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Volume 14 - G.H.P. 2021 January 2022 Issue   A.I. 2552
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Managing editor 2022: E∴ Richard M. Torrey,
Co-editors 2022: E
∴ Dan Di Natale, and E∴ Arek Gordon.   

Article Submissions: Every Companion within a Chapter in New York State!

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2021 Grand Chapter Officers
My Companions,
Happy New Year to you and your families!
Today we observe the end of one year and mark the beginning of another. It is natural at this time that we would reflect on our past accomplishments and look ahead as we continue to build our future.
My wife Sally and I hope that you and your family have enjoyed a Happy Holiday season and we both wish you all a healthy and joyous New Year.

May the blessings of the Great I AM rest upon you, your family, our Royal Craft, the men and women in the Armed Forces who preserve and protect our freedoms, and this great country we love. 
M∴E∴ Brian D. Singer, Grand High Priest 
and Lady Sally Singer

With support from the Grand High Priest Most Excellent Brian D. Singer, the Grand King Right Excellent Jason P. Sheridan trained the 2022 DDGHPs and AGLs. 

On December 3 & 4 2021, thirty four of us gathered from Chapters in all parts of New York State, 15 of the 17 Districts were represented.
The upcoming Capitular Year commencing 3/5/2022 will be an exciting time. I am so energized by the beautiful blend of talented and dedicated Royal Arch Masons we have as District Deputy Grand High Priests and Assistant Grand Lecturers, together with the Grand Line Officers.

We are lucky to have been able to meet in person at the Royal Arch Masons Wing of the Masonic Medical Research Institute in Utica, NY even if we had to comply with State guidelines requiring us to wear masks.

Group photo and photos of some of the speakers.
Photo credits: Brother Anthony Cucci & R∴E∴
Mark Peerson.

With fervency and zeal,
R∴E∴ Jason P. Sheridan

Grand King 2021


Support your Royal Arch Charities and join the Zerubbabel Society.
To become a member, simply download, print and complete the application and send it with your first installment to the Grand Secretary’s office in Utica. A Grand Line officer will then attend your Chapter and present you with your jewel and pin.

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Twice each year the Royal Arch Charity Chairman will send a letter to each Companion soliciting donations. Fulfillment gifts for donations of $100, $250, $500, & $1000 are offered, or you may choose to opt-out of the gift and have 100% of your donation utilized.

Note* Payments for your Zerubbabel commitment are eligible for any Grand Chapter fulfillment gift equal in value to the amount of money contributed during that particular calendar year. (For example‐If you donate $500.00 for this year, you are entitled to receive the $500.00 fulfillment gift for this year unless you choose not to).

Perhaps attend a charity event in your District. Check with your D.D.G.H.P. or District Charity Chairman for events in your District. You may earmark your donation for a specific charity, or have it allocated by the GHP to a charity that may have special needs. You might also consider speaking with your financial advisor about the tax benefits of planned giving such as; IRA Charitable Rollovers, Memorials and Honoraria, or Stocks and Bonds. Small or large, every penny helps us support our Companions and their families in need.

*A newly added credit card link is now up and working on the Charities webpage for your convenience. No checks. No stamps. Just doing what Royal Arch Masons do—helping others!
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Americus Orient Chapter No. 138

Congratulations to E∴ Charles Jackson, Excellent High Priest
and his elected and appointed Officer Line
of Americus Orient Chapter No. 138.
Wishing your entire Chapter all the best in the ensuing year.

Greetings Companions,

On December 6th Tyrian Chapter No. 219 held their election of officers for 2022.  The results were as follows:
High Priest: E∴ Richard Larson
King: Comp. Brian Dannecker
Scribe: Comp. Thomas Basich
Secretary: R∴E∴ Mark Peerson
Treasurer: E∴ William Navallo
Trustees: R∴E∴ John Lenza & Comp. Joseph Di Mauro
Tyrian Chapter will have a Public Installation of Officers on January 3rd at Tompkins Temple.

