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Volume 14 - G.H.P. 2021 - May 2021 Issue   A.I. 2551

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2021 Co-editors: E∴ Richard M. Torrey,
E∴ Dan Di Natale and E∴ Arek Gordon.
Article Submissions: Every Companion within a Chapter in New York State!

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2021 Grand Chapter Officers
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A spring message from the R∴E∴ Jason Sheridan,
Grand King of the Grand Chapter of the
State of New York Royal Arch Masons.

*Text from the General Grand Chapter International Royal Arch Mason Magazine.
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A spring message from the R∴E∴ Larry Barnard,
Grand Scribe of the Grand Chapter of the
State of New York Royal Arch Masons.

*Text from the General Grand Chapter International Royal Arch Mason Magazine.
Click here to download the Grand Scribe's Spring Message

There is still time for you or your family member to register online for the Grand Chapter of New York Royal Arch Masons Education Assistance Program application process. 
Scholarship grants are awarded to Royal Arch Masons and their wives, the children and grandchildren of a Royal Arch Mason or his spouse that wish to continue with their education. The Companion must be in good standing with this GRAND CHAPTER (or was in good standing at the time of their demise).
*Please click on the link below to take you directly to the Grand Chapter Education Assistance webpage where you can register/submit online or download the PDF copy and send in the 2021 Application via the US mail.

The deadline to submit an application is June 5, 2021
*Good luck to all the applicants who will be continuing their education.
Full Education Assistance Program instructions and qualifications can be downloaded here
Download the Royal Arch Scholarship Online Registration Form here
A fundamental activity of all Masonic bodies is the practice of charity, and the Grand Chapter of New York is no exception. It is proud to sponsor three particular charities. The good news is, over the years our Companions have been extremely generous. Indeed, in the past five years annual contributions to our charities have been around $60,000 a year! Our charitable funds total several million dollars. Click on the link below to review the three Charity programs supported by the Grand Chapter of New York Royal Arch Masons.
While Grand Chapter was virtual this year, your Most Excellent Grand High Priest is dedicated to making Capitular Masonry an in person experience as much as is safely permissible.  So, while the traditional Anointing Ceremony held at Grand Chapter did not happen, the Grand Line has made it their priority to attend as many local properly distanced ceremonies as possible.

On April 17th, Three Capitular Districts gathered in Staten Island, NY in order to properly welcome and prepare their newest High Priests for the Holy Order of High Priesthood. The host Chapter for the day was Tyrian Chapter No. 219. 

Our Grand High Priest,
M∴E∴ Brian D. Singer, led a delegation of your Grand Line, which included R∴E∴ Jason Sheridan, Grand King, R∴E∴ Mark Peerson, Grand Principal Sojourner, and M:.E:. Bruce Testut, Past Grand High Priest.

The Anointing Ceremony was performed by the M∴E∴ Brian D. Singer, Grand High Priest, M∴E∴ Bruce Testut, PGHP and R∴E∴ Mark Peerson, GPS.
The Anointing of High Priests was performed by M∴E∴ Bruce Testut, PGHP and the R∴E∴ Jason Sheridan, Grand King.

Seven new High Priests were anointed in due form, while a few Past High Priests looked on proudly.

Excellent High Priests Anointed are as follows:
E∴ Spencer R Berg, Nassau No. 109 - 2nd Capitular District
E∴ William Navallo, Tyrian No. 219 - 2nd Capitular District
E∴ Jeff Hansen, Melchizedek No. 273 - 3rd Capitular District
E∴ Frank Miranda, Suwassett No. 195 - 4th Capitular District
E∴ Stuart H Smith, Asharokan No. 288 - 4th Capitular District
E∴ James A Sloat, Buckingham-Mohegan No. 174 - 5th Capitular District
E∴ Bruce Bogerd, Highland No. 52 - 5th Capitular District

After a solemn and proper ceremony, all present enjoyed a delicious collation as guests of Tyrian Chapter No. 219 while following all COVID-19 guidelines. It was a beautiful first step for many, and a large symbolic step back into being together in person again.

Thank you to E∴ Peter Flihan and R∴E∴ Andrew J. Bienias, Grand Sentinel for their help sending in the information to put this article together.

