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April 2016 -- Number 84

Member Care Update--April 2016
Expanding the global impact of member care

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Global Mental Health as Mission
Overview and Opportunities


In this Update we feature five core resources that we are sharing in our current trip to the West Coast USA. Come along and check them out!

Our primary focus is on the emerging area of what we refer to as "global mental health as mission" (gmhM). We are visiting universities and graduate programs in psychology (Fuller, Rosemead. Biola, George Fox). We also attended the annual conference of the Christian Association for Psychological Studies (CAPS). Via presentations and special gatherings we are really enjoying interacting with colleagues, students, and faculty about gmhM.

We are using global integration (GI) as a framework to guide our interactions. GI simply put is how we link our skills, values, and integrity on behalf of human wellbeing. This framework helps us as we  a) link our Geneva-based work with peoples' mental health-member care interests and involvements internationally; and  b) consider together how to further shape the mental health and member care fields (consultation, advocacy, research, training--CART) in view of the major issues facing our globalizing world.

In the midst of it all, we have been able to relax with many friends and family. A special highlight has been having a wonderful week together with our two daughters, Erin and Ashling.

Warm greetings from the West Coast USA!

Kelly and Michèle

Five Resources
Global Mental Health as Mission

Global mental health in brief:
Who is hurting--hiding--helping, globally?

Watch the trailer from the GMH film, Hidden Pictures
1. Global Integration: Addressing the Pressing Issues Facing Our World as Mental Health Professionals. Christian Psychology Around the World, 8(1), 2016, pp. 192-195. Kelly and Michele. This is the main article that we have been using on our trip to interact about gmhM. Click HERE to access the article.
2.  Transforming Our World as Faith-Based Mental Health Professionals. George Fox University, Graduate Department of Clinical Psychology, Spiritual and Religious Issues in Professional Psychology (course); presentation 31 March 2016. Michele and Kelly. Click HERE for the power point.
3. Loving Truth and Peace:  Mental Health Professionals and Corruption in the Church-Mission Community. Poster session presented at the Christian Association for Psychological Studies conference, 11 March 2016.  Kelly and Michele. Click HERE for the two-page overview.
4. Ten Psychological Tactics for Avoiding Accountability. CORE Humanitarian Standard Alliance, (CHS Alliance) weblog, 24 February 2016. Kelly. Click HERE to view the entry. See also our CORE Member Care weblog, current entries on Global Integrity.
5. Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS). This is a five-page advocacy paper summarizing the importance of integrating MHPSS in humanitarian action. It was done in July 2015 en route to the upcoming World Humanitarian Summit (May 2016).  Interagency Standing Committee Reference Group for MHPSS (United Nations). Click HERE to access the paper.

Final Thoughts
Some Reflections from Kelly and Michèle

Pacific Ocean, California, March 2016

Global integration (GI) is a framework that we have been developing over the past five years, as we consider, like so many others, how to help make our troubled world a better place. We have found this framework to be relevant for the increasing numbers of mental health professionals (MHPs) and colleagues across sectors (e.g., mission, health, humanitarian, development) who want to be meaningfully involved in our globalizing world. This brief paper overviews GI and encourages MHPs to take advantage of the many opportunities to improve the wellbeing of all people and the planet….
With an estimated 450 million people experiencing a mental, neurological, or substance use condition, the vast majority who receive little or no effective care, especially in low-resource countries (World Health Organization, 2013), we believe it is important for the mental health profession to review its training emphases, strategic roles, organizational priorities, ethical responsibilities and above all opportunities to help make a difference in the glaring mental health needs worldwide. The same is true for individual MHPs as well as mental health related organizations. [The same is also especially true for the international church and mission community, whose local entities/members are in strategic places to help those with mental conditions and promote mental wellbeing.]
Excerpts from
Global Integration:  Addressing the Pressing Issues Facing Our World…as Mental Health Professionals;  Kelly and Michèle O’Donnell, Christian Psychology Around the World, 8(1), 2016

Note--going further into GMH:
--Member Care Updates,
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--Global Mental Health-Map (website)
--Mental Health Innovation Network (
--GMH: Tracking and Trekking Across Sectors (article, Psychology International, July 2015)
Toward a New Architecture for GMH (article, Kirmayer and Pedersen, Transcultural Psychiatry, December 2014)
--Journal of Psychology and Christianity, Summer 2014, Special issue on Psychology in the Global Context (available by contacting the publisher,
CAPS, fee)

Member Care Associates

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s a non-profit organisation working internationally from the USA and Geneva. We provide and develop supportive resources for workers and organizations in mission, humanitarian, and development sectors. Our services include consultation, training, research, and publications.


Global Integration (GI)
GI is a framework for actively integrating our lives with global realities
by connecting relationally and contributing relevantly on behalf of human 
the major issues facing humanity, in light of our integrity and core values
(e.g., ethical,humanitarian, faith-based).

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