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Volume 14 - G.H.P. 2021 - October 2021 Issue   A.I. 2551
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Co-editors 2021: E∴ Richard M. Torrey,
∴ Dan Di Natale, and E∴ Arek Gordon.

Article Submissions: Every Companion within a Chapter in New York State!

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2021 Grand Chapter Officers
A fundamental activity of all Masonic bodies is the practice of charity, and the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons in the State of New York is no exception. 
Royal Arch Masons are proud to sponsor three particular charities, the ROYAL ARCH STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP FUND, MEDICAL RELIEF FUND, MEDICAL RESEARCH FOUNDATION.
As we return to our Chapters this fall,
please continue to support your Royal Arch Charities. 
Thank you for helping us help others. 
The bidding for the "Quilts for Royal Arch Charitiesstarted on September 20th. An update on the bidding to date stands at $300 for each quilt.

Bidding will continue up to the deadline on October 25th, so please continue to send in your bids to support Royal Arch Charities and win a wonderful quilt that will keep you warm throughout the fall and winter seasons. Thank you!
The Most Excellent Brian D. Singer, Grand High Priest announces an Online Auction Fundraiser 
Quilts for Royal Arch Charities
These handmade quilts were made by Lady Linda Kintzel (wife of R∴W∴ James Kintzel, Past Grand Marshal.) The bidding started on September 20th and will end on October 25th
*Please click on this link below:
for more information and how to enter your bid. 

Thank you for supporting Royal Arch Charities.

Dear Companions,

According to our bylaws, one of the original purposes of the Fraternal Union of Anointed High Priests ("FUAHP") is to honor the Grand High Priest annually after his installation. To wit, the organization is to coordinate and enrich relations between members of the FUAHP, Royal Arch Chapters, and the Grand Chapter. Hence, the importance of our annual banquet.

For as long as I've been a member of Royal Arch Masonry (since 2012 approx.), I have attended a FUAHP banquet and have since assumed the helm as of November 2019, originally to serve 1 year; but as we've been subject to COVID-19 protocols, I believe last year was the first year in some time that there was no such event.  As a result, I am in my second year.

With Fervency & Zeal,
V∴E∴ O'Neil G. D. Bryan

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The 208th Annual Conclave of The Grand Commandery of the State of New York held a virtually, hybrid format, passing of the Cord and Ring from SK Yves Etienne R.E.P.G.C. to SK Dennis S. Davis R.E.G.C. & the Installation of new Grand Line Officers on Saturday September 18th at the Malta Commandery No. 21 Masonic Temple in Endicott, NY.

Many thanks to our Installing Team, SK David D. Goodwin, GCT, PGC Most Eminent Past Grand Master (2012-2015) of the Grand Encampment Knights Templar.
Article and photos submitted by::

SK Gill R. Calderon, 
Grand Representative Mexico                                                                  
Several New York Royal Arch Companions were elected to serve at the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction Scottish Rite Supreme Council Annual Session held on August 28-31 in Cleveland Ohio.

Companions highlighted in red are from Chapters in the Grand Chapter of New York Jurisdiction.

