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Volume 14 - G.H.P. 2021 XXX Issue   A.I. 2551

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Co-editors 2021: Companions: Richard M. Torrey,
Dan Di Natale, and Arek Gordon.

Article Submissions: Every Companion within a Chapter in New York State!

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Grand Chapter 2021 Officers

The M∴E∴Brian D. Singer,

  Grand High Priest's Inaugural Address
March 6, 2021 in Utica, NY
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The plans for M∴E∴ Brian D. Singer's Reception are set.
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All Companions, Brethren, ladies, and friends are Cordially and Fraternally invited
to attend this Public Event. 
150th Anniversary Celebration-Saturday, May 15, 2021.

After rescheduling this event 3 times due to the ongoing pandemic, the  Companions of Charles H. Platt Chapter No. 247 Royal Arch Masons in Skaneateles, NY are proud to announce the details for our 150th plus Anniversary.

Instituted on February 3, 1870, Charles H. Platt No. 247 is celebrating 150 plus years of Royal Arch Masonry in Skaneateles, NY with a Public Chapter Re-Dedication Ceremony on Saturday, May 15th presided over by the M∴E∴Brian D. Singer, Grand High Priest of the Grand Chapter of the State of New York Royal Arch Masons along with his Grand Line.

A luncheon reception will follow the ceremony to be held at the Marrietta House.
We will be following the COVID restrictions that are in place at the time of the event.  Right now, that consists of masks unless at your table, maximum number of people at a table is 4 to 6 and all tables will be socially distanced.  If the requirements change between now and then, we will keep you updated.  


Checks made payable to: Charles H. Platt Chapter No. 247.

Please mail your paid reservations to:
Charles H. Platt Chapter No. 247
PO Box 174
Skaneateles, NY 13152-0174

*Please see the event flyer posted here for further information.
Thank you!

With Fervency & Zeal,

E∴ Richard M. Torrey
Past High Priest, 2018 & 2019
Charles H. Platt No. 247, RAM

2nd Capitular District
Greetings Companions,

Congratulations to the M∴E∴ Brian D. Singer, the elected & appointed officers of Grand Chapter.  I am honored to have been appointed as the District Deputy Grand High Priest of the Second Capitular District & I look forward to working with all of you.  Also, congratulations to the Assistant Grand Lecturer of the Second Capitular District the
VE∴August Friscia III, I look forward to working with you in the District this year.  I also want to thank the Education Officer E:. James Gregg & the Charity Chairman Comp. Rene Perez for accepting these positions for this year.

On behalf of the District I would like to thank the R∴E∴ Gil A. Schweiger  & the V∴E∴. O’Neil G.D. Bryan for their outstanding service as District Deputy Grand High Priest & Assistant Grand Lecturer for the last two years.  Congratulations to both of you on a job well done.

We are currently planning a Multi District Degree Festival at Camp Pouch in Staten Island this summer.  I urge all the Companions of the Second Capitular District to speak to the Brothers of their respective Lodges about Royal Arch Masonry.  As we all know due to COVID we have not had the opportunity to confer Degrees this past year & this is our chance to increase our membership in 2021.  The details of the Degree Festival will be provided in the future.
My Official Visits for this year are as follows:
May 10th – Nassau Chapter No .109
June 7th – Tyrian Chapter No. 219
I look forward to seeing the Companions of the District during these visits.
Happy Easter & Happy Passover to all the Companions & their families.
With Fervency & Zeal,
R∴E∴ Walter R. Leong
District Deputy Grand High Priest
Second Capitular District
District Leadership Team Update
  • E∴ James Gregg, Education Officer
  • Companion Rene Perez - Charity Chairman
3rd Capitular District
For those Companions who might be in the area.
Freeport-Long Island Chapter #302 is hosting our Regional Officer R∴E∴ Mark Peerson visitation and all Companions are welcome to join in. There will be a pre-meeting dinner at the coast of $10.00. Please RSVP E∴ Mike Grahlfs at 516-313-4431 with your DINNER CHOICE.


With that being said, I look forward to seeing you all there. Until then, be safe.

