AIJA E-zette #33

E-zette #33


The Official e-magazine of AIJA,
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Kicking off a new AIJA Year!

Dear AIJA-friends,

Four weeks ago, at the end of the General Assembly in Prague, I took over the AIJA Presidency from Anita Schläpfer, who fulfilled her Presidency in the most excellent way. Anita serves as an example for me, especially on how she diplomatically coped with the challenges every AIJA President comes across with during his (or her) mandate.

My honeymoon weeks are over now and last week I attended the first AIJA seminar of this working year, which took place in Santa Margherita (Liguria). With an excellent scientific program, almost 70 participants and beautiful weather conditions, Santa Margerita seemed to READ MORE

AIJA Annual Cogress 2014

Last month more than 550 international lawyers coming from 55 different countries visited Prague and took part in the AIJA Annual Congress 2014.
Over 5 days with more than 50 hours of training and lectures and a number of social events held in the most prestigious locations of the Czech Republic Capital made this another Break-The-Record event, with the highest participation at AIJA Congresses since 2008.
Congress participants appreciate the diversification of working sessions offered, addressing all areas of international law practice, as well as the possibility to network in a friendly environment with global business partners.

At the AIJA General Assembly, convened in Prague on 30 August, Dirk Nuyts became the new President of the International Association of Young Lawyers. Nuyts, Partner at Fragomen Global LLP , is a Belgian lawyer based in Zurich, where he assists Swiss and multinational corporate clients

Organising Prague AIJA Congress as a life changing experience

Eva Indruchová, member of the local Prague AIJA Congress Organizing Committee, representative of the Czech Bar Association in Brussels, newly elected member of the AIJA Executive Committee

When we started to form our local organizing committee (OC) of the Prague AIJA Congress more than two years ago, the whole event  seemed so far away! I suspect  none of us  had a real idea of  how BIG  this congress would be and what its preparation actually entails. It took a lot of work, time, flexibilty and coordination as several members of our OC, including myself, were based in different parts of the world, such as Dubai, Belgium, Hungary or Sweden. We were indeed local and yet international OC – a true READ MORE


AIJA HYC Zurich 2014 – Once upon a time...

Once upon a time… three AIJAistes, Ines Pöschel, Severin Roelli and Beat Brechbühl, who were (almost/partially) overaged. Being very sad about having to leave their friends soon, they decided to do a farewell gathering. Yet, how many of their friends would fly to Zurich without having a decent or at least a business reason? After hours of reflecting, discussing and drinking in London, they concluded univocally: Let’s just organize a Half Year Conference. So decided, and within minutes there was a historical high number of supportive signatures on a napkin, and it did not come as a surprise that the  READ MORE

Be fast and save €50.000

Do you want to save €50.000 for your clients through investing into Hungarian EU residency permit in 2014?
Hungary issued the Hungarian Residency Bonds with a face value of €250,000 and a maturity of 5 years under legislation approved in 2012. The Hungarian Residency Bond system is considered as one of the best residency programs in the world, as other countries offering Residency Investment Programs either require a substantial real estate purchase or a much higher financial contribution.
By investing into Hungarian Residency Bonds, a foreign national - individual or via his/her majority-owned company - can obtain a Hungarian EU residency permit. As a result, the resident and his/her family can travel, work and live visa free in the Schengen area: he/she can stay freely in any Schengen country for a maximum of 90 days from any 180 days. On the other hand, having such a residency permit does not oblige the investor to spend any time in Hungary, if he/she does not wish to do so. READ MORE


HYC in Santiago

A great occasion to combine business with the discovery of a fascinating country! November is a great time to discover Chile. Mild temperatures, sun and a variety of things to do. Book now your flight and conference place and save money!


