The Calcbench Insider: December 2017
Happy holidays to all our customers! As we go from earnings season to holiday season, Calcbench is busy trying to bring the best analysis to financial data. We have more features you can use, plus a few quick takes of our own on tax reform, the retail sector, bitcoin, and more.
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Get Behind the Data,
The Calcbench Team

 What’s New in Calcbench
How to research an industry sector. While we were holiday shopping the other week, we wondered: how is the retail sector doing lately, anyway? This post walks through how you can use the Calcbench Data Query Tool to research key metrics for any group of companies— which we applied to the retail sector, to study liquidity over the last few quarters. More detail inside.
Our complete research paper on tax reconciliation items among the S&P 500 is now available. See which companies claimed what deductions, credits, and other items; and how that added up to more than $49 billion in adjustments last year.
What to do with earnings releases. This month we walk through that key piece of financial information, the earnings release. See our first post about how earnings releases are typically structured, and our second about how to use Calcbench to search and digest releases.
Revenue recognition: the example. As companies make final preparation for the new revenue recognition standard going into effect on Dec. 15, we took a quick look at’s most recent quarterly statement. It’s a good example of how software companies might see shakeups large and small to their revenue recognition patterns. See what Salesforce said inside.

Geeking Out on the Data
Talking about bitcoin. We dove into the rabbit hole of bitcoin disclosures recently. Not many companies disclose much about bitcoin disclosure, but those that do— well, they make some interesting statements about bitcoin held in company coffers, “bitcoin risk,” and efforts to seize on new payment methods. Read more inside.
Corporate financial highlights. As Q3 2017 came to a close, we aggregated corporate financials and compared those to Q3 2016. The year over year results revealed overall corporate economic strength. Cash, capital expenditures, sales-- all up from last year with profits even higher! Read more inside.

Breakups can be painful. The merger of AT&T and Time Warner includes a termination fee: if the merger fails, AT&T owes Time Warner a payment of $500 million. So what have other companies disclosed about merger termination fees? How much can those fees affect earnings? We found the answer, and it’s not insignificant. Read more inside.

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