R∴E∴ Scott Bisogni
DDGHP 3rd Captiular District
8th Capitular District
On March 9, 2021, M∴E∴ David Raymond, Grand High Priest 2020, presented the General Grand Chapter Bronze medal award to R∴E∴ Kim C. Dellow of Washington Chapter 29 in Cortland NY for his dedicated service to the Capitular Craft. This was awarded during a duly opened Convocation. Also in attendance was the Grand Captain of the Host, R∴E∴ Steven Shearer.  
9th Capitular District
District Leadership Team Update
  • Companion Frank R. Williams, Education Officer
10th Capitular District
Sackets Harbor #68 welcomed DDGHP, R∴E∴ Terry Byard last night for his official visit. R∴E∴ Byard presented the motto and program of our new Grand High Priest, M∴E∴ Brian Singer, which was so well received, The Chapter had an individual Companion become one of the newest members of the Zerubbabel Society! Wonderful evening!
Pictured (l-r) Row 1- R∴E∴ Daniel Lort-HP, R∴E∴ Terry Byard-DDGHP, R∴E∴ David Pritt-AGL, Row 2-Comp. Wm. Trinder, R∴E∴ David Robling, R∴E∴ James Babcock, R∴E∴Ken Bates, Row 3- E∴ Ray Worcester, R∴E∴ Wm. Main, E∴ Gary Eaves, E∴ Wm. Hickox, and Comp. 

Daniel Bernat Photo credit to Comp. Jeff Cox
 R∴E∴ Terry Byard
10 Capitular District

12th Capitular District
Greetings Companions!

I am writing this article a few days after the Virtual Grand Chapter session was held on March 6th. After a few minor tech issues the session settled and went off quite well. Congratulations to the new Grand Line and the M∴E∴ Grand High Priest, Brian Singer.

Congratulations are also due to the new 12th Capitular District Team. V∴E∴ Jim Nelson is our new AGL. He will be working with ritual only this year. Our Education Officer is Companion Bob Tyrrell and our Charities Chair is E∴ Ed Sinay, Jr. I look forward to working with each of you this year.

We will be conducting in-person Official Visits this Spring. Joining us will be our Regional Officer, R∴E∴ Ralph Haney, Grand Master of the Second Veil. He will conduct his Regional Officer Visit on the same evening as the Official Visit.

Official Visits have been scheduled for the 12th Capitular District as follows:
Central City Riverside Chapter No. 70 on Tuesday, April 27th
Charles H. Platt Chapter No. 247 on Wednesday, April 28th
Pulaski Chapter No. 279 on Wednesday, May 11th  

Lake Ontario Chapter No. 165 on Thursday, June 10th

If COVID conditions prevent an in-person meeting, a Zoom session will be schedule to take it's place.
Finally, I would like to promote the 150th Anniversary of Charles H. Platt Chapter in Skaneateles. This event was postponed twice in 2020 due to COVID. I hope that conditions allow for it to take place in 2021. It will be celebrated on Saturday, May 15th at the Skaneateles Masonic Lodge, followed by a luncheon at the Marietta House. I am sure E∴ Richard Torrey will have details for anyone interested.

Stay safe, Companions! Wear your mask!

R∴E∴ Richard J Powell
District Deputy Grand High Priest, 12th Capitular District

Grand Chapter State of New York, RAM
Greetings Companions of the 12th Capitular District, 
On March 6th, Royal Arch Masons Grand Chapter was held in a mostly virtual session. During this meeting new officers in the Grand Line were elected and installed. I hope many companions were able to join us in this virtual meeting that normally would not have the opportunity to go to Grand Chapter. While there is some disappointment that more were not able to be present in person, this format was able to reach a wide audience without violating social distancing requirements. 

Official Visits for the 12th Capitular District will be starting in April. It will give us the opportunity to get to know one another better, and a chance to find out how we might assist the Chapters in whatever ways we can. 

