#5 January 2022
Growing forests fast, feeding hungry microbes, and reflections on the gifts forests give us.
Happy New Year! 2021 was an exciting and eventful year for CanPlant (so much so that it was tricky to find any time to write new installments of this newsletter). If you haven't checked out what we've been up to lately and want to get back in the loop, here's a quick catch-up:

NEW: Mini Forests Hub      

We're proud to announce the launch of our new Mini Forests Hub! Mini Forests are an innovative way to establish dense and fast-growing ecosystems in urban areas. For more details, check out Heather's blog post on tiny forests and the Miyawaki method.

Website News      

CanPlant's Quizmas Contest
Just for fun: In December, we held our annual 12 Days of Quizmas contest on Instagram. Thanks to everyone who participated and made it fun! Shout-outs to our winners, @twiggyrawr, @releafck, and @the.water.bed, who are all getting a special gift from us.
CanPlant 'Succession' Stickers
Shop: Check out our online shop for unique clothing and gifts, all designed in-house by the CanPlant team. Right now we're offering sweaters, t-shirts, mugs, and gift cards -- all of which would make a great gift for any plant people in your life.
Local Species Lists on the CanPlant website
Local Species Lists: Canada's a big place containing many different ecological communities. Check out this resource if you need a starting point for choosing which plants are best suited to your area before delving into the database.

  New Blog Posts            

Soils & Plant Communities

Thriving plant communities start with healthy soil. How can we accelerate soil regeneration?

Don't Plant That... Plant This!

Easy tips to swap out non-natives with ecosystem-appropriate species in your garden.

National Forest Week

Manpreet's reflection from National Forest Week: What Does the Forest Give You?

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