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Interview with Charlie Craven

Tying and Materials Guru

Charlie CravenMidCurrent gear editor Tim Romano interviews Charlie Craven, fly shop owner, guide, author and tying guru.

Charlie is quite simply one of the most accomplished tiers we know. In this lengthy and informative interview he shares his thoughts on tying for newbies, what tying tools he'd take to the grave, and state of tying materials and techniques.
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Simms Sun Gloves

The Cure for Bloody Fingers

"Whenever I fish for tarpon, bonefish, dorado, pike, stripers, sailfish, marlin (and so on), I come home looking like I stuck my right hand in a Cuisinart."
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Chuck Taylor All-Stars

Must-Have Gear: Umpqua Fly Line Scale

"Why, why, why, didn’t someone tell me this product existed? It would have saved me untold amounts of money, time, and hours of frustration...."
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SporTube Rod Rack

Gear Review (Video): SporTube Vac Rac Combi

"I’ve used many forms of rod racks for vehicle transportation over the years. Racks that go inside and racks that go outside. Racks that protect fly rods and ones that don’t."
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NuCasts Non-Slip Clamps

NuCast Non-Slip Clamps

"When you think about it, what’s the tool hanging from your vest or pack that gets the most attention? Your nippers? Solid answer. Your hemos are probably right there in the mix also."
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Korkers Ice Jack Boots

Korkers Ice Jack Boots

"Like other Korkers boots, these feature the Boa lace system. Step into the boot, then crank a knob to tighten the wire laces to a point of snugness."
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Abel Nippers

Review: Abel Nippers

These Abel nippers are sharp, durable, easy to handle, smartly designed, and all those wonderful things. They also cost happen to cost $50.
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