Congratulations to all the New York Brethren and Companions listed below:
  • ILL∴ Peter J. Samiec, 33° - Sovereign Grand Commander, Sacandaga Chapter No. 116.
  • ILL∴ Michael Morris, 33°- Deputy for New York State, Hiram Chapter No. 62.
  • ILL∴ Richard J. Powell, 33° - Active Member of Supreme Council for New York, Charles H. Platt Chapter No. 247.
  • ILL∴ John R. Patterson, Jr.,33° - Active Member of Supreme Council for New York, Federal Chapter No. 10.
Elected to receive the 33° Honorary Member of Supreme Council in Kentucky, 2023:
  • Alan B. Stewart, Valley of Buffalo, Tonawanda Keystone Chapter No. 71.
  • Michael Livschitz, Valley of New York City, Ancient Chapter No. 1.
  • Stephan P. Michener, Valley of Rochester, Hiram Chapter No. 62. 
  • Neil R. Bedford, Valley of Rochester.
  • John T. Hansen, Valley of Rockville Centre.
  • Michael LaRocco, Valley of Rockville Centre, Melchizedek Chapter No. 273. 
  • Louis E. Saavedra, Valley of Rockville Centre.
  • Jordan E. Jaquay, Valley of Schenectady, St. George Chapter No. 157.
  • James A. Lowerre, Valley of Schenectady, Sacandaga Chapter No. 116.
  • William H. Toth, II Valley of Syracuse, Charles H. Platt No. 247.
  • William Nugent, Valley of the Hudson, Poughkeepsie No 172.
  • Dale R. Roberts, Valley of Utica.
M∴I∴ John A. Gallant, Grand Master of Cryptic Masons, M∴E∴ Brian D. Singer, Grand High Priest of Royal Arch Masons and Sir Knight Dennis G. Davis, Grand Commander Knights Templar enjoying the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite New York Council of Deliberation weekend festivities in Syracuse, NY.
Greetings Companions,

At the September 13th Convocation of Nassau Chapter No. 109, the Chapter conducted the Chapter Walkabout Program for Comp. Eli Dardis, Comp. Edwin Wong & Comp. Jose Oliver.  These Companions were all Exalted at the Royal Arch Degree Festival in August.  The Chapter also presented each of these Companions with a Royal Arch Certificate & I presented each of them with the Grand High Priests Pin.  
The Education Officer E∴ James Gregg is planning to offer the Capitular Development Course over the next three months on Zoom.  This will be an in depth discussion on the four degrees of Royal Arch Masonry.  Please see your email for details on registering for this course.  I hope to see as many of you as possible at these sessions.
The R∴E∴ Steven Shearer, Grand Captain of the Host will be making an Official Visit to Tyrian Chapter no. 219 on October 4th.  
Tyrian Chapter is also hosting a Table Chapter on this evening.  
With Fervency & Zeal,
R∴E∴ Walter R. Leong
District Deputy Grand High Priest
Second Capitular District


The M∴E∴ Bruce Testut and M∴E∴ Walter J. Hilsenbeck gave some of Freeport-Long Island Chapter’s new companions a rare treat of having two Past Grand High Priests present them with their membership certificates, pins, and ritual books. Along with a performance of the Chapter Walkabout ceremony and a hearty collation, these new Companions were warmly welcomed into the family of Capitular Masonry and are looking forward to an exciting and informative year. 

With fervency and zeal,
R∴E∴ Scott Bisogni
3rd Capitular District

Save the date for the 3rd District visitation of the Grand Captain of the Host, the R∴E∴ Steven Shearer. This event is open to all Companions. If you are attending and want to join us for collation, you must RSVP E∴ Michael S. Grahifs at:  to secure your dinner order.
I hope to see you all there.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your dedication to the craft.

With fervency and zeal,
R∴E∴ Scott Bisogni
3rd Capitular District                     
Wonderful evening at Suwassett Chapter No.195, Observant Chapter on Wednesday September 1st.

M∴E∴ Piers Vaughan and myself are grateful for all the Chapter members who had clearly been planning this Special Event for at least six months to ensure everything was perfect. 
Last week they were worried about the Lodge basement flooding in the storm that hit Long Islamd head on and last night we had Ida bearing down on the Metropolitan area and a direct active Tornado alert on everyones phones for the Port Jefferson area during the middle of the education provided by M∴E∴ Vaughan!

If anything we were following orders by being safely together in the basement of the building. Everything went smoothly and by the end of the night although there was torrential rain, it seemed like everyone was traveling home without issues.

I was introduced to Royal Arch semi-formal dress - Red Jacket, black bow tie, black pocket square - if reminds me of an elegant Italian Chic dress style - have they started a new dress code in New York State Royal Arch!!! (I was thinking red pocket squares for the 2022 Grand Chapter Grand Line members but this seemed to work very well from a photographer’s mindset that I have!

