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Thanksgiving Special Edition

Friday, December 6th

“Thanksgiving (is) for everybody but the turkey, or bird, because that bird looks wretched,” says painter Alice Neel in 1965. 
A week after the insanity of Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) is over, let us review the trends in Thanksgiving 2013 from a business perspective. We have also brought you interviews with founder of Try the World and Return on Change.

What’s up at Thanksgiving 2013?
Activity One: Shop, Shop and Shop!! Which brands were the hottest during Thanksgiving? How much we spent as a whole? How is Cyber Monday affecting Sales?
Activity Two: Movie Going. To Catching Fire? And what else?
Activity Three: Get out of NYC!
What else is going on? #GiveAwayTuesday , #WalmartFights, #WalmartStrikers ...

Black Friday: Businesses, Consumerism, and American Tradition
The relationship between Thanksgiving and Black Friday used to be fairly defined: give thanks for what you have on Thursday, buy what you don’t have on Black Friday. However, as shopping becomes a dominant theme of the holiday weekend, this relationship is becoming increasingly paradoxical and tenuous. This is an increasingly consumerist society driven by the need to buy more, and more. But what about the holiday itself? What if we spend less and less time with our families? ...
Savouring good art and delicious food are two essential components of any traveler’s experience. However, according to David, the co-founder of Try the World, 70% of Americans don’t even have a passport. Try The World brings the destination to you, through a hearty sampler of art and gourmet from other cultures costing a mere $45 each, to be enjoyed from the comfort of your home every two months...
Return on Change: Power to the People
Wall Street is more often than not vilified by Hollywood, and the most recent The Wolf of Wall Street joining the pack. I wonder what Hollywood would do with Sang Lee, an entrepreneur from Wall Street - whose recently launched venture Return on Change (ROC) is all about making the world a better place. ROC has approximately 1,000 accredited investors and $100M in investment opportunities in the pipeline for the next 4 months...
Delivery by Drone
Amazon's new delivery system Prime Air uses unmanned aerial vehicles

Music from your tweets
Apple paid $200 million for Topsy that develops tools to mine Twitter for sentiment analysis

100 new self-driving cars
Volvo's project “Drive Me” brings 100 self-driving Volvo cars onto city streets

A smart bra
Microsoft uses bras with embedded electrodermal activity sensors to deal with stress
Huge Cyber-Monday
Cyber-Monday sales surge 20% to record high

New-home sales surge
New-home sales are up 25% in October

China targets Bitcoins
China’s central bank issues new restrictions on purchases of Bitcoins

Snapchat hires Instagram Executive
Instagram’s director of business operations has defected to Snapchat

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