On December 13th Nassau Chapter held their election & installation of officers.  The following officers were elected & installed:
High Priest: E∴ Matthew Minor
King: Comp. Victor Escorbores
Scribe: Comp. Americo Paez
Secretary: E∴ Spencer Berg
Treasurer: R∴E∴ Robert Remington 
Trustees: Comp. Peter Ragoussis
Congratulations to all the elected & appointed officers of the Second Capitular District! I look forward to working with all of you in 2022.
The Education Officer, the E∴ James Gregg conducted the fourth session of the Capitular Development Course on December 14th on Zoom.  This session covered the Holy Royal Arch Session of the book.  I want to thank E∴ James Gregg for doing an excellent job teaching this & all the other courses this year.
Happy New Year to all the Companions & their families!
With Fervency & Zeal,

R∴E∴ Walter R. Leong
District Deputy Grand High Priest
Second Capitular District
Nassau Chapter No. 109

Congratulations to E∴ Matt Minor, Excellent High Priest
and his elected and appointed Officer Line
of Nassau Chapter No. 109.
Wishing your entire Chapter all the best in the ensuing year.


On Wednesday, Dec 1st,  Asharokan Chapter No. 288 hosted the Official Visitation of R∴E∴ Phil Valot Sr. DDGHP for the Fourth Capitular District. A pre-meeting dinner was held at the Millennium Diner. 

Following dinner, the Chapter was opened in due form. V∴E∴ Joe Konklewski discussed the upcoming spring degree work and told us all four Degrees will be done before we go dark for the summer. R∴E∴ Valot delivered the Grand High Priest's message and also discussed fundraising ideas for Royal Arch Charities.

There were 20 Companions present representing all four Chapters in the District, and R∴E∴ John McCoy representing Freeport Chapter No. 302 part of the Third Capitular District.   

Submitted By:
R∴E∴ Howard J. Austin, Sr.


I set a personal goal recently to visit all 71 Chapters in New York State. Not sure how long it will take or how many I have visited to date , but making a push to visit ones I have never been to before!

…….My first ever visit to Latham Chapter No.168.
Their website had their meeting date published!

The HP is a reliable Companion I had observed who is 
E∴ Ryan Cerone. The new HP being installed was Michael Weisberg and Secretary Jeffrey Kuhne and wanted to thank them in person at their Chapter (and Dan DiNatale at his Chapter next February) for the wonderful Zoom Broadcast they did of Grand Chapter March 2021 Hybrid Session!!

And I know so many Companions from the Chapter……So the stars aligned and I took Wednesday afternoon vacation from work to get train from New York Penn Station to Albany Rensselaer.
Great evening!!!

Submitted by 
R∴E∴ Jason Sheridan
Grand King

Grand Chapter State of New York
Royal Arch Masons


Sackets Harbor No. 68 recently held its election and installation of new officers in Dexter, NY. Outgoing High Priest, R∴E∴ Daniel G. Lort handed off the reins of the Chapter to E∴ Alexander J. Wiseman for the ensuing term. We look forward to Alex's leadership in continuing to lead Sackets Harbor No. 68 into the future.

R∴E∴ Daniel G. Lort
Grand Master of the First Veil-2021

Royal Arch Charities-Chairman

Happy New Year, Companions, and congratulations to the new High Priests and other officers for the Chapters of the 12th Capitular District! With every new year comes new hopes and dreams for something better. I hope each of you, your families and Chapters can achieve those things in 2022.

A reminder to Chapter Leaders - if you have not already done so, please get your year end reports mailed to Grand Chapter with a copy emailed to me as soon as possible. That copy to the DDGHP often gets forgotten, please remember to send me a copy. 

With new officers in place and a new year to plan, this is a great time to be reviewing & rehearsing the Opening & Closing of Chapter. Give our AGL, V∴E∴ Jim Nelson, a shout out for assistance! It has been some time since any Chapter was seeking education - Companion Bob Tyrrell is available and waiting to hear from you!

