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Turning the World Upside Down

From the top of Greenwich Park Hill you can look out on one of most spectacular views of the capital – a city of stories. GDIF 2014 invites you to experience these familiar streets and public spaces as they’re transformed with astonishing free performance from around the globe. 

From gravity-defying aerial choreography to global stories of war and peace; encounters between the living and the dead and a house turned inside out; from a pop-up desert island to a flying ship; this summer the magic of outdoor theatre will reinvent the everyday and encourage you to look at the world anew. 

See the world from a different angle and immerse yourself in London’s festival of shape-shifting, perception changing, free outdoor performance. 


GDIF2014 highlights at

Full programme available mid-May.


GDIF2014: 20-29 June |

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Greenwich+Docklands is supported by Arts Council EnglandGreenwich+Docklands is supported by Tower HamletsGreenwich+Docklands is supported by Royal Borough of Greenwich / The Greenwich Festivals
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