R∴E∴ Jason P. Sheridan
Grand King
M∴E∴ Piers Vaughan, Grand High Priest 2014 conducted a Royal Arch Education Program
"An Esoteric Interpretation of the MEM Degree" during the Grand King's Official Visit to Suwassett Chapter No. 195.     
During the Grand King's Official Visit to Suwassett Chapter No. 195 on September 1st, the Excellent High Priest, on behalf of all the Companions of the Chapter presented M∴E∴ Piers Vaughan , PGHP and the R∴E∴ Jason P. Sheridan, Grand King with a framed certificate and Chapter Member's Jewel commemorating their unanimous election to be Honorary Members of Suwassett Chapter No. 195. Congratulations to both Companions!
                                Fifth District Table Chapter
On September 14th, the Companions of the Fifth Capitular District were honored to host Grand Captain of the Host R∴E∴ Steven R. Shearer and Grand Master of the First Veil R∴E∴ Daniel Lort for Companion Lort's District Visitation. The evening was a table chapter, expertly presided over by E∴ High Priest Garry Krom in the East. Equal mastery was shown by new Companion Herb Ehrlich who prepared the prime rib feast to the acclaim of all. 

Mohegan Chapter PHP Watch
As Fifth Capitular District D.D.G.H.P., I have the rare pleasure of visiting Buckingham-Mohegan Chapter No. 174 in Verplanck. During the most recent visit, I was given a reminder of how strange life can be when I checked my phone while waiting for the meeting to begin. There was the only email about Royal Arch Masonry I've ever received from a member of the public, asking me if I could explain an inscription on a watch in her family that she was thinking of giving to her grandson as a wedding gift.

Presented to:
E∴ Stanley DeWitt Barrett, PHP 
Mohegan Chapter No 221, RAM
Peekskill, N.Y. Dec 20,1920

I related to her a bit of the Chapter's recent history and she was delighted to learn the story behind what the watch was given for. Aside from the surprising timing of the mail, this was a wonderful reminder of how we build both our personal and family histories in the Craft.

R∴E∴ Aram Adishian
5th Capitular District



The 5th Capitular District and Poughkeepsie Chapter #172 held their first-ever District Table Chapter in Saugerties to benefit Royal Arch Charities. There were over 20 Companions present to enjoy the evening which included a multi-course prime rib dinner. Present for his District Grand Line Officer social visitation was R∴E∴ Daniel Lort, GM1V accompanied by R∴E∴ Steven Shearer, GCOH and R∴E∴ Aram Adishian, D.D.G.H.P.
Wonderful hospitality, superior Fellowship, and an awesome meal was enjoyed by all. Great job District 5!
R∴E∴ Daniel G. Lort
Grand Master of the First Veil-2021
Royal Arch Charities Co-Chairman
Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of the State of New York

On Thursday, August 26th R∴E∴ Anthony Klimathianos  made his official visit to the 9th Capitular District.  This visit was located at Darius Chapter No. 144 located in Lee Center, NY.  A dozen companions from across the district were present to listen to R∴E∴ Klimathianos present points of interest to improve our opening and closing ritual.  His presentation brought about interesting discussion between the companions present and our Grand Lecturer. 
The members of the district present thoroughly enjoyed R∴E∴ Klimathianos' visit and his points of interest to one and all.  After the meeting everyone enjoyed light refreshments in the dining area.

