The Calcbench Insider: June 2016
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Featured News
Historical data is always useful to good financial analysis, so Calcbench has decided to serve up a bunch more of it to our customers. When researching a company (through the Company in Detail page), you can now use our Show All History feature to see all line items the company has disclosed—including line items a company has added or discontinued over the years, going as far back as we have XBRL-tagged filings in our database. Read more on our blog.
Also: read below to see the latest on restructuring charges in the S&P 500; more about non-GAAP financial metrics (they’re still in the news); a look at the growth in intangible assets; and other projects, improvements, and new features we have been working on.

Using Our Databases
Calcbench databases can provide considerable amounts of information, and in many different ways. This month we decided to walk through how you might take a quick look at the health of a whole industry—specifically the oil & gas industry since its overall health (or the lack thereof) rings out through the numbers. Take a look at how the industry fared in first-quarter 2016.

Geeking Out on the Data
You spent how much on restructuring charges? Lots, apparently: the S&P 500 have reported a collective $148.55 billion in restructuring charges since 2008. We have a list of the biggest spenders, and also the most frequent spenders. Which raises the question: how many times can you report a one-time restructuring charge, before Wall Street wonders what’s really going on? Read more.
Growth in Intangible Assets. Everyone says brand value, customer data, skilled labor, and similar intangible assets are the currency of success in the future, so we wondered: just how much have intangible assets grown in recent years? Then we opened up our Data Query Tool and found the answer. Indeed they are growing, in absolute terms and as a portion of Corporate America’s total assets on the balance sheet. Read more.
SEC Frowns on Non-GAAP Metrics Yet Again. You’re not imagining things: we had a mention of non-GAAP metrics in our May newsletter—but we’re back on the subject again this month, because the SEC is still talking about the problem. Which companies are reporting large non-GAAP metrics? We know. Read more.

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