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Hatch Outdoors Finatic

A Reel That Walks the Walk

Hatch "Finatic" Fly ReelI’m going to go out on a rather tenuous limb right now and say that I think the Hatch “Finatic” is one of the five or so best performance fly reels ever made. And I have a Charleton. And a Nautilus. And a Tibor. And the hot new Bauer reel. (I did say five, right?)

There are classic designs, big sellers that have become standards, and a handful of new designs that are also shaking the tree (more on that later). But this one is special.

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Fishpond Lumbar Pack

Fishpond Tech LTE Low Tide Lumbar Pack

"I don’t want to be chapped. And most of all, I don’t want heavy fabrics adding to the sweat factor. So I have chosen a very simple, streamlined lumbar pack to wear around my waist when I fish the flats...."
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Simms Sun Sleeve

Simms SunSleeve

"Years ago, for those of us who like to fish in T-shirts, that was an afterthought. But if you’re paying attention to the blotches and spots on your body (as you should these days) that’s an important deal."
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Sierra Nets

Sierra Nets Make a Positive Statement

"In all honesty, I’ve never been one to care about the “fashion statement.” When I was in fourth grade, and my mom sent me off to school in those brand new bright Adidas tennis shoes, I was the kid scuffing dirt from one foot across the next to “break them in” before they drew attention."
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Shoe In Stud Covers

“Shoe In” Stud Covers

"Jumping into some guide’s hand-hewn custom wooden driftboat with studded boots is like dragging long fingernails down a chalkboard, if not an outright declaration of war. "
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Nautilus Reel

A Reel Baby Gift

"My publishing partner and co-gear-editor of MidCurrent, Tim Romano, and his wife Ellie Childs, recently had a baby daughter. Her name is Mabel. I call her the 'little river princess.'"
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John Zerihoun

Imago Fly Fishing CEO Talks Product Testing

John Zerihoun, CEO of Imago Fly Fishing, talks about product testing and “mimicking and replicating the style of the modern fly fisherman.”
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