Monthly Roundup - September 2022

Call for participation, due November 4!

The Data Curation Network and partners are currently recruiting information professionals working within academic libraries and/or archives for instructional cohorts to develop new curriculum for four specialized data types – code, geospatial data, scientific images, and simulation data. Cohorts will be part of a knowledge network (see image below) to develop new content for the specialized data types.

Read more in our full call for participation!

Monthly Reporting

Special thanks to Hoa Luong, Illinois, for serving as Interim Curation Coordinator while Mikala was away! 🙌

New Submissions

DCN-330: Comparison of 3D structural metrics on oyster reefs using Unoccupied Aircraft photogrammetry and terrestrial LiDAR across a tidal elevation gradient was submitted by Sophia Lafferty-Hess for Duke and curated by Nick Wolf for NYU.

DCN-331: Code and Data: Agent-Based Model of Network Deliberation was submitted by Joanna Thielen for Michigan and curated by Jon Wheeler for New Mexico.
This was Joanna’s first submission and Jon’s first curation for the DCN! 🎉

DCN-332: Strain effect on the ground-state crystal structure of Sr2SnO4 Ruddlesden-Popper oxides was submitted by Valerie Collins for Minnesota and curated by Jonathan Petters for Virginia Tech.

DCN-333: West Nicraga Upper-plate earthquakes GPS rinex 1.0 was submitted by Cindy Xuying Xin for Penn State and curated by Melinda Kernik for Minnesota.

DCN-334: Global Change Biology - marine habitat disease was submitted by Sarah Wright for Cornell and curated by Matt Chandler for Princeton.

🎉 This was the 300th (300!) dataset submitted through the DCN’s shared curation workflow! 🎉

Resolved Datasets

No new resolved datasets this month— but why not explore data visualizations about the datasets the DCN has curated?

If you would like to share your upcoming events, opportunities, articles, or other information with the Data Curation Network community, please contact Mikala Narlock, DCN Director, at