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May 2016 -- Number 85

Member Care Update--May 2016
Expanding the global impact of member care

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Building Your Skill Sets and Tool Kits
Seventh Anniversary Issue

This issue begins our eighth year of Updates. For this new Update, we browsed through the 84 archived issues and selected seven special resources, one from each year. Not an easy task! These materials reflect just a few of the MANY quality materials that we have shared over the years: to support staff well being and effectiveness and to further build your skills sets and your tool kits for member care. See also the April 2014 Update on Training Opportunities.

A special thanks to so many of you for your words of encouragement and suggestions over the past seven years! We close with a few thoughts about building skill sets and tool well as one of our favorite music videos for reflecting on the beauty and goodness of God. Enjoy!

June 2009. Issue 2: Healthy Leadership
Key resource: Transparency: How Leaders Create a Culture of Candor. Warren Bennis, Daniel Goleman, James O’Toole (book). “No matter the official line, true transparency is rare” (p. 4). “…legislation alone cannot make organizations open and healthy. Only the character and will of those who run them and participate in them can do that” (p.8). “But at any time an organization makes a seriously wrong decision, its leaders should call for an intensive postmortem. The tendency is to simply call in the public relations department to spin the matter...” (p. 22)

Update: Watch the video overview of the book done by CBS and featuring James O’Toole
. Transparency (6 minutes)

March 2010. Issue 11: Pornography and Addictions 
Key resource:
Parables for Personal Growth: Tales for Your Healing Journey
Melinda Reineke (book). “You cannot win against the serpent alone...My nobility has always been stamped deep within your soul. Nothing can take that from you....This is our most powerful weapon against the dragon...Truth.”(p. 8)

Update: Watch the video parable based the book.
The Prince and the Dragon (6 minutes)

January 2011. Issue 21: Healing for Grief and Trauma
Key resource:
Tear Soup: A Recipe for Healing After Loss. Grief Watch (book). Tear Soup creatively tells the story of a person who is dealing with a major loss via the metaphor of making soup. The book is written simply with full-page illustrations to complement the many principles and “ingredients” described. We have found that people from many backgrounds and both young and old are able to “savor” this story and easily apply it to their own soup making process.

Update: Watch the video of the opening pages of this book.
Tear Soup (3 minutes)

March 2012. Issue 35: Work-Life Balance
Key resource: Self Care and Lifestyle Balance Inventory. Headington Institutue (self-assessment). This inventory is one of our favorite tools for exploring stress and coping in the lives of mission and humanitarian workers. It is not a clinical or diagnostic instrument.

Update: Watch the video from the Headington Institute by Dr. Rick Williamson.
Questions to Ask Yourself before Your Next Deployment (4 minutes)
January 2013. Issue 45: Cool Tools for Ourselves and Others 
Key resource:
CHOPS Inventory. Kelly and Michele O’Donnell (self-assessment). This tool explores ten categories of stress in terms of struggles, successes, and strategies. It can be used by individuals, couples, and groups/teams.

Update: A recent version by Dr. Laurie Tone includes rating scales
. CHOPS Stress Inventory 2015.

October 2014. Issue 66: Creative Tools for Healing
Key resource: I Had a Black Dog. Matthew Johnstone (video). “I had a black dog. His name was depression. Whenver the black dog made an appearance, I felt empty, and life seemed to slow down. He would surprise me with a visit for no reason or occasion…”

Update: Watch the companion and sequel video for supportive friends/family, by Matthew and Ainsley Johnstone.
Living With A Black Dog (6 minutes)
February 2015. Issue 70: Core Commitments for Tough Times-Places-People
Key resource:
Seven Directional Commitments for Member Care Workers. Kelly O’Donnell (excerpted from The Misisonal Heart of Member Care, IBMR , April 2015). “I encourage all who have member care responsibilities to consider [these] seven directions [as] crucial commitments [and] as a basis for good practice in our future individual and joint work….The opportunities are vast for the love of God to lead us further into the missional heart of member care, building upon an amazing legacy [over the past 50+ years]…Member care will continue to have a positive impact within the mission community and to cross new boundaries of service on behalf of our very needy world, ad majorem Dei gloriam.” 

Update: Review the
Seven Indicators for Global Integrators (Member Care Update, January 2016).

Final Thoughts
Reflections from Kelly and Michèle

May the God of peace...
equip you in every good thing to do His will...

(Heb. 13:20,21)

Developing our skill sets and our tool kits is part of the commitment to life-long learning for working competently and relevantly in member care. These skills and tools of course are important for our own lives as well (self-care)! We encourage us all to periodically reflect on our skill sets and to review the main tools that we use in our member care work. Here are some guiding questions to consider.

What types of services do we provide?
What are the main skills (abilities) that enable us to provide these services?
Which skills do we want to further develop?
How will we do this?

Which tools form to core of our tool kit?
Which tools do we use the most and in what settings?
Which tools do we want to learn to use or to use better?
How will we do this?

Music video, with scenery from California.
Tom Howard, One More Reason
""The greatest praise by far
is praising who you are:

All four images in this Update are of the California coastline,
from our March 2016 member care trip.

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