Dear Judy,


Happy Independence Day!

We hope that you have been following our Kickstarter campaign with as much excitement as hundreds of others who have already pledged to receive their SolSource. Yet, we still have a month to go in the campaign, and since the Fourth of July is tomorrow, today is the perfect day to pledge for your SolSource!

Last July 4th, American BBQs generated more C02 on a single day than many African nations produce in an entire year. Imagine if more people used SolSource to grill and entertain instead? There's no carbon emissions, because it harnesses the sun’s energy to grill your steaks to perfection.

Contribute to our Kickstarter campaign today to get a SolSource by this fall. You can even join a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Himalayan Plateau! Help us spread the word by calling your family and friends, by forwarding this email to your colleagues, or by simply posting to your social media pages.

You can also come see SolSource in action this month on our USA Roadtrip. If you are on the West Coast, drop us a line and we can come meet you.

Thank you for your continued support!

Sunny Regards,



  Scot Frank                                                                Catlin Powers
  Founder & CEO                                                       Founder & COO
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