*Photo Credit: E∴ Peter Flihan, PHP- Buckingham-Mohegan No. 174
Seneca Falls- The M∴E∴ Brian Singer, Grand High Priest and members of the Grand Chapter of New York Royal Arch Masons met on April 19 at Salem Town Chapter No. 173 to Anoint five newly elected High Priests.
Pictured front row left to right: E∴ Barry Bihrle (Excelcior Chapter), E∴ Tim Irwin (LeRoy Chapter), V∴E∴ James Nelson (Charles H. Platt Chapter) M∴E∴ Brian D. Singer-GHP, E∴ John Newman (Tonownada-Keystone Chapter), E∴ Anthony Tabone (King David Chapter). Back Row: V∴E∴ Michael Miller-13th AGL, R∴E∴ A. J. Bienias, G.Sen, R∴E∴ Jamie J. Kaim Jr.-GRAC, R∴E∴ Steven Shearer-GCOH, R∴E∴ Ralph Haney-GM2V, and R∴E∴Dan Lort-GM1V.
2nd Capitular District
Greetings Companions,

Congratulations to E∴ Spencer Berg & E∴ William Novallo on being Anointed as High Priests of Nassau Chapter No. 109  & Tyrian Chapter No. 219 on Saturday, April 17th.  Unfortunately, due to a limitation on the number of people that could attend I was unable to be there.  I wish them both all the best during their terms as High Priests.

At the April 12th Convocation of Nassau Chapter Companion Rene Perez gave an interesting lecture on the Master of the Second Veil.  This lecture led to interesting discussion.  All the Companions that attended received more Light in Masonry at this meeting.

The Multi District Degree Festival is still being planned.  The Festival will be at Camp Pouch in Staten Island.  The cost will be $25 per person which includes breakfast & lunch.  Additional details will follow once they are finalized.  I urge all the Companions of the Second Capitular District to speak to the Brethren of their respective Lodges about Royal Arch Masonry.  This is a great opportunity for us to increase the membership of the Chapters in our District. 

As a reminder my Official Visits for this year are as follows:
May 10th – Nassau Chapter No .109
June 7th – Tyrian Chapter No. 219

I look forward to seeing the Companions of the District during these visits.
With Fervency & Zeal,
R∴E∴ Walter R. Leong
District Deputy Grand High Priest
Second Capitular District
6th Capitular District
10th Capitular District
A special announcement from the High Priest of Sackets Harbor No. 68
As our 200 year rededication nears, we have enjoyed an overwhelming response. As a result of the huge response, we, unfortunately, will have to limit attendance to 50 people which will still be tight. Regretfully, what this boils down to is members of the Grand Line, PGHP's, High Priests from Dist. 10, and Sackets Harbor #68 members. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but our small venue makes this necessary.

R∴E∴ Dan Lort
High Priest
Sackets Harbor Chapter No. 68

A very enjoyable evening listening to the D.D.G.H.P. of the 10th Capitular District during his Official Visit to Theresa Chapter #149 in Alexandria Bay. D.D.G.H.P., R∴E∴ Terry Byard welcomed all on behalf of the M∴E∴ Brian Singer and related the G.H.P's program for 2021 which was well-received.

Pictured are (l-r) 1st row- V∴E∴ David Pritt, A.G.L. 10 Cap. Dist., R∴E∴ Daniel Lort, GM1V & COH of Theresa Chapter, R∴E∴ Alan Taylor-HP, R∴E∴ Terry Byard, DDGHP, R∴E∴ James Babcock, Dist. Edu. Officer and M3V.