Grand Chapter will be held in March. Details have not been received at the time of this writing but should soon be in hand. Please keep an eye out for those.

E∴ Ryan Hanlon, the newly elected & installed High Priest for Charles H. PLatt Chapter is planning a Table Chapter for Wednesday, January 26th. Cost will be $45. For more information, call or text him at 315-663-8466

R∴E∴ Richard J. Powell
District Deputy Grand High Priest                 
12th Capitular District
Grand Chapter State of New Y
ork, Royal Arch Masons
Greetings Companions of the 12th Capitular District,
I trust that all have enjoyed a blessed and joyous Holiday Season, celebrating the various Holy Days of your faith. With the New Year we welcome those who have been newly elected to new positions within our Chapters, and look forward to opportunities to assist in any way we can to bring the newly elected Companions to success in their goals, and the success of their Chapters throughout our District. 

With new positions being taken, it means new ritual to be learned. It should be every Companions goal to work on their new positions and to learn their new ritual well. Every Officer should accept as a personal goal that they will perform their work in the Opening and Closing without need for Ritual books, as this brings forward the opportunity to better understanding of all that is encompassed in our Opening and Closing ceremonies, and helps set the stage for expectations that our Degrees are going to be done well for all those who will be joining our Chapters this coming year. 
In all of Masonry, our Ritual work sets us apart from most other Fraternal orders, and it is up to each of us to do our best to bring to those new to Royal Arch Masonry better understanding of our teachings through every part being performed well. 

May this coming New Year see each of our Chapters revive and thrive, with new Companions brought into each Chapter. I look forward to seeing each of our Chapters through the coming year, and greeting all our Companions of our District as friends and Brothers in our wonderful craft. 

With Fervency and Zeal, 
V∴E∴ James Nelson
AGL 12th Capitular District,
Royal Arch Masons


I would like to thank everyone for the chance of being your High Priest for another year. It's still very challenging as we started 2021 with zoom meetings, with our first in person meeting being in June of 2021. We were able to open very well and do some overdue business. We had to install our officers for this year. The next two Convocations were unofficial as we were short a Companion or two, so we practiced our opening and closing which went very well.

I traveled to Charles H. Platt Chapter No. 247 with our new Companion for his Holy Royal Arch degree along with five others from Charles Platt. Degree was done very well, Sadly, we had one other brother who had submitted his Petition but became ill and was unable get his degrees. We're all hoping this Covid -19 passes and we're able to get back to normal Convocations again. Thanks again and looking forward to better things for 2022.

We met on the Dec. 9th. Elected our new line officers, read our annal reports, voted on some donations, appointed an investigating committee, and went over some things we would like to do for next year. Anyone who would like to get more involved or do a program for the evening please let me know. Everyones input will help make our Convocation more interesting and engaging.

The next Convocation on Feb.10th. at 7:30 p.m. will be installation of officers with refreshments before and after as always. If we could get over 12 Companions, we could think about having a dinner before the meeting.

Stay well and safe and hope everyone enjoyed their holidays.

E∴ Ronald A. Bond
High Priest

Lake Ontario Chapter No. 165.          
Companions all,
Happy New Year! I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your trust, especially in your decision to elect me as your High Priest of Charles H. Platt No. 247 Chapter of Royal Arch Masons for the ensuing year. I am truly honored.
We have a very full Trestle Board which should foster an interesting & engaging year filled with fun and excitement! I believe you will find it refreshing. 
Our 1st Convocation will be specially convened and will take place on January 12th For the purpose of looking at the year ahead with a short program on the namesake of our Chapter as well as, for the purpose of discussing proposed changes and amendments to the Chapter Bylaws. Dinner at 6:30pm with the Program beginning promptly at 7:30pm. 
Our festive Table Chapter (open to all Master Masons in Good standing) is being held on January 26th at the Dewitt Fish & Game Club and is being Catered by the Scotch & SirloinSocial at 6pm & Dinner at 7pm. Cost is $45 and MUST be paid in advanceDeadline for all reservations is Friday 1/21/22. Cost of which includes your dinner, wine for the toasts & a cigar for the evening. There will also be a cash bar available all night and additional cigars for a $5 donation. Bring a Bother and come enjoy some fellowship and fun! Please direct all questions and RSVP’s directly to me. I can be reached via call/text at 315.663.8466. I look forward to seeing you there and I wish all of you the best in the upcoming year!

