The Twelve are teachers and guides who share their nonphysical perspective on life, love, LOA, how it works, and why we are here.
The way they teach is called the Yoga of Positive Thought.
Twelve Insight Journal
March 10, 2013

You must take the time to engage your guidance before you launch into action. Your action has a kind of momentum to it that is going to carry you along in continuation of that momentum. So while you are in the middle of trying to achieve what you want through some sort of action plan, you have made yourself less accessible to input from your inner guidance.
You have to back completely out of it, stop completely what you are doing. That is the only way you are going to get into a clear space where you can really listen to the guidance that comes from within. Get away from it for a day if you can. That is why there is benefit from “sleeping on it”—you allow your inner being to speak to the issue through your dreams.
But you don’t have to sleep. You can take a break, meditate, step out of it completely for as little as five minutes, and get the benefit of your guidance.
The main thing that you must do during that clear space of time is to envision the project or activity as already completed, in its finished form. Imagine the situation perfectly resolved, as if it never required your work at all. That is the Vision you must launch, and you must stay with it long enough to really get the feel of it; the feeling of already having that which you intended, putting it to use, living with its newly minted splendor.
It is from that feeling place of fulfillment that the Power of Creation will be launched back into your present moment when you return to the task. And what you were doing before may have become entirely irrelevant. That is why you must get away from your action first and instead feel your way. The path of inspiration will always feel better to you, and it may follow or defy the logic of action planning.
You are loved and blessed upon your journey,


Yoga of Positive Thought in Practice

I really have to learn to carry a recorder or a notebook with me during the day. The Twelve are prone to start talking at any time, and if I don't at least write it down then it gets lost as I move on through my day. The real blessing is that this kind of guidance is available to all of us if we will allow it and take the time to listen. The Twelve have long stated that their goal is to connect you with your own guidance and inner beings in such a way that you don't need anyone else to make that connection for you. We are all fully enlightened, nonphysical beings from the start, and having a physical life experience is temporary, and joyful, form of expansion.


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