2nd row-Comp. Bill Trinder, M3V, Comp. John Cranker, M2V, E∴ Dan Hale, R∴E∴ David Robling-Sackets Harbor Chapter. #68, Comp. Alex Wiseman-Sackets Harbor Chap. #68, Comp. Ron Side, King, Comp. Morris Weller, PS, R∴E∴ Gerald Salisbury, Secretary, & Comp. Roger Harris.
*Photo credit to Comp. Brian Willix.
Comp. Dan
R∴E∴Daniel G. Lort
Grand Master of the First Veil-2021
Royal Arch Charities Co-Chairman

On April 23, 2021, R∴E∴ Daniel Lort presided over the Dist. 10 Regional Officer’ Visit held at Teresa #149 in Alexandria Bay. The evening was preceded by a wonderful plated meal served by the team headed by chef-extraordinaire Lady Migdalia “Dolly”  Byard. Pictured in the group phone are l-r Row 1: V∴E∴ David Pritt, AGL, R∴E∴Terry Byard, D.D.G.H.P., R∴E∴ Daniel Lort, GM1V, R∴E∴ James Babcock, Edu. Officer, Comp. Morris Weller, Comp. Ron Side.
Row 2 l-r: R∴E∴Ray Worcester, Comp. John Cranker, R∴E∴ Alan Taylor, R∴E∴Gerald Salisbury, and Comp. Bill Trinder.
During the visit, DDGHP presented R∴E∴ Lort with cash donations in the amount of $133 that will be used to fund a District journal page for the Grand High Priest’s Reception.
Great job Companions of Dist.10!
R∴E∴ Daniel G. Lort
Grand Master of the First Veil-2021
Royal Arch Charities Co-Chairman
11th Capitular District
Trumansburg- On Monday April 26, members of Fidelity chapter #77 of the 11th Capitular District held a vote to merge with Eagle Chapter #58 of Ithaca, NY. Members of Watkins Chapter #182 of Montour Falls, Excelsior Chapter #164 of Canandaigua, King David Chapter #34 of Auburn and Geneva Chapter #36 of Geneva joined them for the summoned meeting.
The vote to merge was unanimous!
12th Capitular District
Welcome to May Companions! Spring has sprung and summer should start to occasionally appear even here in Central New York. I hope everyone is well and has had an opportunity to get a COVID Vaccination. Please keep wearing your masks and washing your hands, if not for yourself, then for you Brethren, family and friends.

It is Official Visit season. In April, I made visits to Central City Riverside and Charles H. PLatt Chapters. On June 10th, I will visit Lake Ontario Chapter. This month, I will make the trek to Pulaski Chapter on the 11th.

R∴E∴ Ralph Haney, Jr. will be present at the Official Visits when his schedule allows. Originally, he was going to make his Regional Officer Visit on the same evening but that has changed. 

The Regional Officer Visit for the 12th Capitular District will now be held 7:30 PM  on Tuesday,May 25th at Central City Riverside Chapter in Liverpool. I ask all High Priests and Chapter Secretaries in our District to get the word out to their Companions. I would request that the High Priest & Secretary make the effort to attend this meeting. 

COVID Protocols will be followed at ALL meetings held in person.

As I did last month, I would like to promote the 150th Anniversary of Charles H. Platt Chapter in Skaneateles. As we all know, this event was postponed twice in 2020 due to COVID. I hope that conditions allow for it to take place in 2021. It will be celebrated on Saturday, May 15th at the Skaneateles Masonic Lodge, followed by a luncheon at the Marietta House. The Grand High Priest and several of the Grand Line will be in attendance for the Rededication. Contact E∴ Richard Torrey for a reservation.

Tonawanda-Keystone Chapter No. 71 will be hosting the Grand High Priest's Reception for M∴E∴ Brian Singer.  Forms for the reception and the ad journal were emailed to the Secretaries for distribution to the Chapter.  All net proceeds will go to Royal Arch Scholarships.  Rooms are available at the Millennium Hotel for $99.00 per night and can be reserved by contacting the hotel directly.  Please note the COVID restrictions.  These may change according to the State guidelines.  Any questions you can be directed to Herb Hahn, Jr. at:

As we begin heading towards summer, remember that we are not out of the woods yet. Be smart, wear your mask and if all goes well, we can begin to see a little more normalcy in our lives this fall.

Stay safe, my Companions...

R∴E∴ Richard J. Powell
District Deputy Grand High Priest
12th Capitular District
Greetings Companions of Royal Arch Masons, 12th Capitular District, 

By the time this being published we should have completed several our Official Visits. I am looking forward to being able to be of any assistance your Chapters might require to bring about resumption of meetings and work on the Ritual. Having been restricted in holding meetings for most of the past year, many will find Ritual work might be a bit dusty and rusty. Let me know if I can be of service to help your officers get back to good form. 

