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Issue #13, October 2022
Building Better Workplaces | Empowering Businesses 
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Organisations that offer family-friendly work provisions are more likely to attract and retain dedicated staff.

For the installation of "mothers' rooms" at three member organisations, BCGE requested applications from member companies in August 2022. This innovative project will assist successful members in designing and putting in a mothers' room in accordance with the assessment and consultation process used by BCGE. The member organisations have a great chance to move closer to their stated goals of gender equality and inclusion in the workplace by acting now.

In addition to training on the benefits of breastfeeding support in partnership with Alive & Thrive, the project will provide selected members with sanitary and safe breastfeeding equipment and an impact story to highlight their achievements and commitment to fostering family-friendly work environments with internal and external stakeholders.

Looking ahead: BCGE is in the process of reviewing applications submitted. We will announce the recipient in October 2022. 
This project was made possible by funding provided by the Australian Volunteers Program, funded by the Australian Government.
What's Happened at BCGE

BCGE encourages businesses to enable workplace gender equality through family and care-friendly working conditions. It is an essential component under Workplace Gender Equality, and one of the ways to support them is by providing lactation rooms. As BCGE would like to promote the best practices of business taking the lead in this initiative, we are launching a campaign in August to remind our member community and outreach for others to follow steps as well. 

BCGE seeks to promote the importance of family and care-friendly policies and workplace lactation rooms to enable breastfeeding and help parents nurture and bond with their children in early life when it matters most.

In addition, BCGE announced an exciting opportunity for member firms to apply for our mothers’ room project in which three successful member applicants will receive support from BCGE and our partner Alive & Thrive to establish a mothers’ room, train staff about creating family-friendly work environments, and promote their commitment to WGEDI through impactful communication.

On August 25, 2022, over 130 participants attended to hear from a breastfeeding support expert and breastfeeding mothers to converse on the social and business benefits of supporting working parents in their critical need of nurturing future generations. The webinar was facilitated by BCGE Country Director Daw Kyawt Kay Thi Win and joined by Alive & Thrive Myanmar’s Technical Specialist Dr Chan Myae Aung, AYA Bank’s Assistant General Manager Ma Khin Hayman Lin and Victora Hospital's Assitant Chief Medical Officer Dr Khin Thiri Moe. 

You can access the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) from the webinar participants here:

Workplace Gender Equality 101 | 6th Batch
Workplace gender equality is achieved when people are able to access and enjoy the same rewards, resources, and opportunities regardless of gender.

In that spirit, BCGE conducted refresher facilitation for Workplace Gender Equality three times per year. We organised the 6th Batch of Workplace Gender Equality 101 for member firms as an essential training that is one of the membership benefits to enrich knowledge in making an equitable workplace on 28 September 2022. Over twenty employees from 13 organisations in both attended the training.

The training highlights include what workplace gender equality is, understanding sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability inclusion in the workplace, gender-related laws and regulations and gender-neutral communications.
To learn more about our training service to equip employees with agility and sustain inclusive organisational culture, write to us at
Members' Workplace Gender Equality Leadership 
CANAL+ Myanmar Limited received a regional GEARS Assessment

BCGE is delighted to announce that CANAL+ Myanmar has obtained the regional level of GEARS Assessment – for workplace gender equality. That makes it the first organisation in the media and broadcasting industry to show a commitment to equity and inclusivity as an industry leader commitment.

“Achieving gender equality requires the commitment of both women and men. It is everyone’s responsibility. But gender equality is more than a goal in itself. It is a prerequisite for building a successful organisation that also promotes inclusion and diversity,” said Adrien Bourreau, Chief Executive Officer of CANAL+ Myanmar Limited.

He is convinced that gender equality and female leadership are major assets in achieving our ambition of becoming the leader in Pay-TV in Myanmar and overcoming the many challenges they face.

 “We joined BCGE to ensure that we were on the right track to strengthen professional equity between women and men. We are proud to have received a regional GEARS confirming this and look forward to our partnership with BCGE in the months to come.”

Since joining BCGE as a Leader Member in June 2021, CANAL+ Myanmar has demonstrated the will to better its workplaces by empowering its employees.

This GEARS assessment helps to understand the current status of the organisation’s workplace gender equality journey in which gender balance and employee movements are revealed and provides insights that will inform the development of the organisation’s overarching workplace gender equality strategy. GEARS assessment is one of the membership benefits for BCGE’s Leader-tier members.

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Workplace Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Resources

Women’s Leadership in the ASEAN Region

Gender equality and women’s empowerment are central to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Community Vision 2025 of the Association for Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). They are also key to fostering a more sustainable and inclusive region. Providing women with equal access to decision-making power and leadership not only supports their well-being, but also enables their contribution towards regional progress and inclusiveness.

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Gendered Impacts of SME Policy Responses to Covid-19 in South East Asia: Examples from Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam

The research aims to uncover the gender impact of SME policy responses to Covid-19 in Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam. The research analyses how women's SMEs are affected by access or lack thereof, to recovery and stimulus packages in the three target countries, and the efficacy of these measures from a gender perspective. 

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A Journey Not a Destination: How Entrepreneurial Intermediaries and Investors Can Overcome 5 Common Stumbling Blocks in Becoming More Gender Inclusive

A practical resource for entrepreneurial intermediaries such as incubators and accelerators and investment funds that want to become more gender inclusive in their programming but are stuck in their journey. The guide outlines the top five challenges or stumbling blocks that intermediaries and investors face in starting and continuing their journey of being intentional about gender, explains what is underpinning it, gives tips to overcome it, and shares a case study of an organization that overcame each challenge.

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  • Workplace Gender Equality Communications Workshop for Member Firms
    • 18 November 2022
  • International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Womens 
    • 25 November 2022
  • International Day of Persons with Disabilities
    • 3 December 2022
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