Sincerely & fraternally,
E∴ Ryan W. Hanlon

Greetings Companions, 

Warm wishes to all as we begin a New Year, with renewed zeal for our Chapter as we continue our craft under a newly elected group of officers and headed by a new Excellent High Priest. 

It had been an interesting year that started out under many restrictions still in place for our meetings, but we were fortunate to see the restrictions reduced so we could slowly resume our normal schedule of meeting. We were able to celebrate our 150th Anniversary of our Chapter, which was a wonderful opportunity to rejoice in our Chapter’s longevity. 
We warmly welcome our new Companions who were exalted in November at our November Holy Royal Arch degree. 

With this year’s election, we bring in E∴ High Priest Ryan Hanlon, who has many ideas of activities for our Chapter to bring forth new Fervency and Zeal for our Chapter, and we wish him well in succeeding with his goals for the coming year. 

I hope the New Year begins well for each of you, that we can find new opportunities for fellowship and deeper understanding of our craft. We remain cautiously optimistic that we will see continued advances against the pandemic and renewed events we can attend to strengthen our fraternal bonds with one another. The new year tends to be a chance to turn the page on the past year, and restart a fresh new outlook for the year ahead. 

With Fervency and Zeal, 

V∴E∴ Jim Nelson
Immediate Past High Priest
Charles H. Platt Chapter No. 247


Geneva- A very busy night for Geneva Chapter No. 36. The Companions of Geneva Chapter started their evening at the home of the High Priest Jamie Kaim for a Christmas Dinner. The Turkey dinner with all the "fixins" started off the annual meeting night for the companions at 5pm, By 6:00 sharp the companions were in the lodge room to open a Lodge of Most Excellent Masters where they received and acknowledged Bro. Michael Simmons. When the MEM Lodge was closed at 7:30 the companions returned to work receiving annual reports and electing officers for the 2022 capitular year. The companions also held a vote to merge with Excelsior Chapter No.164 if they so wish to do so in the coming year. The Chapter was then closed and the brothers welcomed family and their new MEM for a public installation.

R∴E∴ Jamie J. Kaim, Jr.
Grand Royal Arch Captain

Phelps-  We all hold our home chapter close to our heart.  The name and number brings feelings of pride, honor and a historical connection peppered with wonderful memories and stories.  When our chapters are in need, a call to companions to assist is just a call away and they become part of those emotions.  They labor with us and treat the chapter as their own.  This is the experience of being a Royal Arch Mason. 

On Monday, December 13, 2021 the M∴E∴ Brian D. Singer Grand High Priest of the Grand Chapter of New York Royal Arch Masons visited the annual summoned meeting of Excelsior Chapter No. 164 formally of Canandaigua, now in Phelps, NY.  Here he found just that, the heart of Royal Arch Masonry.  That day, just as it has happened for many years now, a few dedicated companions of Excelsior chapter with the assistance of companions of the 13th Capitular District met to open the chapter with unwavering dedication.  However, after many years of trying to strengthen the chapter and return it to its glory, the companions had a hard discussion with the Grand High Priest on the fate of Excelsior No. 164 a chapter that was reformed during the Civil War era, after the original companions of the area closed their chapter and re--joined their mother chapter Geneva No. 36 during the Morgan affair. 

