The Twelve are teachers and guides who share their nonphysical perspective on life, love, LOA, how it works, and why we are here.
The way they teach is called the Yoga of Positive Thought.
Twelve Insight Journal
June 30, 2013

If you want to connect with Source, where do you have to go? your envisioned “future” (which is already in your vortex now), already being there, already having. You will always find Source there for Source has become that vision. And its OK to go there and be there and have that with Source now. It is not mere fantasy: It is the heart of all Creation. You are bringing Heaven to Earth; the place where Source is to where you are now.
Q: We’re not so far apart are we?
Very, very close. You have given the form to That Which Is Formless. How much closer can you get than that in the physical? Your only closer option is to become formless yourself, which some do, or attempt to do.
You have chosen the form of the Creator and the only thing that confuses you is that Creator becomes your entire field of experience and your physical self as well. Where people get in trouble with this is expecting that God is this separate being off somewhere floating around looking down on all this, and that is not the case. Source becomes all of it. 
The form of Source is what you are looking at now and in your acts of imaginal creation. Source is all of it—All That Is—and when you engage Source through your own acts of creation you are in the right place to experience more of it in your personal field. It is not the things that produce more things. It is Source becoming all of it.
Now all you have to do today is align with Source. Don’t try to align with the things that you want, just align with Source. You have already launched many things in your imagination which Source has become. But pursue not the things; the money, the food, the relationships—simply pursue Source—and Source will always feel good. Source will always represent an improved feeling, a better feeling place than where you started from. Feel your way.
You are loved and blessed upon your journey,


Yoga of Positive Thought in Practice

When Spirit has set something up, everything falls neatly and easily in place, as this week proved. A pretty good indicator of my ego involvement is the degree of difficulty. Ego seems to thrive on difficulty and complexity, and wants to jump in to "fix" things as created by Spirit... like "Here, let me help you with that!"

But Source works with my entire field of being to bring things to pass, not just "me", my body, or my ego. It's really only a disappointment for the ego, (It will get over it.) The rest of me is thrilled to watch Source work, because when I allow Source to do the hard work, amazing things happen very fast and life becomes an exciting and easy ride.  The easy part is all mine :-)

Brightest Blessings to all,

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