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Positive Presents. 

I am very privilaged. I have a warm home, I am safe from persecution, my country is not at war and I want for little. 
These days I handmake most of my gifts (and no, I'm not telling what theme I'm making them on this year, wait and see!)
But the festive season does give me an opportunity to profile some amazing products and people I love. So darling, here is my positive present recommendation list:


Hay for Hillside (£4.00) - Gift a bale of hay to feed their rescued animals. We love Hillside, we had money donated to them instead of wedding gifts and Linus's gift to me on my 21st birthday was to buy them 21 acres of land to keep their animals safe on. 

Glass Dharma Straws (£6.00) - I adore my glass dharma straws, we moved to plastic free a few years ago and never looked back! They are so strong and if they ever break - one of ours once broke when I dropped it from waist height onto a tiled floor - you return it to the company and the fix or replace it for free! Go plastic free to support the planet and your body. 

A Set of Kilner Jars (£3.15) and the Trail Blazers' Wellness Toolkit (£7.00/$10.00) - If you know a wellness warrior who is just beginning then help them get juicy and sparkling with this great combination. The Kilner jars are super for juice, smoothies or plastic-free water and the Trail Blazers' Wellness Toolkit gives you everything you need to blaze your trail towards wellness today. 

Festive Healing Box (£20.00) - If you are looking for a gift which is delightful, ethical and eco friendly then go straight for the Healing Box. They are handmade with love (and organic popcorn packaging) and we send sparkles with every one!

Beyond Buckskin Fashion Boutique - I love this amazing site, it is filled with wearable works of art. "It's the first ever Native American-operated online gallery store specializing in Native-made fashion, jewelry, and accessories. All items sold through this premier Native fashion boutique are hand-selected by Beyond Buckskin author, Jessica R. Metcalfe, Ph.D. (Turtle Mountain Chippewa) and represent a variety of styles, regions, and price ranges." -

Caramelia Cakery, The Raw UnBakery Recipe Ebook (£2.99) - We made the lemon and calendular heaven cake yesterday, oh the bliss! Raw cake that is as delicious as it is nutritious and easy recipes. Go now! 

Crazy Sexy Kitchen by Kris Carr (£12.15) - it's helped me fall back in love with food prep, my latest delivery of spices came today and we are whipping up scrum my kale chips tomorrow. Join me, reclaim the kitchen. 

All the books of a favourite author like Dr David Hamilton, Louise Hay or a fiction extravaganza of Nancy Mitford or pure autobiography like Mary Brave Bird or Maya Angelou.

End Sex Trafficking Book by Erin Giles (£12.40) - Wisdom from Seth Godin, Erika Lyremark and more super stars, all the profits go to end sex trafficking, vote for freedom with your wallet. 

Recently Featured:

I am so excited to be featured in Positive News as a Positive Person!  

Written by the wonderful Annie Makoff, you can read the story here.

What are your thoughts on living well with illness? Talk back. was also recently featured on the lovely Stephanie Butland's amazing blog Bah! To Cancer.

Go and have a read (lovely pictures) and don't forget to grab Stephanie's books while you are there!

To celebrate all this good fortune I am inviting you to the Trail Blazing Live Party


For November it's just a £7/$10 donation for Trail Blazing Live: 30 Days of Prompts and Sparkle. It's my latest offering and I want it in your hands, darling, my thank you to you for being here. 


Just donate $10 to Tammi's Liver Club here and email me your receipt to grace AT gracequantock DOT com. Your copy of Trail Blazing Live: 30 Days of Prompts and Sparkle will soar to you. Let's celebrate! 

Do you ever find that sleep eludes you?

For something so vital, so many of us do not get nearly enough. 

So often sleep can seem like time wasted, when the to-do list is running on and the world is moving onwards, who has time for snoozing in bed? 

Have you ever stayed up an hour later - just to get that task finished off?

Did you know that when you loose an hour of sleep, you don't gain an hour of productive time? Not at all, in fact you reduce your productivity greatly with each hour you give up. 

I learned this doing the research for my Successful Sleeping Workshop. It shocked me, and it made me go to bed earlier!

(We teach what we need to learn).

The problem is, when we are in bed, how can we actually get to sleep? With whirring minds and spinning thoughts, how on earth does sleep come?

Well, I have some suggestions...


We can stop and take time to appreciate our surroundings and be here now. The sound which could be irritating can become an exercise in letting go or can become a sound-scape: a landscape of sound. Do the sounds, smells, textures or sights around you bring up any images or feelings for you? We are just expanding our awareness, not cataloguing or engaging just bringing closer awareness to this moment....

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