Ritual work is more than just memorization of parts, yet for many memorization is the biggest hurdle to learning new roles in the line, or learning Degree work. I have spoken to several fellow Masons and have found there is no one single way people set about memorization. We are all individuals who can find different techniques in accomplishing the goal of memorizing our parts. Some are blessed with only needing to read the part a few times and they have it. Others, I included, need quite a lot of time spent in going over the part. 

I would like to give some of the different techniques I have heard about in these Word Articles, maybe one of them will be the most effective for you. One such method I have learned about involves writing a few of the words of each sentence leaving large portions blank. The various words written can give a memory nudge at key words, and once the sentences have been somewhat mastered, more words can be dropped, till you are able to recite ever longer passages. This method has been used by actors to learn scripts and orators who wish to free themselves from needing papers to read from. 

I look forward to working with all of you over the course of this year. 

With Fervency and Zeal, 
V∴E∴ Jim Nelson
AGL 12th Capitular District, RAM. 

Greetings Companions.

If you tried to join our zoom meeting on April 8th, I apologize. I thought we had it all set up . I  was not online that day as we went to camp to finish cleaning up the yard and it was too late before I realized it wasn't set up. 

Our meeting in May will be in person for Council. Most of our members that attend R.A.M. meetings are also members of Fulton Council. I don't believe there will be any food served just coffee or other drinks. Our June 10th Convocation will be the  Official Visit from our D.D.G.H.P. the R∴E∴ Richard Powell. We plan to keep meetings as short as possible but we do have a few things that need to be done.

I hope everyone has practiced their ritual work a little and are ready to have a good opening and closing. I think we do a good job so let's keep up the good work.

We need Companions to start thinking about if they want to move up for next year or not.

There is nothing new on the Hands Across The Border event at this time, Companion R∴E∴ Richard Fowler will be reaching out to them shortly to see what they would like to do. Right  now the border is still closed.

I will be reaching out to Charles H. Platt Chapter 247 to see if we can bring our Candidate to their Holy Royal Arch degree on May 26th, also with the offer to help if needed 

Companions stay well and safe,
E∴ Ronald A. Bond  
High Priest
Lake Ontario No. 65

Good Day Companions!

Lots to go over this month as we are getting back into gear a little bit! First, please check your emails as our secretary has resent the trestle board out for all to review, and be reminded as to when our meetings are. Unless something largely unexpected happened we had our second in person meeting on April 27th. This is/was supposed to be our official visit from R∴E∴ Richard J Powell, District Deputy Grand High Priest, 12th Capitular District. Prior to this our first in person meeting was on March 23rd. It was very nice to see some of our companions and get some much needed business taken care of. As the very first order of business we took time to honor and remember a companion of our chapter with many titles who has done much for the craft over the years, R∴E∴ Joseph Fogliette. He will be missed for sure.  R∴E∴ Ralph I Haney Jr. , Grand Master of the 2nd Veil, was present as well and took the opportunity to officially visit us bringing greetings from the Grand High Priest. His District Regional Visit will be at our next meeting, on Tuesday May 25th at 7:30pm. There will be no dinner for this unfortunately and all safety protocols will be observed during the meeting.


Our 200th Anniversary Dinner is coming up quicker than you think! Now is the time to get your reservations in!!!

Date/Time: July 11th, 2021
Location:  Borio's Restaurant, 8891 McConnell's Pkwy, Cicero, NY 13039

Menu: Hot roast beef, Roasted Chicken, Baked Cape Cod Haddock, Shrimp with Garlic Sauce and Linguine, Chef Salad, Toasted Potatoes, Mixed Vegetables, Riggies with Vodka Sauce, Coffee, Tea, soft drinks and cash bar.

RSVP: with PAID reservation ($30.00) per person) no later than June 20th to R∴E∴ Robert Bowles 5421 Tourmaline Dr., Clay, NY 13041.

We very much hope to see you there!!

If there are any Companions/Brothers in distress or in need of assistance in any manner, please do not hesitate to contact me.