ABA SIL - 2014 North America Forum

The ABA Section of International Law invites you to attend the “2014 North America Forum: Doing Business within the Region and Collaborating Abroad” Conference on November 17-18, 2014 at the Pan Pacific Vancouver Hotel in Vancouver, BC, Canada. AIJA is a Cooperating Entity on this event and members can take advantage of discounted ABA Section of International Law Member Rates by registering online and selecting the “Cooperating Entity” rate.  Registration rates are further discounted for full-time law students, full time gov./academic/NGO, corporate counsel, and young lawyers (35 and under). READ MORE

Discovering the amazing network of AIJA

I was thrilled to find out that I had been selected by the AIJA Scholarship Programme to attend the AIJA 52nd Congress, Prague 2014.  At 26 years, I am very fortunate to have attended the AIJA Congress which was one of the most phenomenal experiences of my life, both professionally and personally.

Professionally because I believe that while it is crucial to have a thorough and complete understanding of the legal system in one’s country of origin, it is equally imperative to understand legal systems around the world.  AIJA gave me the opportunity to meet with lawyers from all over the world and through the various working sessions and workshops I had a first-hand opportunity to learn international best practices.  I particularly enjoyed the  READ MORE


A Nigerian in Zurich

I was excited to learn that I had been selected for the AIJA scholarship grant to attend the Zurich Half Year Conference. I was happy at the opportunity to make my first visit to continental Europe. Apart from looking forward to attending the Conference, I was also looking forward to experiencing the sights and sounds of Zurich.
I immediately applied for and was issued with a Swiss Visa. I arrived Zurich (via Paris) on May 7 2014 at about 8 am. It was raining. Coming from Lagos, Nigeria with a population of around 17 million people,
my first shock was the limited number of people I saw on the streets. I had no difficulty locating the Hotel and settled in immediately.
The welcome cocktail was an interesting experience. I had the opportunity of meeting READ MORE


AIJA keeps on running for Human Rights

The running Human Rights project of AIJA continues! With the objective of raising awareness and protect the right of every lawyer to practice their profession freely, AIJA keeps on selling SOS Avocats t-shirts. These are bought by lawyers worldwide and a number of pictures were tweeted already to increase visibility on the entitlement of every individual to legal representation, a fair trial and the protection of the rule of law. Look for our tweets now! #aijaruns4humanrights.

Let the data earn, but safely!

Technology, software and internet-based programs now allow companies to sort and share their data in a sophisticated way in order to increase profits, gain new clients and create more opportunities. But new technologies also come with risks in the area of data storage, especially sensitive data.
We see potential risks in: (i) the possibility of unauthorized access to data saved in the cloud; and (ii) access to data within the company using “big data” technologies.
Liability of statutory body
Such unauthorized access to data may cause damage to the company. The responsibility for making decisions about using new data storage technologies, whether in fact provided by an IT specialist or CIO, always lies with the statutory body of the company.
Why should the statutory body always pay attention? In the case of insufficient data security the statutory body risks a breach of professional care.
It is very probable that READ MORE

Back to the Future - Part III

The Barcelona Bar Association is pleased to invite AIJA members and contacts to join the 3rd International Arbitration Congress: “Back to the future – Part three”, which will be held on October 16th-18th, 2014.



Future Lawyers can now join AIJA too!

Do you know a Future Lawyer? Do you have trainees in your team? They probably dream to become lawyers, defend the rule of law and join a unique international community. Invite them to join AIJA now to prepare their future professional success!
  • They can access the AIJA member directory to start building their future professional network.
  • They can download presentations given at AIJA events and register to seminars at member rates.

AIJA, the professional family

When I was first asked to write about the AIJA as the first-timer, I thought that I am going to write about my professional family and the very exclusive and brilliant week I shared with the leading and young lawyers and partners from round the world. AIJA was combination of different academic, social, networking and deluxe reception and events that could all be offered under great and well-organized management.
I may skip the academic events that per se were very useful, informative and distinct nevertheless since most of the lawyers and professionals have the experience of attending in different conferences and seminars, I prefer to talk about READ MORE


Antonio Plasencia, memories of a great AIJA-man

L'AIJA - notre "école de vie" comme Antonio l'appelait - est et restera impensable sans Antonio PLASENCIA. Egalement Membre de la première heure, il influença profondément - par son sens inné de Justice et de respect pour l'Autre - nos valeurs, notre façon d'approcher notre Profession, voir le Monde.
Antonio cacha sous son air souvent espiègle et moqueur son profond attachement à ses amis, aux êtres humains.  La disparition d'Antonio laissera un vide - un de plus ! - dans la vie de tous ceux qui l'ont connu et aimé.

