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Volume 13 - G.H.P. 2020 March 2021 Issue A.I. 2550

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Co-editors 2021: Companions:
Richard Torrey; Dan Di Natale and Arek Gordon.

Article Submissions: Every Companion within a Chapter in New York State!

Grand Chapter Convocation Webinar
Saturday March 6th 2021
Convocation Agenda:
8:30am-11:30am Annual Convocation 
12:00 Noon Public Installation
Dress code:

- Grand Line Officers in-person attendees: Morning Suits and Grand Chapter Regalia

-Prearranged Remote Presenters: Business Suit or Red Jacket
-All others (including incoming DDGHPs and AGLs) will not appear on video, but the Grand High Priest asks that you dress respectively for this special occasion. 

Registration has been extended to Wednesday 3/3/2021 by 6:30am.
Personal Zoom Webinar invitations to follow. 
The Grand Chapter 2020 reports are now available on the Grand Chapter website for your review.
Click the direct link below to take you there.
Also click on the Grand Chapter reports link on the Grand Chapter website. 


Theresa Chapter #149 R.A.M. held their February 2021 Convocation in-person with 12 Companions in attendance. Between the Covid-19 and poor weather, everyone truly enjoyed being able to meet and actually have a couple of side-liners!
DDGHP James Babcock presented an educational program focused on the history and of the MEM degree.

E∴ Dan Lort also spoke on the Zerubbabel Society after which the Chapter chose to donate $1000 for a Chapter membership!
Pictured Row 1 (l-r) Companion Bill Trinder, R∴E∴ David Robling, R∴E∴ James Babcock, EHP R∴E∴ Alan Taylor (holding the Zerubbabel application), Companion. Ron Side, Companion “Skip” Weller

Pictured Row 2 (l-r) Companion John Cranker, E∴ Dan Lort, E∴ Gary Eves, R∴E∴ Jerry Salisbury.
Photo by Companion Brian Willix

E∴ Daniel Lort
Captain of the Host
Theresa Chapter #149
10th Capitular District
Royal Arch Masons of the State of New York

News from the 12th Capitular District Deputy Grand High Priest.

Companions, There are three major updates for March.

The first regards Grand Chapter. The Grand Convocation will be virtual and will start at 8:30 AM on Saturday March 6, 2021. This will be a hybrid meeting. Due to COVID concerns, the meeting is limited to 25 physical attendees. Only the companions needed to open the Grand Chapter Session will meet in person prior to the Webinar being broadcast at 8:30 AM.
The rest of the companions have been asked to register for the webinar/voting and will be able to join in to watch the hybrid Grand Session, the Zoom link is personal to the individual, please no sharing of the Zoom Webinar link you will receive, otherwise only the first person using that link will be able to attend. Chapter Secretaries should have emailed their Companions with this information in February.

As it is a webinar, you will be able to view the physical attendees. Your video will not be shared, however, the moderator will control any required voice participation from Companions on the webinar as required. This will be explained during the webinar. 

If you are a voting member of Grand Chapter you will receive the link for the separate secure voting system being used, should voting attendees need to vote. So Chapter Secretaries -  please submit your annual return & per Capita to the Grand Secretary's office ASAP, otherwise your Chapter will not be entitled to vote. The registration deadline was Saturday February 20 by noon.
During the webinar, the business of Grand Chapter will be conducted along with the election. The private installation of the Grand High Priest will follow then the webinar will close. At that point, the Grand Chapter will then be closed. The webinar will reopen for the public installation of the Grand Chapter Officers, this part will be open to all who would like to join in. The Public Installation webinar link will be published closer to the time and Facebook live streaming is planned.

The second update regards in person meetings of Chapters. The Grand High Priest issued an Edict in early February with new guidelines for which our Chapters can meet until our Governor and Grand Master make suitable modification for the remainder of his term will be as follows:
1. Each High Priest will determine what Zone they are currently in as designated by Governor Cuomo and make the decision as to how many may attend based on guidelines 2-5 in this edict.
2. All Chapters not located in a designated Zone will be limited to 25 Companions.
3. All Chapters located in a “yellow” zone are also limited to 25 Companions.
4. All Chapters located in an “orange” zone will be limited to 10 Companions.
5. All Chapters located in “red” zones will not be allowed to meet in-person.
6. Meetings must end by 9:30pm and everyone must be out of the building by 10:00pm
7. All previous guidelines such as wearing masks, social distancing, etc. will still be in effect.

At the time of this writing on February 10, 2021, no Chapter of the 12th Capitular District is located in any designated zone as per the NYS website ( and can therefore hold meetings limited to as many as 25 Companions.
I would recommend that each Chapter consider holding at least one in-person meeting ASAP to hold elections and installation of Officers. Remember to request Dispensation to do so.

The final update is to introduce your new 12th Capitular District Team. I will remain as the DDGHP for this year with Companion Jim Nelson coming on as the AGL. The AGL will be working with ritual only this year. For education, we have an Education Officer in Companion Bob Tyrrell. Finally, our Charities Chair is E. Companion Ed Sinay, Jr. He has some excellent event ideas that he will be sharing in the future. Congratulations to these Companions, please reach out to them when you get a chance.

Until next month, be safe...

