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Resource UpdateSeptember 2014
Member Care in Mission/Aid

Global Integration for Good Practice


Global Relevance
New member care course and webinars

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This month we continue the emphasis on developing good practice skills and relationships for global relevance.The first resource is the detailed syllabus for the new global member care course--12 lessons with core readings and videos. The second resource is the upcoming online gatherings for global integration-interactive training (webinars) for connecting and contributing on behalf off the pressing issues facing humanity.  

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Global Relevance
Updated global member care course
This course overviews the member care field in light of the major challenges facing humanity. It was originally taught by Kelly at Fuller School of Psychology in California, USA in the early 1990s. Since then many of its topics/lessons have been regularly updated and added to over the years, and taught in 20+ countries

We encourage you to carefully review and use the six page syllabus for self- or group-study, as part of training courses, etc. (Just cite the source.) Please send suggestions for additional materials. Which lessons and materials interest you the most? 

Click here for the syllabus

More Information
The course has 12 lessons organized into four areas:
(a) historical highlights, current status, and future directions of member care;
(b) the adjustment, wellbeing, and effectiveness of mission/aid/development personnel, families, teams, and organizations;
(c) the different helping roles and skills needed to “do member care well” such as counseling, consultation, team building, crisis care, training, internet and media resources, and organizational development; and
(d) the commitment to core spiritual and/or humanitarian values, ethics and human rights, personal growth and integrity, as we chart our member care involvement as global citizens.
The course is designed for all those with member care responsibility who want to further develop good practice and global relevance. It is especially oriented towards mental health/human resource professionals and graduate students in the health/behavioral sciences, and is particularly for those who practice Christian spirituality. It includes lectures, group discussions, case studies, practice in using tools, brief videos, and guest speakers. Next location and date for the full course: TBA.

Seeking safety, another perilous boat trek--from Libya to Lampadesa, Italy.
Photo (c) Kate Thomas/ IRIN  Watch the slide show here:

Global Relevance
Online gatherings for global integration

We will be offering a series of online training events--special interactive gatherings (webinars)--focusing on different aspects of global integration (GI). GI involves actively integrating our lives (connecting and contributing) with global realities (the major issues facing fellow humans) in light of our core values (e.g., ethical imperatives, commitment to humanity, God’s glory). Examples of topics: GI overview, strategies  for crossing sectors, global mental health, mental health as mission, and any of the topics covered in the 12 lessons in the updated global member care course such as team development, trauma/resilience, organizational health, ethical guidelines, and future directions.

These online gatherings are free and will use an internet platform such as "join. me" to link participants together. We also plan to convene the gatherings from different locations/agencies and include interviews with experienced colleagues from different sectors who are working on global issues. More information will be posted on the main MCA website as well as in these Updates ( 

Keep in mind that there are many opportunities for member care training. The April 2014 Update highlighted many of these, including graduate courses, brief training events, and online modules.
Final Thoughts
Why are we doing this? 

A Personal Word from Kelly and Michèle

The resources we present in these Updates—including the current one on the member care course and online gatherings—are part of an ongoing effort to keep current with both our globalizing world and the global field of member care. We want to “broaden our experiential boundaries”: to take advantage of the wealth of opportunities for seeing the world in new ways, expanding our global reach, developing our member care skills, and staying current with good practice on behalf of the diversity of remarkable people who serve in mission/aid/development as well as on behalf of humanity itself.
Keep in mind the five goals below as you venture into our globalizing world via member care. Underlying these goals is the process of developing character and competence as we cross sectors, disciplines, and cultures for mutual learning, exchanging of resources, and building relationships. 
• To support mission/aid workers in their well-being and effectiveness
• To support colleagues in other sectors via materials in the member care field
• To equip mission/aid workers with tools and opportunities for their work with others
• To equip member caregivers who directly work with vulnerable populations and others
• To stay informed as global citizens about current and crucial issues facing humanity.

Adapted from the Introduction in Global Member Care (volume two): Crossing Sectors for Serving Humanity (2013). 

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