E∴ Eric J. Driscoll
High Priest Central City Riverside No. 70

First Official Visit of 2021 for the 12th Capitular District of the Grand Chapter of New York, Royal Arch Masons is in the books! Great visit on Tuesday, April 27th with the Companions of Central City Riverside Chapter No. 70. Fifteen Companions were in attendance including R∴E∴ Richard J Powell, DDGHP, V∴E∴Jim Nelson, AGL, E∴ Ed Sinay, Charities Chair, Companion Bob Tyrrell, Education Chair, R∴E∴ Chris Heberle, Past Grand Master of the 3rd Veil and R∴E∴ Ralph Haney, Grand Master of the 2nd Veil.

R∴E∴ Richard J. Powell
District Deputy Grand High Priest
12th Capitular District
Greetings Companions,

I hope this communication finds everyone doing well. The weather so far is looking to give us a very pleasant Spring season, with the anticipation of things greening up, flowers budding, and a renewed vigor to our lives. 

With Covid restrictions being reduced, thanks in large part to our area having low numbers of cases and many people having started or having finished taking vaccinations, it means we can move forward with having a more regular schedule of Chapter meetings. Please note that the plan is we will be holding our regular chapter meetings on the 4th Wednesday of the month, I sincerely hope to see all our Chapter members come out and enjoy the fellowship which has been absent for far too long. 

I am hopeful that we can put on the Holy Royal Arch Degree at our May 26th meeting. I have been in contact with our R∴E∴ Grand Lecturer on how we can perform the Degree while remaining compliant with restrictions to maintain social distancing protocols without sacrificing the impact of the various parts of the Degree. It is hoped that we will receive the required approval soon. 

We are expecting to hold our 150th Rededication and Celebration on May 15th, which is coming up quickly. The cost of our gathering is $30.00 and it should be a fun event. Invitations had been sent out to our Companions, we hope to see many of you join in the celebration festivities. 

With Fervency and Zeal,
V∴E∴ Jim Nelson
Charles H. Platt Chapter, No. 247

Wednesday, April 28th saw the Official Visit with V∴E∴ Jim Nelson, AGL & High Priest of Charles H. Platt Chapter No. 247 in Skaneateles, NY by R∴E∴ Richard J Powell, DDGHP for the 12th Capitular District. It was another great evening of catching up with Companions face to face. There were 11 members present with 3 guests that included R∴E∴ Ralph Haney Jr, Grand Master of the 2nd Veil; the 13th Capitular District's AGL, V∴E∴ Michael Miller; and 12th Capitular District's Education Chair, Companion Bob Tyrrell.

R∴E∴ Richard J. Powell
District Deputy Grand High Priest
12th Capitular District

The May 7th deadline to submit your paid reservations for our 150th Re-dedication Celebration is fast approaching. 
Click here to download the 150th flyer for further information
13th Capitular District
Geneva, NY - R∴E∴ Clayton R. Ruggles DDGHP of the 13th Capitular District and V∴E∴ Michael Miller AGL of the 13th Capitular District made their official Visit to Geneva Chapte #36 RAM on Wednesday April 14, 2021. Following a ham dinner, the District Officers offered up the Grand High Priest Message as well as ritual instruction to the companions present. Also, at the meeting the Companions voted on 2 new members of Geneva Chapter #36. Pictured Below first row l to r:  R∴E∴ Clayton R. Ruggles DDGHP, R∴E∴ Jamie J. Kaim Jr, High Priest, V∴E∴ Michael Miller AGL. 2nd row L to R: R∴E∴ Ernest Day, E∴ Robert Parmenter, R∴E∴ Fred Newton. 
Back Row l to r: R∴E∴ Steve Howard,R∴E∴ Steve Goebert.
R∴E∴Steve Howard presented R∴E∴Jamie J. Kaim, Jr., Grand Royal Arch Captain with a $100.00 Donation to Royal Arch Charities at the meeting of Geneva Chapter #36. Pictured Left to Right: R∴E∴ Jamie J. Kaim, Jr. GRAC, R∴E∴ Steve Howard, R∴E∴ Clayton R. Ruggles DDGHP
The Companions of Geneva Chapter #36 Royal Arch Masons would like to thank our companions at Tonawanda-Keystone Chapter #71 in Amherst, NY for conferring the Mark Master Mason degree upon our newest member, Bro. Michael Simmons on April 27, 2021. It was a beautiful night and so good to be together again. Pictured Left to Right: R∴E∴  Jamie J. Kaim Jr. - High Priest of Geneva Chapter #36, Bro. Michael Simmons, E∴ John Newman High Priest of Tonawanda-Keystone Chapter #71.
Seneca Falls- M∴E∴ Brian Singer receives donations for Royal Arch Scholarships that were collected by
M∴E∴ Jamie J. Kaim Jr. in the 13th Capitular District.