R∴E∴ Carl Klossner
DDGHP 9th Capitular District


Being just a couple of days past the 20th anniversary of Sept.11, 2001, the Tuesday night program at Otsego Chapter No 26 was a recounting of the events by a Companion who was there.  V∴E∴ John P. Murray, now a retired FDNY Fire Marshall, was at the site of the World Trade Center when it collapsed and was himself within inches and seconds of being crushed.  Without bragging or boasting he recounted his own harrowing experiences helping others to escape, and detailed the enormous efforts and sacrifices he and others made on that day and thereafter.  The Chapter thanks Companion Murray for his service and for sharing these events.                                                                                            

Photo: R∴E∴ Earl G. Wilkinson, High Priest (left)
V∴E∴ John P. Murray (right)


E∴ Alton G. Dunn, III
Past Hight Priest and Secretary
Otsego Chapter No. 26 RAM

On September 9, the 11th District gathered in Chemung the Visit of the Grand Lecturer R∴E∴ Anthony Klimathianos. 11 Companions representing Cayuta-Elmira #42, Fidelity #77 and New Jerusalem #47. The DDGHP R∴E∴ Joseph Curran Jr. opened the convention. The Grand Lecturer was introduced by R∴E∴ Bryan Tate, AGL for the 11th District.. The Grand Lecturer talked the opening and closing and the connections with the degrees of Blue Lodge and Council. It was very informative.  Also, in attendence that evening was M∴E∴ David Raymond, GHP 2020. Preceding the convention Pizza and cookies were served. Provided by Cayuta-Elmira Chapter.   

RE∴ Joseph Curran Jr.
DDGHP 11th Capitular District Royal Arch Masons
High Priest Horseheads Chapter 261

Greetings Companions!

By the time you read this Fall should be in full swing. As I write this on Labor Day, COVID continues to be a major issue which could affect when & how we might meet in the near future. Please continue to play it smart - wear a mask when out & about, especially if you have not been vaccinated yet.
The Grand Lecturer’s Convention will be held on Tuesday, October 26th, hosted by Central City Riverside Chapter in Liverpool. There will be a meal at 6:30 PM, cost will be $10. Please email the AGL, V∴E∴ Jim Nelson ( and let him know if you will be attending the dinner. The Convention will begin at 7:30 PM. I would ask that Companions from all Chapters in the 12th Capitular District please make every effort to attend.

Hands Across the Border usually happens in October with our Canadian Companions. The border into Canada has been open but at this time, entry into the United States is not. I fear that this will be postponed again for 2021.

October is usually the time to consider applications for the 12th Capitular District's District Deputy Grand Master and Assistant Grand Lecturer. As I have recently been elected to serve as an Active Member of Supreme Council for the Scottish Rite, I will definitely not be doing another term.

Applications have not yet come out, but if you are interested in applying for either, please let me know and I will get the proper application to you when they come out. We need qualified & capable Companions to step up to lead Royal Arch in the 12 Capitular District. Please consider putting yourself forward.
Until we meet again, please take care...

R∴E∴ Richard J Powell
District Deputy Grand High Priest, 12th Capitular District
Grand Chapter State of New York, Royal Arch Masons.
Greetings Companions of the 12th Capitular District Royal Arch Masons,
I hope this communication finds every companion doing well, and feeling Fervency and Zeal toward our upcoming RAM Grand Lecturer’s Convention on Tuesday, October 26, hosted by Central City Riverside Chapter in Liverpool. I hope every chapter will send representation to this event, as I am certain you will walk away with new knowledge that will benefit our Craft and Companions on our Royal Arch journey. 

We are proceeding with our plans for events and meetings, even though we do so with some caution due to new variants of the Covid Pandemic and what new restrictions – if any – that may impose on us. Please do not fail to plan meetings and recruit new members with fear that they may not be able to happen. Until such time as Grand Lodge guidelines direct us otherwise, we should plan as if our Chapters and District is going to functioning as normal. 

Those Chapters who need assistance with Degrees or with having additional people in order to open, please feel free to contact me. I will do whatever I can to assist.
My email address is:

With Fervency and Zeal,
V∴E∴ Jim Nelson
AGL 12th Capitular District, Royal Arch Masons

Greetings Companions,

Summer is on its way out as the days are getting shorter and nights are longer and cooler. Time seems to go faster with each passing day. It does not seem like fall should be here yet.

