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Twelve Insight Journal
September 23, 2012

Question: You have told us to engage life on an energetic feeling level with our whole body. What do you mean by that?
You see, you are all of two minds when it comes to understanding the ways in which your world and your creations are coming together. The first mind, the one that your modern society most highly values, is simply logical. And its logic is based on your limited physical point of view. That which is real is that which is real, and none of this other mumbo-jumbo matters in that physically limited point of view.
But you have another mind just beneath the surface of that which is physical. This Master Mind is continuously engaged with the energetic gridwork that precedes the emergence of physical reality. It is operating on a level to which your ordinary conscious thinking mind has no access, except in a very limited way. In order for you to access the level of Master Thinking, Master Planning, you must engage your whole body on an energetic, feeling level.
It’s a bit like riding a bike. You can read the manual all you want with your conscious thinking, logical mind, but you won’t really get the gist of it until you climb on and go for a spin. On this level of the Master Mind thinking you must feel your way. You must feel for the presence of Source Energy in the emerging energetic grid; the structure of thought form that precedes the emergence of all manifested creation.
Now understand that on this level of the shared Master Mind things do not follow the logic of your limited conscious mind. That’s why creations can just pop up in front of you suddenly leaving you saying, “Wow, wasn’t that amazing! What were the chances of that?” And so those things, those synchronicities that seem so miraculous on the level of limited logic make perfect sense on the planning level of collective consciousness or Master Mind.
So you have to access this on a whole-body feeling level. You could say “you really have to get into it.”  So if you are wanting to consciously create some future experience, really get into it. Feel it as if it was real. Feel yourself really there, talking to the people, telling your friends about it, relishing your success. But you already know all of that. There are teachers galore telling you how to imagine things into being.
But to allow these results, to connect with that energetic grid that contains the structure of this imaginative future event, you must feel for the energetic presence rather than looking for the logical sequence. That logical sequence is what your limited mind believes must happen first, and it has you looking in all the wrong places. The only way you can connect with that energetic structure is by feeling for its presence. Now after you have connected with it on a feeling level you may become aware of it on a visual level or imaginative level as well.
Once you get in the habit of feeling for the energetic presence it will be much easier for you to stay on the path that leads to your desired creation. Simply put, if you feel the presence of Source Energy you’re in the right place, no matter what your logical mind has to say about it. And if you don’t feel energized to the task or absolutely delighted to be where you are, doing what you’re doing, then you’re in the wrong place no matter how much your logical mind insists that’s what you should do. And the presence of Source Energy will always feel good to you no matter where you are.
We will return to this topic again. Namaste.

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