There are some changes to the role of AGL starting now, with Educational programs being moved to the responsibility of an Education Officer, so the AGL can concentrate on Ritual work. Our first area of focus for the Chapters will be on the Opening and Closing, particularly with the Excellent High Priest and the Captain of the Host. The Opening and Closing ritual helps set the stage and expectations for the Degree work. 
I look forward to seeing the various Chapter Leaders at the Official Visit. Please do not hesitate to put together any requests for assistance I might be able to provide for your Chapters. As a District, we are in position to be servant leaders, giving assistance in any way we can to help your Chapter grow and thrive. With the hiatus we have experienced through the restrictions of being able to meet due to the Pandemic, we should find many brothers who would welcome further Masonic Light and opportunities to build fraternal bonds. Royal Arch Masons can help fulfill that desire. 
With Fervency and Zeal, 

V∴E∴ Jim Nelson, AGL
Greetings Companions,
I hope this communication finds you and yours doing well. 
We are entering a phase where we are able to be cautiously optimistic to seeing things heading back to normal, in person meetings having less restrictions, and the return of regular meetings and events. 

In February our Chapter was able to meet, hold officer elections, and had the honor of having the Most Excellent Grand High Priest join us. We installed the elected and appointed officers, with M∴E∴ Harvey Eysman presiding, and with M∴E∴ GHP David H. Raymond installing the Excellent High Priest for our Chapter.  Congratulations to all of those who are appointed to fill new positions and those who maintain their positions. I believe we have an excellent line which will continue to bring new members into our fold. 

A special thank you is in order to V∴E∴ Bradley Foil, who served as our Excellent High Priest through this difficult past year. It was a frustrating time, filled with a lot of uncertainty, uprooting many plans for the year, and his leadership throughout the year helped to bridge the void of being able to gather together. 

We are looking forward to year ahead, with hope that the pandemic winding down will enable us to continue with bringing in new companions, and completing the current class which had been delayed in taking their final Royal Arch degree. There will be the need to observe remaining restrictions in how we put on our degrees, yet this should not negatively impact any of the Degrees.

We are scheduled to have our Official Visit at our April Meeting. I hope all our companions will join us for this event, so we can enjoy the fellowship that is a hallmark of our craft. 

With Fervency and Zeal, 
V∴E∴ Jim Nelson
High Priest

Charles H. Platt Chapter No. 247
Greetings Companions,

Well a another month has passed and things are starting to look good for this virus to be under control by early summer. It's not over as there are still a lot of cases still in the state. So follow the guidelines and be smart on how you choose to live your life.

Wife Jackolyn and I were able to get our first shot on March 1st and will have a follow up on March 29th with the second shot.

My arm was a little sore for a few days after, the next shot may have a few more side effects but I can't wait. Having our shots will change things a lot for us. We will still be careful when around others, but be free to eat out and do a little traveling.

We did have a zoom meeting on Feb. 19th for Royal Arch and a Council meeting last night March 11th, it was uplifting to see everyone and find out how they were doing. 

I plan on having a zoom meeting also on April 8th . I do think after that meeting we will be able to meet at lodge in person with everyone following the safety guide lines. We will start getting back to normal as conditions permit. 

Our June 10th will be an Official Visit from our D.D.G.H.P. R∴E∴Richard Powell. We have two petitions to vote on and a little business to do. We will try to keep meetings short as possible.

We will have to think about setting up some degree work this summer and maybe a fun meeting or two Hands Across the Border should be able to happen this fall as well.

Companions stay safe and well
E∴ Ronald A Bond

High Priest 
Lake Ontario No. 165

13th Capitular District
Companions of Geneva Chapter #36 celebrated their 10th Annual Festive Board on March 10, 2021. The Companions feasted on an Irish Boil in Honor of St. Patrick followed by cake and ice-cream. 11 Toasts were had, including a toast to the 2 brothers who had just petitioned the chapter.

