Monthly Roundup - August 2022

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Upcoming Special Interest Group Meetings

  • Big Data Interest Group — September 7, 3-4pm Eastern

    • This group is open to all who are interested in Big Data— join us!

  • DCN Education Committee Meeting — September 6, 1-2pm Eastern

    • Support the education mission of the DCN! We’ve got a busy year ahead; learn more about how you can participate.

    • If you are interested in supporting the Primer Management process, please contact Neggin Keshavarzian (Princeton) for more details.

Monthly Reporting

New Submissions

DCN-325: Mechanical and acoustic templates for waveform similarity manuscript was submitted by Cindy Xuying Xin for Penn State. No curators were available so the dataset was returned to Penn State.

DCN-326: Dynamic evolution of the mTHF gene family associated with primary metabolism in Archaea and Eukaryawas submitted by Cindy Xuying Xin for Penn State and curated by Sarah Wright for Cornell.

DCN-327: Simulation data for: "Two parameter scaling in the crossover from symmetry class BDI to AI" was submitted by Melinda Kernik for Minnesota and curated by Greg Janée for UCSB.

DCN-328: Initial nucleation of metastable gamma-Ga2o3 was submitted by Sarah Wright for Cornell and curated by Cindy Xuying Xin for Penn State.

DCN-329: Tnseq screen of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Himar1 transposon library grown in MtbYM rich medium and treated with antitubercular drugs was submitted by Mikala Narlock for Minnesota and curated by Leslie Delserone for Nebraska.

Resolved Datasets

DCN-284: Data from: An in silico-in vitro pipeline for drug cardiotoxicity screening identifies ionic proarrhythmia mechanisms was submitted by Sarah Wright for Cornell and curated by Jordan Wrigley for CU Boulder. Major curation activities were taken to improve the dataset, including providing a more robust README file, transforming files for reuse, and reorganizing files for ease of use.

DCN-305: Hudson River Project Website was submitted by Sarah Wright for Cornell as part of the March Madness event, and curated by Susan Braxton for Illinois. No curation activities were taken because no issues were found.

DCN-319: Data and scripts accompanying: Localized orbital scaling correction for periodic systems was submitted by Sophia Lafferty-Hess for Duke and curated by Alicia Hofelich Mohr for Minnesota. Major curation activities were taken thanks to Alicia’s expertise, including clarifying documentation, improving the file organization, and improving the code for future data reusers.

DCN-320: Effects of spatial diffusion on nonequilibrium steady states in a model for prebiotic evolution Figure Data was submitted by Wanda Marsolek for Minnesota and curated by Marley Kalt for John Hopkins. Thanks to Marley’s expertise, major curation activities were taken, including improving the documentation of the dataset, updating files, and clarifying software versions to facilitate reproducibility.

DCN-324: High Fidelity GENETICS-AI RF pulses for NMR Spectroscopy and Imaging was submitted by Valerie Collins for Minnesota and curated by Nick Wolf for NYU. Nick’s curation review helped improve the metadata and documentation for this incredibly unique dataset. Special thanks to Nick for tackling this challenging dataset!

DCN-326: Dynamic evolution of the mTHF gene family associated with primary metabolism in Archaea and Eukarya was submitted by Cindy Xuying Xin for Penn State and curated by Sarah Wright for Cornell. During Sarah’s review, she identified ways to improve the FAIRness of the dataset, including by adding additional information in the documentation.

There is no Curator Corner for August to allow DCN members time to enjoy summer vacations! Instead, check out this newly released report!

DCN and Ithaka S+R release final report for NSF-funded Data Communities workshops

  • The report summarizes the key findings of the workshop series and the challenges different data communities face, including:

    • Data communities have different needs across their lifecycle

    • Metadata and ontologies are social infrastructure

    • Information professionals are an important resource

    • and more!

  • Special congratulations to all the DCN members who were a part of this project, including:

    • Workshop organizers: Jake Carlson, Joel Herndon, Lisa Johnston

    • DCN Curators: Sarah Wright, Cindy Xuying Xin, Jordan Wrigley, Renata Curty, Wind Cowles, Reina Chano Murray, Seth Erickson, Jen Darragh, and Leslie Delserone.

  • Read the original press release and the updated roster of workshop participants.

Leveraging Data Communities to Advance Open Science: Findings from an Incubation Workshop Series

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