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Featured News
Spending on share-based compensation to employees is always an interesting item for financial analysts, so we recently did a study of how much the S&P 500 have been spending on line item over the last four years. Among the companies that do spend money on equity compensation (23 percent of the S&P 500 do not), the average amount jumped 18 percent, from $126.2 million in 2012 to $148.9 million in 2015. The biggest spenders on share-based pay were, to no surprise, all technology or financial giants. Read more inside.
Also: read below to see what’s new with the use (or misuse) of non-GAAP financial metrics; the sudden, swift rise in goodwill impairment lately; and other projects, improvements, and new features we have been working on.
Research Update
We are all about nifty ways to help subscribers here at Calcbench, and now we have another one for you: a valuation model template, which we’re happy to provide to customers upon request. The template lets you export financial data from multiple firms, and then make systematic adjustments so you can get an apples-to-apples comparison of the firms you’re evaluating. We have a whole blog post about it, so read on!

Website Update
Astute observers of our website may have noticed something lately: you found yourself saying, “Whoa, they totally changed their home page!” We have indeed. To make navigation of the site easier, we’ve added a Start page for our users, with easy-to-read tiles guiding you to all the tasks you perform on our site more often. Read more about what we’re doing. (Pictures included.)
Geeking Out on the Data   It’s the latest rage in financial reporting: to harp about, and frown upon, companies’ use of non-GAAP financial metrics. Such metrics aren’t illegal to use, even if the SEC is less than thrilled at their proliferation and sometimes sanctions a company for using non-GAAP metrics too liberally. You can find plenty of other non-GAAP cynics, and we here at Calcbench have some plans to provide more analysis of non-GAAP metrics soon.  Read more.
    We took a long look at goodwill impairment at the end of April, and the numbers aren’t good: impairment is at a five-year high ($88 billion), and average size of impairment is rising, and the percentage of companies disclosing impairment is at a five-year high too. The size of impairments among the S&P 500 also jumped significantly in 2015, and Yahoo’s $4.4 billion impairment last year symbolizes the scope of the problem. Don’t forget our Guide to Analyzing Goodwill, either.
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