R∴E∴ Richard J Powell
District Deputy Grand High Priest, 12th Capitular District
Grand Chapter State of New York, Royal Arch Masons

Greetings and Salutations Companions, 

March is here and we anticipate the coming of Spring. With that comes our hopes and desires of renewal and rejuvenation of some semblance of “normalcy” in our lives. 

As of the composition of this article I have just received an encouraging email from our DDGHP Richard Powell that M∴E∴ David Raymond, GGHP has given the ”go ahead” on holding chapter Convocations in person, not to exceed 25 Companions, if there are no NY State or local COVID 19 Zoning designations where the Chapter is located. This is news fantasmagorical! By the time this article is published our Chapter will have held the elections, appointments and installation of our officers for the ensuing year as well as being caught up on delayed business such as annual report submissions, candidate petitions, committee reports, degree conferrals, incoming correspondences and other business as might present itself to be dispatched.

Companion Jim Nelson is expected taking the reigns of Excellent High Priest of our Chapter. I wish him the best as he assumes this position of leadership. It is my sincerest desire and prayer his tenure will be smoother than this past traumatic and devastating year. 

The planning for the Chapter’s 150th (151st) Anniversary observance continues. Here again are of the particulars: The public rededication ceremony starts at 11:00 AM in the confines of the Skaneateles Masonic Temple located at 13 Genesee Street, Skaneateles, NY, 13152. The  celebratory reception is to be held at The Marietta House, NY State Route 174, Marietta NY, 13110 on Saturday May 15, 2021. The cost per person is $30. The social hour commences at 12:30 PM with the luncheon severed at 1:00 PM. Reservation checks are payable to Charles H. Platt Chapter #247 with 150th Anniversary written in the memo portion of your check and mailed to P.O. Box 174, Skaneateles, NY 13152-0174. Reservations must be received by Friday, May 7. Kindly contact E∴ Richard M. Torrey at for further inquiries. 

It is planned to have distributed the Chapter’s 150th Anniversary commemorative coin to companions in attendance for a donation of $5 per coin during our February convocation. The $5 “donation” covers the cost of the coins’ manufacture as well as general fundraising for the Chapter. 

Our Chapter plans to honor the M∴E∴ David Raymond, GHP for his outstanding service during this difficult, demanding, and unprecedented period as the GHP. I want to take this opportunity to express my sincerest gratitude to the following: M∴E∴ David H. Raymond, R∴E∴ Rick Powell, DDGHP; M∴E∴ Harvey Eysman, King; E∴ Richard M. Torrey, Scribe; Captain of the Host Jim Nelson, Chaplin E∴ Bill Toth, and Secretary R∴E∴ Earl Tuttle and the other unsung Companions for their tireless dedication and commitment in making our Chapter, not only survive, but flourishing during this most challenging and trying year.  

Please visit the RAM Education area of the NYS RAM Website ( for all kinds of information concerning Royal Arch Masonry. Articles and books on recruiting, chapter management, RAM history and practice can be found there. 

With the COVID 19 vaccinations becoming frequent now, it is anticipated life will become as “routine” as possible under these highly irregular circumstances. I am under no allusion normal life’s return will be around the corner. It will be a long time before this pandemic is behind us. Having realized this we must, with the Great I AM’s Grace and Love, plan, persist, persevere, prevail, and in the end, praise HIM for the inevitable victory in HIS name.  

As always Companions stay safe, warm and dry. With fervency and zeal respectfully submitted,
V∴E∴ Brad Foil
High Priest
Charles H. Platt, Chapter #247

Greetings Companions,
First, I hope everyone and their families are well and staying safe. I lost a young friend in January and my last living uncle last week to this virus. Many families are still feeling the effects of this terrible virus and it's after effects. Please keep them in your prayers. My wife and myself are on a list for shots but were told it maybe a two month wait or so.
We were going to have a Chapter Zoom meeting on Feb. 11 but a technical issues wouldn't let members join on line, a few Companions got through on their phones. It was disappointing, as we had over a dozen companions ready to join in. We will reschedule and keep you informed through the email. 
It is my plan that June 10th will be our first in person meeting and I will do everything I can to see that it happens. We will have a little business to do on that date. We will also need to vote on two petitions that night, so Companions start working on your degree work.

The Annual Grand Chapter session will be March 6. Most will have to attend via the Zoom Webinar. 

I don't know at this time if Council is having a Zoom meeting in March. I hope to have a RAM Zoom meeting on April 8th at 7;30 p.m. More information will be in your email.
I hope everyone stays well and safe.

E∴ Ronald A. Bond,
High Priest
Lake Ontario No.165

Charles H. Platt Chapter No. 247 has had 2 in-person meetings in the past 11 months since this pandemic started. We have had the pleasure of our Grand High Priest, the M∴E∴ David H. Raymond attending both of them.

On Wednesday, February 24th, Charles H. Platt No. 247 held our Elections and Installation of Officers and we were honored to have our Grand High Priest participate, as he installed our newly elected High Priest of the Chapter.

On behalf of all the Companions from Charles Platt, we presented a Certificate of Appreciation and our 150th Anniversary coin to M∴E∴Raymond. A wonderful evening for all in attendance.

Congratulations to our Excellent High Priest and all our elected and appointed officers as we continue to move our Chapter forward.

E∴Richard M. Torrey
Past High Priest
2018 and 2019 

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