Pictured are back row left to right: petitioner Bro. Darrell Lake, R∴E∴ A. J. Bienias, Grand Sentinel, Petitioner Bro. Michael Simmons, M.E.M. Trevor Arnold, front row left to right: R∴E∴ Jamie J. Kaim Jr., Grand Royal Arch Captain, R∴E∴ Steven Shearer, Grand Captain of the Host,  the M∴E∴ Brian D. Singer, Grand High Priest of the Grand Chapter of New York Royal Arch Masons, R∴E∴ Clayton R. Ruggles, District Deputy Grand High Priest, R∴E∴ Ralph Haney, Jr., 
Grand Master of the 2nd Veil.

Photo credit: Miss Maria Kaim
M∴E∴ Brian D. Singer Grand High Priest, Presents R∴E∴ Clayton R. Ruggles the Newly Installed District Deputy Grand High Priest of the 13th Capitular District with an heirloom apron during the Geneva Chapter #36 10th Annual Festive Board. The District Officer Apron was worn by R∴E∴ Howard C. Colegrove for many years, before he passed it to R∴E∴ Jamie J. Kaim Jr. in 2013.

Picture Courtesy of A.j. Bienias
M∴E∴Brian D. Singer Grand High Priest of the Grand Chapter of New York, purchases raffle tickets from Miss Ava, Miss Maria and Master James Kaim, during the 10th Annual Geneva Chapter #36 Festive Board. The children of the R∴E∴ Jamie J. Kaim Jr., High Priest of Geneva Chapter, raised over $180.00 for NYRAM Scholarships. Miss Maria Kaim pictured above on the right presented M∴E∴ Brian Singer with his raffle Prize.  
Raffling off items ranging from Royal Arch Shopping bags to Golf Balls. Geneva Chapter added $200.00 to the fundraiser, raising the total donations to $380.00.

Photo courtesy of Brother Darrell Lake

The following are the dates for AGL Official Visits for the
13th Capitular District:

April 6 - Salem Town
April 14 - Geneva
April 20 - King David
April 22 - Hiram
May 6 - Wayne

With Fervency and Zeal,
V∴E∴ Michael Miller

13th Capitular District 
R∴E∴ Jamie J. Kaim, Jr., High Priest of Geneva Chapter #36 Presents M∴E∴ Brian D. Singer with a Check for $380.00 for the NYRAM Scholarship Fund following the 10th Annual Table Chapter.

Photo courtesy of A. J. Bienias
Geneva Chapter No. 36 held its 10th Annual Festive Board on March 10, 2021 at Garoga-Sincerity Lodge in Phelps, NY. Geneva Chapter held the last event in March of 2020, 1 day before the world wide shutdown. The Companions of Geneva Chapter were happy to be the first group of Royal Arch masons in NY to hold an event since the 2020 shutdown. Following all covid restrictions, the companions invited 2 new petitioners to celebrate with them. Pictured from right to left in the back row l to r: Brother Darrell Lake, R∴E∴ Andrew J. Bienias Grand Sentinel, R∴E∴ Steve Goebert, Brother Trevor Arnold, R∴E∴ Ralph Haney, Grand Master of the 2nd Veil, W∴ Michael Simmons. Front row l to r: Miss Ava Kaim, R∴E∴ Jamie J. Kaim Jr., Grand Royal Arch Captain, Master James Kaim, Miss Maria Kaim, M∴E∴ Brian D. Singer Grand High Priest of the Grand Chapter of New York Royal Arch Masons, R∴E∴ Clayton R. Ruggles District Deputy Grand High Priest of the 13th Capitular District and R∴E∴ Steven Shearer, Grand Captian of the Host.
Picture Courtesy of W∴ Michael Simmons
On March 11, 2021 in Fairport, NY the Grand Royal Arch Captain R∴E∴ Jamie J. Kaim Jr. held a unofficial Regional Visit to the 13th Capitular District.  During the meeting, which was attended by Companions of Geneva Chapter #36, Hiram Chapter #62, Excelsior Chapter #164 and Salem Town Chapter #173, and the DDGHP R∴E∴ Clayton R. Ruggles. The Companions were updated on The 225th annual Grand Convocation, District Officer changes, opportunities to support Royal Arch Charities and ideas to jump start member participation and new member interest following the unprecedented shutdown of 2020.  Esteemed Companions M∴E∴ Allan Bryant and R∴E∴ Ari Chisin joined us and brought the Companions news and well wishes from their respective areas of the state

R∴E∴ Jamie J. Kaim Jr. 
Grand Royal Arch Captain

16th Capitular District
Ames Chapter #88 High Priest E∴ Mark Seeloff presented R∴E∴ Peter Stein his District Deputy Grand High Priest Apron.

