2021 C-DEBI Virtual Meeting Series
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Future Topics Survey

As the Virtual Meeting Series continues, we are asking your opinion on what future topics you are most excited to get together for.  You may have suggestions for new topics or want to hear more about one of the topics we've already covered (e.g., from a different perspective).

Please let us know in this short survey by September 17, 2021.

And again, if you are an early career researcher (student, postdoc, junior faculty, etc.) who would like to help co-organize these events, please contact us!

Joy Buongiorno, Maryville College
James Bradley, Queen Mary University of London
Beth Orcutt, C-DEBI Senior Scientist, Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences
Rosalynn Sylvan, C-DEBI Managing Director, University of Southern California


Resources available from the last VMS:
The Future of MBIO in IODP

Missed the presentations from last week's meeting? Get the slide deck from panelists Jennifer Biddle (University of Delaware), Stephanie Carr (Hartwick College), Steven D’Hondt (University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography), Jessica Labonté (Texas A&M University Galveston), Beth Orcutt (Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences), and Jason Sylvan (Texas A&M University).


Register for the next VMS:
Towards a More Holistic Understanding of Mentoring Best Practices

On Friday, October 1, 2021 (10:30AM - 12:00PM Pacific Time), we'll feature Marisela Martinez-Cola (Morehouse College) who will present "Collectors, Nightlights, & Allies, Oh My! : Advice for Strengthening Cross-racial Mentoring Relationships".

About the C-DEBI Virtual Meeting Series

Building on the enthusiasm of our first virtual annual meeting in 2020, we continue to bring the C-DEBI community together through a virtual meeting series. These virtual events will be held monthly during the first week of each month, with a regular rotation of science workshops and professional development workshops. Each workshop will contain about 90 minutes of programming, including invited speakers to give plenary tutorials and presentations, breakout sessions, and plenary Q&A sessions. To foster an open environment for discussion, these talks will not be recorded.

C-DEBI is committed to providing a virtual meeting space where all participants feel welcome, safe, and included. By registering for and attending the meeting, you agree to review and abide by our non-discriminatory code of conduct.

The layout of the 90-minute meetings (all 10:30AM - 12:00PM Pacific Time) is anticipated to be:

  • Welcome (10 minutes)
  • Community building ice breaker (10 minutes; in breakout rooms if the group is large)
  • Plenary talk(s) (30 minutes)
  • Open Q&A (30 minutes)
  • Wrap up (10 minutes)
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