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I'm presenting my work at the London Book Fair!

If any of you are London residents, or hauling yourself to England’s capital for the event, do come and say hello. I’ve been invited by Kobo to showcase my books on their stall on Wednesday 17 April at 2.30pm.
I’m not sure what I’ll have to do yet, but come along and you might see my rambling attempts to make a speech. That prospect is somewhat scary, but mainly I’m excited.
In 2010 I was at the London Book Fair, selling rights to comics properties that Husband Dave was developing. One publisher I talked to seemed like a good fit for Nail Your Novel. When I mentioned it and explained I was an author, the woman I was talking to cut the conversation short with a look of withering loathing, as if authors were an unclean caste. Three years on, authors - and that includes indies - are being included in the LBF as valid members of the publishing community. So this invitation feels like sweet victory for me, and a grand step for all people who write books.

Have you heard of the Alliance of Independent Authors?

I have someone to thank for my spot at LBF, and it’s the Alliance of Independent Authors. They launched just one year ago and have been working tirelessly to create a professional body for self-publishers. It does charge for membership, and I know there are a lot of organisations who are trying to cash in on the self-pub phenomenon, but I feel that ALLI are genuinely useful. Membership gets you an indie author helpline, legal advice about publishing and self-publishing contracts, advice on the nitty gritty of getting a book from textfile to store. Not only that, they have an agent who will assess books for potential foreign rights deals. ALLI have been forging relationships with Amazon and Kobo - and one of the results is the Kobo ‘Meet the author’ spots at the London Book Fair.
This is probably the first time I’ve felt moved to plug an organisation that charges, but in my opinion ALLI is an organisation we need and is worth joining.

So if you’re at the London Book Fair, drop by the Kobo stand on 17th April at 2.30pm to say hello!

Book news

Nail Your Novel: Bring Characters to Life
I’m thrashing to the end of my edits, so this is on schedule to be available in May. Who knows, I might even get the ebook finished in time for the Book Fair!
Life Form Three
Some of you may have been involved in the very secret cover experiments, or you may have read about them on my blog. Thanks to your valuable and honest input I’ve now briefed the cover designer and am awaiting the fruits of his imagination. I can’t wait to see what he conjures.  
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