Monthly Roundup - January 2022

DCN updates

  • The Data Curation Network releases 2022-2025 Strategic Framework

  • The DCN now has a Twitter presence! Follow us at @WeAreDCN

  • Welcome Shawna Taylor, Project Manager for the Realities of Academic Data Sharing

  • The Governance Board met on January 11 to review the Strategic Framework for 2022-2025. Scout Calvert (Nebraska) and Jen Gibson (Dryad) took a final review to suggest ways to incorporate DEIA into the framework.

  • The DCN participated in numerous information exchanges this month, including meetings with:

    • NSF and the Convergence Accelerator about the Open Knowledge Network Innovation Sprint

    • National Center for Data Services (NCDS) of the Network of the National Library of Medicine

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Big Data

The Big Data SIG is reinvigorated! Due to interest at the 2021 AHM, the Big Data SIG has expanded membership to collaborators outside of the DCN, and we have welcomed a number of colleagues from the Canadian RDM community. Over the past few months the group has synthesized discussions and topics of interest from prior years, and we are using them to build consensus around an action plan for 2022. We look forward to reporting more on our activities in the coming months.


The Education Committee is continuing to work on translating the CURATE(D) training into GitHub Modules that can be freely accessed. Thanks to all of our members for their hard work— more information will be shared when available.

End User Satisfaction

The End User Satisfaction Group is continuing to edit and refine our article. In the meantime, those who are interested can view our survey, dataset, and preliminary report to the DCN.

Human Participants

The Human Participants Interest Group is on hiatus. The group completed the Human Participants Data Essentials Primer and Participant Consent Primer in September and February 2021, respectively. The group will reconvene if and when DCN members have new topics to explore.

Institutional Outreach & Communications

The Institutional Outreach and Communications Interest Group is developing a protocol and process for DCN members to engage end users in interviews to generate stories of their data sharing experiences and perspectives. We hope to have our first stories to share this spring! We are also working with our new Assistant Director on the development of materials to promote curation and repository services. Last but not least, we continue to make space to share what we are doing locally for outreach, for instance we just discussed what members are doing for the upcoming Love Data Week!

Racial Justice

The Racial Justice Interest Group will reconvene in February 2022 to discuss the next phase for the team. More information will be shared when available.

Value of Curation

The Value of Curation Group is continuing to edit and refine our article. In the meantime, those who are interested can review our dataset, survey, and related outputs.

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New Submissions

DCN 293 — “Time-lapse Fluorescence Microscopy Images and Gene Expression Data of Single T-Cells Infected with a Minimal HIV Feedback Circuit under 1,806 Drug Treatments” submitted by Illinois, and under curation by John Hopkins University.

Summary of 2021 Datasets Curated

The following charts depict the Data Curation Network’s year in curation in 2021. The DCN community curated 50 datasets last year!

Explore our dataset visualizations, browse previously curated datasets, or check out the 2021 Annual Report for more information.

The number of times member institutions submitted and curated data in 2021

The different subject areas the DCN Curated in 2021

The different data types the DCN curated in 2021