Seneca Falls- R∴E∴ Jamie J. Kaim Jr. presents E∴ Barry Bihrle
with his Zerubabbel Jewel and Ruby pin
at the April 19th Anointing Ceremony.

Seneca Falls, NY- Anointing Ceremony group photo April 19, 2021. Pictured front row left to right: E∴ Barry Bihrle E.: Tim Irwin , V∴E∴ James Nelson, M∴E∴ Brian D. Singer-GHP, E∴ John Newman, E∴ Anthony Tabone. Back Row: E∴ John Gallant, R∴E∴ George Stanton, E∴ Robert Parmenter, V∴E∴ Michael Miller-13th AGL, R∴E∴ Jamie J. Kaim Jr.-GRAC, R∴E∴ Steven Shearer-GCOH, R∴E∴ Ralph Haney-GM2V, R∴E∴ Dan Lort-GM1V. R∴E∴ Fred Newton.
Picture by: R∴E∴ A.J. Bienias, Grand Sentinel.
Auburn- Tuesday April 20, R∴E∴ Clayton R. (BOB) Ruggles District Deputy Grand High Priest of the 13th Capitular District and V∴E∴ Michael Miller Assistant Grand Lecturer of the 13th Capitular District held their official visit to King David Chapter #34 RAM.
Pictured below right to left front row: R∴E∴ Jamie J. Kaim Jr. -GRAC, R∴E∴ Clayton R. Ruggles DDGHP, E∴ Anthony Tabone-High Priest, V∴E∴ Michael Miller AGL, R∴E∴ Ralph Haney Jr.-GM2V,
Back row left to right: R.:E.: Steve Howard, Comp. Scott Harris, Comp. Tom Osrander, R∴E∴ Fred Newton, Comp. Bennett, Comp. (unknown) R∴E∴ E. William Whittaker, R∴E∴ Sam Clark
R∴E∴ Ralph I Haney Jr. Grand Master of the 2nd Veil presented
E∴ Anthony Tabone with his diamond Zerrubabbel pin on April 20th in Auburn, NY during the King David Chapter meeting.  E∴ Anthony Tabone is the newly anointed High Priest of King David Chapter.
16th Capitular District
East Aurora Chapter No. 282 hosted the DDGHP R∴E∴ Peter Stein for his Official Visit along with R∴E∴ Andrew Bienias (Grand Sentinel) , V∴E∴ Dan Peters (AGL), V∴E∴ Michael Seeloff (Education Chairman) and E∴ Mark Seeloff (HP Ames Chapter #880).
I'd like to thank all the Companions who attained, We had a great dinner and Official Visit

R∴E∴ Peter Stein
16th Capitular District

Ames Chapter No. 88 hosted the R∴E∴ Dan Lort, GM of the 1st Veil on Thursday, April 22nd for his
Grand Line Regional Officer Official Visit.
17th Capitular District
R∴E∴ Daniel Lort, GM1V, conducted his District 17 Regional Officer Visit at Dunkirk Chapter #191 in Fredonia on April 12th. All 3 Chapters were represented with a total of 14 Companions present including R∴E∴ Lort, R∴E∴ Gene Olofson, DDGHP, and M∴E∴ Jeffrey Williamson. Several Companions met before the Visit at Demetri's on the Lake for dinner and great fellowship.
Way to go District 17! Thanks.
R∴E∴ Daniel G. Lort
Grand Master of the First Veil-2021
Royal Arch Charities Co-Chairman
Ending another edition of your NYRAM Newsletter
"On a Lighter Note". 

*Text from the General Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons International Newsletter.  

  Click here to open the PDF Version.  

Thank you for reading NYRAM NEWS!!!


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