The companions realize that the best way to secure the history, membership and future of the companions and chapter is to merge with a strong chapter and not allow their chapter to just go away into masonic history, thereby ensuring the most important thing, the craft, will continue on. For as the Grand High Priest said "It is not a building, name or number which makes us Royal Arch Companions, but the work we do, the bonds we make and the traditions we carry on".  The three stalwart companions of Excelsior have decided to do just that and the High Priest ordered a summons go out for the January 10, 2022 meeting of the chapter to discus and vote on a merger. 

There are 3 chapters within 14 miles of excelsior chapter and one Geneva Chapter, the Mother chapter of both the original and excelsior chapter has already voted to accept the merger if the companions so choose to do so. 

The Companions of Excelsior would like to thank those who have helped over the last many years to open the chapter and especially those who attended that night. DDGHP R∴E∴ Clayton R. Ruggles, Past DDGHPs R∴E∴ Steve Goebert, R∴E∴ William Whittaker, High Priests of local chapters, R∴E∴ Fred Newton of Salem Town Chapter, R∴E∴ Jamie J. Kaim Jr. of Geneva Chapter and  E∴ Chris Fox of Hiram Chapter.  Members of Excelsior present R∴E∴George Stanton, E∴ Robert Parmenter and High Priest E∴ Barry Bihrle. 

Photo by: E∴ Chris Fox
Article by:
R∴E∴ Jamie J. Kaim Jr.

Holy Ark Chapter No. 304

Congratulations to R∴E∴ Keith E. Dash, High Priest and his elected and appointed Officer Line of Holy Ark Chapter No. 304.
Wishing your entire Chapter all the best in the ensuing year.

Click here to read The Ark and The Coffin Article
Brother and Companion Robert Burns Day – January 25th
Robert Burns - (25 January 1759 – 21 July 1796)

Robert Burns was initiated an Entered Apprentice in Lodge St. David, Tarbolton on 4 July (ironic date) 1781, at the age of 23. His initiation fee was 12s 6d, and paid on the same date. Like many other times in his life, Burns came into the lodge amidst a controversy. Originally, there had been only one lodge in Tarbolton, chartered in 1771 from the Kilwinning Lodge, which is said to be the oldest lodges in the world (again, another story worth telling, yet for another time). 

In 1773, a group broke away from the lodge, forming Lodge St. David No. 174, and the original lodge became St. James Tarbolton Kilwinning No. 178, only to be reunited in 1781, 9 days before Burns's first degree. However, while St. James was clearly the older of the two lodges, St. David's name was used, and the seeds were sown for further dissension. Burns in the meantime was passed to the degree of fellowcraft, and raised to the degree of Master Mason on lst October 1781. The Lodge record book, according to James Mackay's "Burns" reads as follows:

Robert Burns in Lochly was passed and raised, Henry Cowan (ironic name!) being Master, James Humphrey Senr. Warden, and Alexr. Smith Junr. Do., Robt. Woodrow Secy. and James Manson Treasurer, and John Tannock Taylor and others of the brethren being present"(119).

Manson and Woodrow would later take the regalia of St. James's lodge from the charter chest (containing the minute-books, archives and other belongings) stored at John Richard's Inn (Richard was a Steward of Lodge St. David) after tricking Richard into a false errand with a couple of "gills" of punch. While originally ordered to return the regalia and other items by the Grand Lodge, it was eventually ruled that since the union of the 2 lodges were voluntary, then the separation was as well. The St. James lodge met again as a separate body on 17 June 1782. (Mackay, 119-120).

Burns went with Lodge St. James, and on 27 July 1784, he was elected "Depute Master" of the lodge at the ripe young age of 25. Sir John Witefoord was the Worshipful Master of the lodge, but it was somewhat of an honorary position, and the Depute Master in reality was in charge. Burns was faithful to the lodge, attending regularly and 3 minutes were in his handwriting; 29 minutes were signed by him and also show when he changed his name; originally, his father spelled the last name "Burness"; before 1786, Robert spelled it the same way. On 1 March 1786, Robert's brother Gilbert received his 2nd and 3rd degrees; both Gilbert and Robert signed their last names as "Burns"(Mackay, p.121).

