our globalizing world in new ways for the common good while maintaining the focus on supporting the health, resiliency, and effectiveness of the diversity of mission personnel and their sending groups.” MC Update, February 2017 (description of Humanity Care, Global Member Care Model)
The Missio Dei Model of Global Member Care (2016)
For more information on this model, see the
Member Care Update February 2017
1. Well-Being for All: Mental Health Professionals and the Sustainable Development Goals (2017). Journal of Psychology and Christianity, 36(1), 70-75. This article provides a rationale and ideas for involvement in sustainable development, oriented primarily to mental health professionals who are Christians. Applicable to many though! Kelly and Michèle

Abstract: “This article explores how mental health professionals (MHPs), especially Christians whose faith-based values help shape and support their professional work, can connect and contribute to the growing efforts to promote wellbeing for all people and the planet. We highlight three current and unprecedented global efforts, foremost being the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (2015), followed by the World Health Organization’s Mental Health Action Plan (2013) and the United Nations One Humanity: Shared Responsibility (2016b). “Global integration” and “global mental health” are also presented as frameworks to help guide MHP’s global involvement. We finish with some convictions and commitments for Christian MHPs to consider.”

Multi-Sectoral Member Care: Engaging Our World as Global Integrators. (2016). Journal of Psychology and Theology, 44(1), 303-314. This article presents the new global member care model and a grid to track with member care and the global context. Kelly and Michèle

Abstract: “How can we build on the substantial foundations of member care as we pursue new opportunities for impacting our needy world? We address this important question through the framework of Global Integration (GI) and multi-sectoral member care. GI is a framework for linking our integrity, skills, and values in order to address the major issues in our world. We present five strategic areas for connecting and contributing across sectors in member care as “global integrators.” These areas include engaging our world via: the member care field; international issues; the humanitarian, development, and other sectors; global mental health; and faith-based partnerships. We finish by describing seven indicators for involvement as global integrators and a sample GI template for multi-sectoral member care. We encourage colleagues to continue the emphasis on well-being and effectiveness for mission personnel while launching into new areas of challenge and service within the missio Dei.

Global Integration: Addressing the Pressing Issues Facing Our World—Overview and Opportunities for Mental Health Professionls (2016). Christian Psychology Around thie World, 8(1). 191-194. This short article overviews how global integration is relevant for mental health professionals who are Christians. Applicable to many though! Kelly and Michèle

Abstract: “Global integration (GI) is a framework that we have been developing over the past five years, as we consider, like so many others, how to help make our troubled world a better place. We have found this framework to be relevant for the increasing numbers of mental health professionals (MHPs) and colleagues across sectors (e.g., mission, health, humanitarian, development) who want to be meaningfully involved in our globalizing world. This brief paper overviews GI and encourages MHPs to take advantage of the many opportunities to improve the wellbeing of all people and the planet.”

See also:
Global integrators (2015). CORE Member Care: Resources, Research, and Reflections for Good Practice. These 25 weblog entries are reflections on the qualities and work of global integrators. Kelly

Global Mental Health: Tracking and Trekking Across Sectors (2015). Psychology International, 26(2), 16-19. This is a short overview article for staying updated with developments from different sectors and global mental health. Kelly and Michèle

The Missional Heart of Member Care (2015). International Bulletin of Mission Research, 39(2), 91-96. This article overviews member care history and finishes with some future directions for the field. Kelly
Note:  All six items featured above include links for free access/download.

Personal Reflections
Don't Quit!--Do It!


“But as for me, I have not turned away from being a shepherd after Thee,
nor have I longed for the woeful day; Thou Thyself knowest the utterance of my lips was in Thy presence.” 
Jeremiah 17:16 NASB
I (Kelly) recently exchanged some emails with a colleague. Here is one of the emails, a free-flowing excerpt from my heart. It’s really like a personal journal entry…and an entry into my personal journey. We complement it with an encouraging excerpt from Lareau Lindquist’s book.
Too Soon to Quit. Our prayer is that both of these excerpts will resonate with you and encourage you. And may they help us all to go for it as we build our future foundations in member care—now!

I miss working at times with a healthy, close team of colleagues and especially with true friends.  I sometimes feel like a Ranger in Tolkien's in Lord of the Rings, doing good behind the scenes and periodically popping into public view for some important reason. Not always understood or appreciated, but sometimes yes. Sometimes I want to exit the world of influence and "rangering" and just be something like a barista at a classy-rustic-cool small hidden coffee cafe (close to good waves) and fade into oblivion, living a simple life working with my hands a la 1 Thes. 4:11. Fortunately though I have super friends who have been proven through adversity. We live on different continents. All of us forging relationships together in our 20s or earlier. Would we die for each other? In contrast, being betrayed by believers who are fair weather friends or foul-weather fiends is no fun. Yet not trying to wear it on your sleeve or define your life by betrayal. Following Jesus Christ is worth all. We were just at an Oxford College (about 20 miles from our former home in Oxfordshire where we first really connected with Dave Pollock for a weekend at our place, dreaming of what was to become MemCa and planning, early 1998), on a private visit with the former Principal we know, with some of our closest friends too coming along, and I was wishing that as friends we could all somehow magically flow together in some new way, leveraging our various skills/life experiences/faith on behalf of humanity in a new over fine English ale about making our marks in later life, doing something that could really have an impact vs something that would sustain our lifestyles primarily, ad majorem Dei gloriam… (Kelly's email, February 2017)

Don’t quit!

Do it!

Often our dreams become smothered in our own feelings of inadequacy. And as if that weren’t enough, we also get the message all too loudly and clearly from our detractors: “That’s impossible…”It’ll never work”…”That’s never been done before.” Too long we have played all those “I can’t” recordings in our minds. The Apostle Paul wrote of such a time in his life (Romans 7) but also wrote of reprogramming his mind which said, “I can!” In Philippians 4:13 he wrote, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” What is your dream? And how can it be discovered? There may be clues from looking at our backgrounds, our talents, our gifts, the perceived needs of those around us, and the open doors before us. Dreams also grow out of our personal walk with God….[quoting two others:] “Make Jesus the center of your dream.” “DREAM…GO FOR IT.” (Excerpt from “Go for It” by Lareau Lindquist in Too Soon to Quit, p. 48)

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Global Integration (GI)
GI is a framework that guides our work as we actively integrate our lives with global realities. It helps us to connect relationally and contribute relevantly on behalf of human wellbeing and the major issues facing humanity, in light of our integrity and core values (e.g., ethical, humanitarian, faith-based) for God's glory.

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