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Interview with Brian Westover

Thingamabobber Inventor

Brian Westover, WestwaterWe recently caught up with Brian Westover, owner of Westwater Products, and peppered him with some questions about his products, gaining a patent, and what he’s got planned going forward.

MidCurrent: Tell us a little about Westwater Products. What do you make? What’s your company all about?

Brian Westover: We make Thingamabobber strike indicators and some other fun stuff. I started by making spun deer hair “bird” flies. These flies are tied to look like various game birds (pheasant, turkey, mallard, sage grouse, and Canadian goose). Over the years we have thrown some stuff against the wall and to our good fortune some of it has stuck a little bit.  Read More...
Hatch Outdoors Tempest Pliers

Review: Hatch Outdoors Tempest Pliers

At face value, the benefit of spending $200 for a good pair of fishing pliers (Tempests) versus $350 (Van Staal) is obvious. But from a purely functional standpoint, I lean toward Hatch.
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Chuck Taylor All-Stars

The Wading Boots for ‘Everyman’

Those who have fished in tropical places with me know that I have a quirky habit of wading saltwater flats in Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star basketball shoes. Well many, many years ago, anyway, Chucky T’s were considered basketball shoes.
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Stan Bogdan

Podcast/Video: Kathryn Maroun & Stan Bogdan

This week MidCurrent publisher Marshall Cutchin interviews Kathryn Maroun, star of the series "What a Catch" and friend of Stan Bodgan, the famous reel maker who died last April at the age of 92. Maroun gives our readers the first peek at her new video "Stan and Me" and talks about Bogan the craftsman and Bogdan the person.
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Renzetti Vise

Review: Renzetti Traveler Vise

At just under $200 retail, the Renzetti Traveler has never failed. But perhaps the best endorsement comes from my 11-year-old son, for whom I just bought a second Traveler...
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Sage ESN Rod

On the Water with Sage ESN

The more I dabble with European nymph fishing techniques, the more of a believer I am in their effectiveness. I recently had an opportunity to fish a 10-foot, 4-weight version of Sage’s just-introduced ESN....
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Casio Pro Trek Watch

Review: Casio ProTrek Watch

For many anglers, the search for a rock-solid, dependable watch can be as challenging as a quest for the Holy Grail. I have a drawer filled with discarded—some very expensive—time pieces to prove that.
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