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Hello! Is it too late to mention the holidays and New Year? I hope you had a refreshing time. Here are a couple of snaps as the Morris clan stepped into 2018. I wanted to share them with you because I suddenly realised that all the people around the table had roles in Not Quite Lost.
In these pictures you see Ian (front left) and Frances (back right), who were marvellously unshaken by the earthquake in Vicenza. Also, Helen (back left) and William (front right), who displayed exceptional sang-froid with my execrable French. Dave is in the centre at the back. As befits the occasion, we're a little blurred.
Anyway, we step forwards boldly into 2018 with our eye on new horizons. Which brings me to this.
See this ring? It was a gift, many years ago at college. I'd often wondered about its insignia, and recently I saw its twin on a collection of ethnic jewellery in Greenwich, south London. The shop owner explained it was Sanskrit for One Hand Clapping and that it was from the Himalaya.
The Himalaya. What's that novel I've been working on? Ever Rest. Many years in the making, a bit like a mountain.

And here I had a piece of jewellery, gifted all those years ago, that might have originated in the very setting of my book. I put it on. Ever Rest is my priority now and I am forswearing all other jewellery until Ever Rest is a showable draft. That's a major promise for me because I am a complete magpie.
So I've fallen for the idea that the ring is a talisman for my book. But as I write this newsletter, doubts are creeping in. Because I'm fussy about facts, I tried looking up the ring on Uncle Google. I can't find anything that looks a scrap like it. That inscription might mean something inflammatory, or 'this lady may be hired in exchange for three elephants'. If you know what the design actually means, please put me out of my misery. 
For writers!
This year I'm judging a competition! If you've got a manuscript brewing, get it finished by July and enter it here. You could win a year's mentoring from the Triskele author collective ... yes you can see it all in the pic there. Details this way.
For writers #2
If you've also made some writing resolutions, here's a discreet reminder about my Nail Your Novel books. Take book 1 if you need guidance to draft and revise. Take book two to troubleshoot your characters and book three to pep up your plot.
For writers #3
And if you're a seasoned writer looking for new opportunities in 2018, have you thought of ghostwriting? I can teach you how. Check out my professional ghostwriting course.
Astonishingly exciting! BBC tour goes national
I've just had an email from BBC Radio 4's Saturday Live. They want to talk to me about Not Quite Lost. I listen to this show every week as I drive to the stables. I am a serious fangirl of one of the presenters...
If it goes ahead, I'll send a quick, rather dizzy, newsletter to let you know.

Meanwhile, I wish you marvellous things for 2018

R xxx
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