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NYC Hep C Task Force
Meeting Highlights
Brooklyn - Bronx - Manhattan - Queens - Staten Island
October 30 (2:45 - 5) NYC Health Department, Long Island City
In attendance: see below
Medical Provider Alert! Hep C RNA Reflex Tests are Now Available from Commercial Labs. Ordering Instructions: For Quest (test # 91438X), click here. For LabCorp, click here and search for test # 144028. For BioReference, click here and search for test # B125-6.
1 tube of blood, 1 visit, 1 lab order: Complete Hep C antibody and RNA diagnostic testing!
Annual Health Care Access Training:  Health Reform & Hepatitis in NYC. December 10th (12:30 - 5 PM). Beth Israel: 10 Union Square East.  Register: click here.
Meeting Highlights
Consolidation of NYC Health Department Hep C Surveillance and Prevention Programs in the Bureau of Communicable Disease
Marcelle Layton, MD, Assistant Commissioner, Bureau of Communicable Disease
The former Viral Hepatitis Prevention program and  Viral Hepatitis Surveillance Program at the NYC DOHMH have been consolidated into one new 'Viral Hepatitis Surveillance, Prevention & Control' Program under the leadership of Fabienne Laraque, MD, MPH situated in the Bureau of Communicable Disease.

Trends of Hep C and Co-infections in NYC: Findings from the PCSI Syndemic Project 
Ann Drobnik, MPH, PCSI Analyst, Division of Disease Control, DOHMH Hep C in New York City: State of the Epidemic & Action PlanNYC Department of Health Hep C Strategic Plan Discussion
Fabienne Laraque, MD, MPH, Medical Director, NYC DOHMH, Viral Hepatitis Surveillance, Prevention and Control - Hep C Advocacy Update
Hadiyah Charles, Hep C Advocacy Manager, Harm Reduction Coalition (
  • NYS Hepatitis C Testing Law. 2171 Passed! Requires NY healthcare providers to offer hep C test to baby boomers. Requires full diagnostic testing for those who screen anti-body positive and either follow-up health care or referral to a health care provider who can provide follow-up health care.
  • NYC Testing and Linkage to Care Alliance Meeting. December 4 (3-5 PM). Harm Reduction Coalition: 22West 27th Street 5th floor. To register contact Hadiyah Charles.
    Planning to survey Hep C Care ant Treatment programs in NYC to determine if they are drug user friendly.
    Planning to support Peer based Patient Navigation.
  • Pharmacy Choice: Patients have the right to use the pharmacy of their choice. NYS Law:  A05502B prohibits health insurers from requiring patients purchase prescribed drugs from mail order pharmacy.
Peer Network of New York: Peer Delivered Syringe Exchange & Hep C
  • User-to-User: Peer Delivered Syringe Exchange in New York City. Harm Reduction Coalition Publication. Provides an analysis of a syringe access model in New York that trains injection drug users (IDUs) to conduct secondary syringe exchange with members of their social networks and other contacts.
  • Reports from the field during this meeting: Hep C chronically infected individuals with active drug use or in treatment programs have serious competing concerns such as probation, housing/homelessness, transitional housing, mass incarceration, and may get tested in vans outside their program... however  treatment 'seems very far away.' More needs to be done to bring treatment to the patients where they are.
  • See new: TRAINING MANUAL FOR TREATMENT ADVOCATES: Hepatitis C Virus and Coinfection with HIV (Treatment Action Group)
NYC Community Hep C Treatment Programs: Panel
  • Mount Sinai Primary Care Hep C Program & the Hep-Cap program for uninsured (Private Hospital & Grant Funded Program)
    Donald Gardenier, DNP (
    Mount Sinai Primary Care Hep C Program provides comprehensive care for Hep C Mono-infected individuals with early stages of liver disease. Referrals are made for care of advanced liver disease to the Mount Sinai Liver Disease Clinic. Uninsured individuals may qualify to be evaluated and treated at no out of pocket cost for their Hep C at the primary care clinic under the NYS DOH funded Hep Cap Program. 
  • Damian Family Health Center - Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC)  
    Hema Santhanam, MSN, CFNP, AAHIVS (
    Damian Family Health Center is a Federally Qualified Health Center providing treatment for HCV, HBV & HIV. HCV care and treatment are provided in outpatient health clinics and affiliated residential drug treatment programs. Over 100 HCV patients are currently on treatment. Treatment is managed through a well designed electronic medical record system.
  • Bellevue - Public Hospital (HHC)
    Vinh Pham, MD ( 
    Bellevue is a Public Hospital, providing Hep C care and treatment to patients either through insurance or through HHC Options which provides low cost care by sliding scale fee depending on income. The full range of Hep C testing, evaluation, treatment, and surgical or cancer care is available through the system.
    HHCAdvantage is an easy-to-use web-based application designed to link community-based physicians and HHC facilities.
2014 Hep C Task Force Planning
  • One General Hep C Task Force Meeting per year in each borough. Total 5 meetings per year.
  • Hepatitis Health Care Access Workgroup - will meet every other month. To join contact Nirah Johnson –
  • Monthly Mental Health & Hep C Call. First Monday of Every Month @ noon -1 PM. An opportunity for mental health professionals focusing on Hep C to receive training, share best practices, report needs & develop solutions to meet needs. To Join contact: Jeff Weiss, PhD -
  • Webpage, Social Media & Communications Workgroup. Monthly calls, TBD. Updating and managing the Task Force website & social media. To join contact Nirah Johnson –
  • Screening, Brief Intervention & Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) & Hepatitis: Special Topics Task Force focused on tailoring the SBIRT intervention for use in provision of alcohol counseling for Hep B & C Patients. Pilot Training will occur in January 2014, please stay tuned. To join contact Nirah Johnson –
  • Medical Provider Network – stay tuned for information
Upcoming Events
NYC Testing and Linkage to Care Alliance Meeting. December 4 (3-5 PM). Harm Reduction Coalition: 22West 27th Street 5th floor. To register contact Hadiyah Charles.

