Monthly Roundup - May 2022

Save the Date: DCN’s All-Hands Meeting 2022 will be held
June 28-June 30!

  • The All Hands Meeting 2022 Planning Committee is finalizing a schedule now— we hope to share it soon!

  • Call for curator nominations to join the Governance Board!

    • There is an open position for a curator-at-large. This is a two year term (ends June 2024)— serving in this role is an excellent way to help shape the future of the DCN.

    • If you are interested in running for election for the curator-at-large position on the board, please contact Mikala Narlock ( or your institutional representative by June 24, 2022.

  • Peer Comparisons in the DCN

    • The DCN has launched an internal “Peer Compare” discussion series on topics of interest and concern to DCN members. These informal discussions allow members to reflect on real practice: to ask questions of one another, share resources, and identify opportunities for future collaborative efforts, all within a safe space where candid conversation is encouraged.

    • One recent instance of this was a discussion around preservation practices. This follows the release of a peer compare benchmarking report, which includes a summary of DCN Member preservation practices and potential future collaborative projects.

Monthly Reporting

New Submissions

Kudos: Before we dive into datasets, a special thanks to Shawna Taylor, Project Manager of the Realities of Academic Data Sharing (RADS) Initiative, for serving as the interim curation coordinator while Mikala was away. Thank you, Shawna!

DCN-313: Data for Long-lifetime spin excitations near domain walls in 1T-TaS2 was submitted by Hoa Luong for Illinois and curated by Cindy Xuying Xin for Penn State.

Resolved Datasets

DCN-298: Data and matlab code for Standardized excitable elements for scalable engineering of far-from-equilibrium chemical networks was submitted by Marley Kalt for John Hopkins and curated by Seth Erickson for Penn State. Thanks to Seth’s expertise, major curation activities were taken, including uploading additional files, validating the code, and improving the documentation.
NB: This dataset is currently private— an access link will be added to the DCN’s website ( when it is available.

If you would like to share your upcoming events, opportunities, interesting articles, or other information with the Data Curation Network community, please contact Mikala Narlock, DCN Director, at