June 2012 - hello!

Welcome to my first newsletter! Some of you may even have forgotten you subscribed. (Sheepish grin - well I warned you it might be infrequent...)
The trouble is, along with blogging, tweeting, getting involved in ever more interesting Facebook groups - not to mention getting books written - I hadn’t yet factored in time to do a newsletter as well. Which just goes to show somethingorother.
So this is my first go. Forgive me if it’s a little ropey. My first attempts to blog involved a lot of throat-clearing too.

Novel 2 finished
Life Form 3
- literary fiction aimed at readers from age 9 to 9 squillion

I’ve finished the redraft and I’m waiting to hear how my agent likes it.(That scribble in the pic is its beat sheet.)

I’ve said relatively little about this book so far - well nothing in fact. I haven't discussed what it’s about, where it’s set, who the characters are. I know many people blog about their books for months or even years before they're available, but I feel I shouldn’t. It's a fable in the tradition of Ray Bradbury and I'm absolutely dying to start talking about it but I feel if I do, everyone’s curiosity will be worn to shreds by the time they can get their hands on it.

I’m seeking a traditional publishing deal for Life Form 3. Why? Because I feel I need the heft of a publisher behind me, especially as I'm aiming for the MG and upwards age group. Even more so because this book is a little unusual - a lament I’ve been hearing a lot from my hair-tearing agent, who nevertheless likes it enough to bother his editor cronies about it.
Also, I believe in testing all my options to see what would be best for the book. I would always urge any fiction writer to do the same. Don't be in a hurry - find out all the possibilities. I may still choose self-publishing in the end, but only after I know it's the right choice.
3 - no 4!! - useful and lovely links
Find critique partners and beta readers
Here’s a great new site for writers who are seeking beta readers and critique partners -  Criticular, launched just a month ago, offers forums, a space to set up critiques or find one-to-one critique partners - and a place to display your WIP’s vital statistics and gather a fanbase.
Sell and share your book
Once you’ve got the book finished, you might like Bublish (also just launched) -- a new social discovery platform site that allows you to share insights about your book, build your community and share your work.

How to get your self-published book into bookstores
This jaw-dropping post explains how indie author Ben Galley got his book stocked by the UK bookselling chain Waterstones. The comments are full of useful info too.   
Relax and recharge
If all that creating has left your batteries depleted, head to Glimmertrain for the creme de la creme of writing craft essays. Some of their publications are paid subscription but they have a free newsletter, which you can get here. They also accept submissions too - in fact more than 80% of the stories they publish are unsolicited.

Happy writing! R xxx
A second Nail Your Novel book: now finally under construction
I’ve been threatening to write this for years, but it is now happening. It's going to be a craft book, and I've spent a lot of time working out how I'll do that in a way that adds something new and worthwhile to the hundreds already out there. I will be using material from my blog, but the vast majority of the material will be completely new. I keep changing my mind about the title, so won’t embarrass myself by telling you any of the possibilities yet...
Self-publish or not?
In contrast - or perhaps in contradiction - to my MO for Life Form 3, I’ll most likely self-publish this. Unless those nice people from Writer’s Digest (who gave my blog an honourable mention on their site the other week) come calling... Seriously, though, a non-fiction book is much easier to sell under your own steam than fiction is. My primary concern with all my books is that once I’ve put all the effort in I need to reach the widest audience possible. With books on writing, I can reach readers by myself. With fiction it's far more of a struggle.

Topics you'd like me to cover? I'd love to know!
I’ve had a few suggestions already for topics I should include in the next Nail Your Novel, so if you also have suggestions now’s the time to tell me! Or even tell me what didn't work for you in NYN1. Email me on or drop me a line on Twitter @DirtyWhiteCandy or @ByRozMorris or on Facebook. Or, if it’s really important, all of them.
There might even be a way to comment on the bottom of this email, but as I'm completely clueless about what I'm doing here, don't count on it...
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