Annual Health Care Access Training: Health Reform & Hepatitis in NYC. December 10th (12:30 - 5 PM). Beth Israel: 10 Union Square East – 2nd Floor PACC Auditorium. Registration Required: click here

Hep C Rapid Test Training. NYC Health Department HIV Training & Technical Assistance Program (TTAP). Demonstration of HCV point-of-care testing (rapid test) technologies & required quality assurance measures. Upcoming Training: Dec 9 (9 AM - 1). To register click here.

HIV Training & Technical Assistance Program (TTAP) Fall Calendar. Multiple trainings related to Viral Hepatitis.

Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Use Prevention, Care & Treatment Training Calendar

Hep C RNA Reflex Tests Now Available from Commercial Labs: Quest, Labcorp & BioReference. Now, clinicians can now order a hepatitis C reflex test from several commercial laboratories: the laboratory will do the hepatitis C antibody test, and if the result is positive, the laboratory will immediately do a quantitative RNA test on the same specimen. Only one tube of serum is needed. This reflex test provides the information needed to determine hepatitis C infection status in one step, without having the patient return for a second blood draw.
- For Quest (test # 91438X), click here.
- For LabCorp, click here and search for test # 144028.
- For BioReference, click here and search for test # B125-6.

TRAINING MANUAL FOR TREATMENT ADVOCATES: Hepatitis C Virus and Coinfection with HIV (Treatment Action Group) November 2013 –  We are treatment activists who learned about hepatitis C because it was a problem for people in our communities. We designed it to help you understand basic information about hepatitis C and coinfection with HIV: how it is transmitted, how to prevent hepatitis C, how a person can find out if he or she has hepatitis C, what happens to both HIV-negative and HIV-positive people who have hepatitis C, information used for making treatment decisions, and treatment options.
In Attendance:
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