A book I didn't expect to write! And other adventures
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A book I didn’t expect to write
It’s traditional for scribbling sorts to whack out a manuscript in November. I suddenly found myself drafting a book in December.

If we're friends on Facebook you'll have seen this message (above). So now I have an unexpected manuscript which I'm kicking into a more disciplined shape. It's going well.

I can't tell you much about it at the moment because it’s tricky to explain. I have to figure out how to describe it without sounding like a total prat. Manuscript first, description later.

No, it's not a writing book. It's a .... no, that sounds mad. Watch this space.
Down and safe

If you saw my last newsletter, you'll remember my bookseller friend Peter Snell had volunteered his brother, Robin Austin, to answer research questions for my third novel as he trekked to Everest Base Camp in Nepal.

Indeed, Robin went above and beyond. I gloried in his reports from the mountains and gorges, but his pictures began to take an uncanny turn. They began to enact scenes I'd written more than a year ago.

He experienced bizarre delays in Kathmandu airport. Meh, you might say. But then he was sent to hospital, and if he knew what I know... I'm pleased to report he's now home and well. Thank you, Robin, and I hope that now you've left Nepalese airspace my book has released its grip on your destiny.

Just in case, I advise you not to go back.
In December I was interviewed for the new podcast by Slack, Work In Progress. The episode is called 'Disguises' and they're interested in my double life - ghostwriting and writing as myself. (More about that here) I've done podcasts and radio before, and thought we were pretty sophisticated with our bristly mic on So You Want To Be A Writer, but Slack's presenter, Lily, took hi fi to a new level. She put on fat headphones and prowled the house with a long mic, looking for a room where she couldn't hear the lorries bouncing down the main road nearby.

Soundproofing is certainly a challenge chez Morris. When I made my ghostwriting course I had to create an audio booth in the wardrobe, with duvets around the walls. Fortunately, Lily found a quiet spot beside a row of bookcases. I don't think the wardrobe would have been big enough for both of us.

Find it on iTunes here (episode 10 In Disguise) or stream it directly here. The second half is about a Vietnam veteran who became Santa Claus, which they chose for the story headline because, well, it was December. But if you can get over the January need to put Xmas behind you, it’s worth a listen too.

Here's another interview ... a lightning tour through what keeps me writing, working on the Lara Croft game (yes, I did that), finding my own voice and what I'm working on at the moment. Before the Surprise Book was ever dreamed of, of course... Find it here
Lifeform Three and My Memories of a Future Life chosen for new subscription service that showcases quality indie fiction

Danish publishing start-up Palatium Books is building a collection of curated indie fiction to supply to subscription services. I submitted my two novels and … they liked them. More here about Palatium

Out and about
7 May 2017 - PowWow Festival of Writing, Birmingham - no booking details yet, but I'll keep you posted. I’ve now got details of the other speakers - Joanne Harris; Stewart Home, Sam Mills and Elizabeth-Burnett discussing 'Whatever happened to the avant garde?'; Alex Wheatle talking about his Guardian Children's Fiction prize; Arifa Akbar from Wasafiri talking about Wasafiri; and Jennifer Hewson from RCW on the role of an agent. And me!

I think I'll do that again. And me!!!

Further ahead, I'm in talks about a series of workshops ... can't tell you any details yet but later this month I'm having dinner with some friends in high places. More details as I get them.
The tall quadruped has had a couple of lymphangitis relapses recently, which has been worrying for all. It's astonishing how much strong medicine you can pump into a horse and apparently achieve nothing. I'm told this is not unusual for a horse his age, but that doesn't make it less worrying. The cold weather doesn’t agree with him either - and in the UK at the moment it is perishing. I’m muffling him in as many rugs as he can tolerate and he is well looked after and mollycoddled. Touch wood, when the weather improves he’ll be more cheery.

The vet now refers to him by the name Lifeform Three.   
Not keen on ebooks or online shopping? My titles are stocked in these bricks-and-mortar emporia and in small independent shops. If you don't see them on the shelves, ask for them - they might have sold out!

Here's to a creative and fruitful 2017

Roz xxx
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