“Force majeure" contractual protection in Israel?
The doctrine of force majeure, meaning a contractual protection/disclaimer for non-performance of a contractual obligation due to unexpected occurrences, usually applies also to instances of acts of war; military acts; hostilities; terrorist activities and more, and in many cases a party invoking said argument (assuming fulfillment of common conditions), will indeed be entitled to protection from breach of contractual obligations.

In Israel, however, while based on the similar principals of law (a rather interesting combination of common law and civil code), the doctrine applies rather differently, and is very limited in providing force majeure protection in cases of acts of war, terrorism, militant hostilities etc., if at all.
Contracting parties regarding an Israeli related matter or party, would NOT be able in many cases to use the argument of force majeure based on act of war READ MORE


AIJA Annual Congress 2015

2015 marks the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta, the foundation stone for the modern rule of law as well as English constitutional law. AIJA will acknowledge this anniversary with its own unique recipe of learning, interaction, fellowship and friendship. With the event priced to attract a large number of delegates, this will be a huge spectacle as we combine all of the best things that London and AIJA have to offer over five extraordinary days. Visit the Congress website and Pre-register now!

Traineeship programme

AIJA launched in November 2013 a cooperation with ELSA, European Law Students' Association. A number of AIJA members have already hosted trainees coming from the ELSA network, composed of over 30,000 law students. Do you want to be the next employer?

The employer firm can freely determine duration as well as salary and minimum requirements regarding educational background or language skills. On the basis of law firms' requirements, ELSA provides a ranking of all applicants. If you are interested and would like to know more, simply send us an email and we will provide you with further details.

AIJA upcoming events

There's no business like sports business
Dublin 23 Oct 2014
Commission: International Business Law - Sports sub-commission

Half Year November Conference
Santiago 19 November 2014
Commissions: Corporate Acquisitions and joint ventures, International Arbitration and International Business Law

Ski Seminar: M&A Reloaded: A Comprehensive View of the M&A Process
Kitzbühel (Austria) 29 Jan 2015
Commissions: Banking, Finance and Capital Markets Law, Intellectual Property, Technology, Media, and Telecommunications, Labour Law

Double Seminar: Antitrust & Mediation
Paris 12 Feb 2015
Commissions: Antitrust

Doing Business in South America. From A(cquisitions) to Z(oning)
Panama 26 Feb 2015
Commission: IBLC

8th Annual Tax Law Conference
Venice 5 Mar 2015
Commission: Tax Law

Life Sciences 2.0 – Risks and side-effects of new trends
Basel 12 Mar 2015
Commission: Intellectual Property, Technology, Media, and Telecommunications

Doing Business with the West
Shanghai 26 Mar 2015
Commissions: Distribution Law, International Business Law, International Arbitration

AIJA / JFBA Joint Seminar
Tokyo 2 Apr 2015
Commissions: Distribution Law, International Business Law, International Arbitration

AIJA/ABA Joint seminar: The same sex family “going global”
Brighton (UK) 9 Apr 2015
Commission: Private clients
, Labour law - Immigration law sub-commission

Annual Corporate Acquisition & Joint Ventures Seminar
Rotterdam 24 Apr 2015
Commissions: Corporate Acquisitions and joint ventures

What’s in my bowl? From producer to consumer, quality food for all
Milano 14 May 2015
Commissions: Distribution law, Transport law

Half Year May Conference – Seminars : Use of personal data in the regulated sector / The new rules of the port
Antwerp, Belgium 27 May 2015
Commissions: Litigation, Commercial Fraud, IT/IP, Banking, Finance & Capital Markets

Annual Arbitration Conference
Paris 11 Jun 2015
Commission: International arbitration

Hot topics in international constructions contracts
Stuttgart 25 Jun 2015
Commission: Real estate

53rd Annual Congress
London 1 Sep 2015

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