1786 was not a happy year for Robert financially or emotionally; Denied his love Jean, Burns had sought comfort with Mary Campbell (the famous "Highland Mary"), who reportedly bore Burns a child and died later that year from Typhus. Burns, in grief over the loss of two women, as well as facing child support payments for Jean's unborn child, decided to flee to Jamaica to avoid grief and an angry father (and brother!). Tradition says that Burns recited his "Farewell to the Brethren of St. James Lodge, Tarbolton" on the night of 23rd June, at the stated meeting of the lodge, in anticipation of his voyage to the West Indies. 
However, Burns decided to stay in Scotland when in July 1786, his Kilmarnock edition of poems was published, by a brother Freemason, and 350 brethren of St.John's Lodge, Kilmarnock, subscribed to a copy. In October he was made an honorary member of Lodge Kilmarnock Kilwinning St. John, and wrote "Masonic Song" in honour of the lodge and its Worshipful Master, Major William Parker (McLeod, p.169).

Burns's rise in popularity for his poems also contributed to his rise in Freemasonry. At a meeting of Lodge St. Andrew in Edinburgh in 1787, at which the Grand Master and Grand Lodge of Scotland was present, Burns was toasted by the Worshipful Grand Master, Brother Francis Chateris, with the words "Caledonia and Caledonia's bard, Bro. Robert Burns", which was met with a terrific response from the brethren. Burns was completely taken aback, and though trembling, returned the toast of the Grand Master, to response of 'Very Well Indeed' from some of the officers of the Grand Line (McLeod, p. 169). In February 1787, Burns was made the Poet Laureate of Lodge Canongate Kilwinning No. 2, Edinburgh. Wallace McLeod, in his essay "Robert Burns", quotes the minute book, which states:

The Right Worshipful Master, having observed that Brother Burns was present in the lodge, who is well known as a great poetic writer, and for a late publication of his works, which have been universally commended, submitted that he should be assumed a [honorary] member of this lodge, which was unanimously agreed to, and he was assumed accordingly (McLeod, pp.169-171, Mackay, pp. 273-274).

Tradition has it the Burns was installed as Poet Laureate at the March meeting of the lodge (as many paintings show), but lodge records disprove this, although some maintain that faulty records and Robert's modesty are responsible for it being left out of the lodge minutes and Robert's letters; Mackay doubts that Burns would have purposely left out such a high accolade to his work as a poet (McLeod, p.170, Mackay, p.274). When the first Edinburgh Edition of his poems was released in April 1787, and again, many subscribers were members of Canongate, including the publisher, printer and artist who supplied the frontispiece for the edition. Like his Kilmarnock edition, Freemasons assisted their brother and ultimately gave the world the gift of Burns's poetry.

Burns was exalted a Companion in the Holy Royal Arch Degree in May 1787 at St. Ebbe's Lodge, Eyemouth. The Companions unanimously agreed to admit Burns without paying the necessary fees, as they were greatly honored to have such a great poet and man like Burns as part of their chapter (Mackay, p.311). When Burns moved to Dumfries, he joined Lodge St. Andrew on St. John's Day, 1788, and once again, showed a great enthusiasm for his lodge. In 1792, he was elected Senior Warden and served a one-year term. This was the last Masonic office he held before his death in 1796.

He was 37 years old.                                                  

Text Source: Wikipedia
For those Companions who would like to start the New Year with a new Royal Arch Red Blazer, here is the order form on how to get yours.
Download and print the Red Blazer order form.
January 10th
January 22nd
January 30th
Wishing all our Companions and your families a
Happy New Year! 
May 2022 be a healthy, happy, and prosperous year in
achieving both your personal goals and Masonic goals.

   Ending another edition of your NYRAM Newsletter
    "On a Lighter Note".  

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