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Update April 2013

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The World We Want

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This month we celebrate four years of Resource Updates by looking towards the future—The World We Want. The first set of resources includes three current papers to help us consider the future course for member care. The second set of resources includes three items which help us to consider the future course for humanity care. This Update thus points towards our need in the member care field to be adequately informed about human affairs/human development in order to relevantly address humanity's current and future challenges.

Warm greetings from Geneva,
Kelly and Michèle O’Donnell

We encourage you to watch the United Nation’s Year in Review 2012 (nine minutes).
 It is a poignant reminder of some of the difficult settings in which people live and work.

Resource Area One:
The World We Want: Member Care


Global Treasures for a Global Field. This updated article explores 12 “crucial directions and resources needed to support the diversity of Christian workers and senders around the world, both now and in the future.” It is written by Kelly O’Donnell and published in Member Care in India: Ministry Call to Home Call (2012).  Click here to access the article.
The State of HR in International Humanitarian and Development Organisations 2013. “If you work in the humanitarian and development sector, you need to read this paper. We have made it short and easy to read so that everyone can benefit from the insights into the current trends in HR and people management. The report encourages you to think about what might be needed to transform and prepare your organisation for what lies around the corner.” It is published by People In Aid (2013).  Click here for the report.
Globalization, Christian Identity, and Frontier Missions. This article discusses two trends regarding Christianity in the context of globalization: Christianity’s increasing shift to the Global South and the limited contact that Christians have maintained with Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists.  It is written by Todd Johnson and published in the International Journal of Frontier Missions (October 2010). Click here to access this article.  

Resource Area Two
The World We Want: Humanity Care

A boy drinking rainwater at a camp for displaced people
Eldoret, Kenya, ©2008 IRIN

Human Development Report 2013. The focus of this year’s report is The Rise of the South: Human Progress in a Diverse World.  “It examines the profound shift in global dynamics driven by the fast-rising new powers of the developing world and its long-term implications for human development. The Report identifies more than 40 countries in the developing world that have done better than had been expected in human development terms in recent decades, with their progress accelerating markedly over the past ten years. The Report analyzes the causes and consequences of these countries' achievements and the challenges that they face today and in the coming decades.” It is published by the United Nations Development Programme. Click here to access the report (for a quick summary see the Overview section).
MY World. “MY World is a global survey for citizens led by the United Nations and partners. It aims to capture people's voices, priorities and views, so that global leaders can be informed as they begin the process of defining the new development agenda for the world. Through creative online and offline methods, MY World asks individuals which six of sixteen possible issues they think would make the most difference to their lives. The sixteen issues have been built up from the priorities expressed by poor people in existing research and polling exercises and they cover the existing Millennium Development Goals, plus issues of sustainability, security, governance and transparency.” Click here to access this interesting survey from The World We Want.
What Type of Future do African Women/Girls Want? “
A future where Mama Africa’s children work with courage and passion in all works of life.”  Click here to view many more inspiring and heart-felt responses. "We are at the dawn of the African Women's Decade ....We need to empower African women who produce food, raise children and drive the economy here. When those women take their rightful place at the negotiating table, in the parliament and in leadership positions across society, we can unleash Africa's enormous potential" (Ban Ki-moon UN Secretary General, quoted on the Africa-focused website: Make Every Woman Count).

Final Thoughts
We end this Update on a positive note:
enjoy this video with Louis Armstrong singing
What a Wonderful World.



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