Three Companions and myself traveled to Trumansburg, Aug.28th for the Mark Master and Past Master degrees. The degrees were very well done and over twenty candidates got to see some very good work done. Unfortunately, our candidate was unable to attend do to health issues. The food was good and lots of it, ''good job Companions''.

The meeting for Sept. was for council and we worked on our opening and closing. We shared some events going on in the district as we enjoyed some refreshments.

The meeting in Oct. will be on Thursday the 14th at 7:30, there will be refreshments to enjoy and we will need to work out how to do the next degrees. This Covid-19 Pandemic makes planning things very difficult. Canada is still not having Masonic meetings. Hopefully, we can have our Hands Across The Border event again next year.

Stay well and be safe Companions!
E∴ Ronald A. Bond

High Priest
Lake Ontario Chapter No. 165

Greetings Companions of Charles H. Platt Chapter No. 247,

I hope this communication finds everyone doing well. With the advent of rising variant strains of Covid, we have a sense of uncertainty about the regularity of our meetings, or if we will find new restrictions come up, interrupting our plans. The best we can do is to plan to hold our regular meetings and events with the hope that we can continue our journey back to a more normal time in our Masonic Journey. Our regular Chapter meeting is planned for Wednesday October 27th, which will be when we can have new Companions join us for their first regular Chapter meeting. We will be having a planning session for holding the Mark Master Degree, which should be a great way to help the new Companions recall the first step in their Royal Arch Journey. 

We also have the Grand Lecturer’s Convention for Royal Arch Masons on Tuesday, October 26th, which I hope many of our Companions will attend. The Grand Lecturer, R∴E∴ Anthony Klimathianos, is a great source of knowledge about Royal Arch Masonry. The Central City Riverside Chapter will be hosting this event in Liverpool. Please make every effort to attend both. 

Please take note that while our regular Chapter meetings are normally held on the forth Wednesday of each month, during the months of November and December, our normal meeting night is the second Wednesday so we avoid conflict with the holidays. 

I am looking forward to seeing everyone of our Companions to continue our Royal Arch Masonic journey together. 

With Fervency and Zeal,
V∴E∴ Jim Nelson
Charles H. Platt Chapter No. 247, Royal Arch Masons

Ames Chapter No. 88 R.A.M. Conferred the Most Excellent Master Degree on five Brothers, two from Holy Ark, one from East Aurora and two from Ames Chapters.

R∴E∴ Peter Stein

In harmony with Most Excellent Brian D. Singer’s directive, Holy Ark Chapter No. 304 is pleased to announce it is host to the district-wide, and area wide “modified” table chapter on Wednesday evening, October 20, 2021, commencing 6:30 PM.
                        *See Flyer below for further information.                                                                     
M∴E∴ Jeffrey M. Williamson   
High Priest
Holy Ark Chapter N
o. 304
It was a wonderful evening renewing old and making new acquaintances in one of the far reaches of our jurisdiction in the 17th Capitular District.  Joining R∴E∴ Jamie Kaim, GRAC for his Grand Line Officer District social visitation was M∴E∴ Brian D. Singer, GHP, R∴E∴ Daniel Lort, GM1V and Dist. 17 Regional Officer, and R∴E∴ A.J. Bienias, GS.  Also, present was M∴E∴ Griff Jones, GHP 2008 and R∴E∴ Gene Olofson, D.D.G.H.P.  Thank you for the hospitality of Western Sun #67 Companions!
R∴E∴ Daniel G. Lort
Grand Master of the First Veil-2021
Royal Arch Charities Co-Chairman
Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of the State of New York

The MMRI Board of Directors welcomed two new Brothers, R∴W∴ Frank Williams and R∴W∴ Paul Mossberg, this summer, along with congratulating current members, R∴W∴ Robert Hewson, as President, and R∴E∴ Pasquale Imbimbo, as Vice President! Congratulations to you all!

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