R∴E∴ Peter Stein thanked all the members of Ames Chapter.

R∴E∴ Peter Stein
16th Capitular  District

M∴E∴ Brain D. Singer Grand High Priest, Grand Chapter of New York, Royal Arch Masons presented Tonawada Keystone Chapter #71 newest member of the Zerubbabel Society Companion Jay Godios his Medal and Pin.

R∴E∴ Peter Stein
16th Capitular  District

On March 23rd Grand High Priest M∴E∴ Brain D. Singer attended his home Chapter, Tonawanda Keystone # 71
for the first time as Grand High Priest.

The York Rite Tribune program has been such powerful partnership between the York Rite and DeMolay. We are so lucky and fortunate to have the support of such dedicated Companions and Fraters. Thank you again for the critical support you have given to the program over the years and the recognition you give to our young men. There's a saying in the DeMolay world "A boy is the only thing that God has to make a man." Thank God we have the York Rite helping us in this process. 

I write to you today with awesome news!  Brother Aeden Bunch, our York Rite Tribune from Western NY, was selected as a finalist for the International DeMolay of the Year Competition! He is one of five across all of the Jurisdictions of DeMolay International. The only one from the Northeastern Department (KT) and the Northeast Region (RAM) and one of two across the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. 

As part of this recognition, he has won a $1,000.00 Scholarship!

Thank you Companions and Fraters for your support!

Most zealously,
Peter Brusoe

DeMolay of the Year Finalists

DeMolay International is proud to announce the finalists for this year's DeMolay of the Year award. These five young men will all receive a $1000 scholarship from the Knights Templar Education Foundation. The DeMolay of the Year will be announced at Session in Dallas this year, and he will receive a $2500 scholarship from the DeMolay Foundation.
Congratulations to all of the finalists!

History of the Award

On Saturday, August 6, 2005, at the New York State DeMolay Annual Convention, the "York Rite DeMolay Award" was presented for the first time. It was developed by a group of DeMolay Dad's in Louisiana and has been presented in Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Arkansas, Washington, California, Italy and now New York.

It was brought to New York by the Grand Chapter of the State of New York, Royal Arch Masons through the offices of the Grand Chapter Masonic Youth Committee. Selection of the recipient is under the control of the New York DeMolay Executive Officer, but the Grand Chapter will retain control of coordinating and presenting the award.

To be considered for this Award the candidate cannot be a current or past State Master Councilor or Deputy State Master Councilor and he must clearly demonstrate that he lives by the virtues taught in DeMolay. He should be an example and mentor to his peers, in his DeMolay Chapter and the community. The Charter recipient was Michael A. Hernandez from St. Andrews Chapter.

After opening comments by the Grand King the Chairman of the Grand Chapter Masonic Youth Committee was introduced to explain the significance and history of the Award and act as Master of Ceremonies for the Award Presentation. There is also a ceremony that accompanies the presentation of the award. This ceremony, the "Order of the York Tribune" was organized as follows; a Charge that was given by R.I. Charles Roberts, Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Council, then a certificate in a frame signed by the heads of all 4 York Rite bodies was presented by our Grand King, R.E. Alan Morgan, the DeMolay was then knighted as a "York Tribune" by S.K. George Knorr, R.E. Grand Commander of the Grand Commandery, and finally a Medal was presented by M.W. Edward Trosin, Grand Master of Grand Lodge, State of New York.

The Award and Ceremony was a resounding success that was deeply appreciated by all present.
Ending this month's NYRAM Newsletter "On a Lighter Note".
*Text from the General Grand Chapter
Royal Arch Masons International Newsletter. 

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Thank you for reading NYRAM NEWS!!!


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