WallMuse enables to share contemporary, video and digital art in public spaces and homes and licenses free versions for educational purposes
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Newsletter 2/2017


This first newsletter presents some of WallMuse’s deployments after 5 years of R&D, and announces its Digital Curation and Exhibitions Conference. With highly sensitive intellectual property rights management capability, WallMuse's DRM and multiple display application enables the sharing of contemporary art. The common Catalogue, now public, is growing continuously. With various art movements from the 20th century, art films and digital art monographs, we are providing training and support, especially through the SHAREX Project and with financial support from Creative Europe, to all those aiming to outreach.

About WallMuse

A unique solution:
  • To display digitalised or digital exhibitions
  • With broadcasting rights for over 95 000 artists under copyright (Magritte, Warhol, César, Ben…), and cooperation with museums, photo agencies and digital festivals internationally
  • To program Playlists of exhibitions at distance for one or multiple complementary screens
WallMuse enables to share contemporary, video and digital art in public spaces and homes and licenses free versions for educational purposes. WallMuse also prooposes custom deployments and research.
  1. The SHAREX Project: training and support for other digital curators
  2. SHAREX Co-Curations
  3. SHAREX Services: Parallax / 2.5D
  4. The WallMuse Digital Curation & Broadcast Conference


Because of rights, contemporary art can rarely be shared over the Internet. This concerns national collections as well as temporary exhibitions. The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium (RMFAB), the Greek State Museum of Contemporary Art (SMCA) and WallMuse’s digital exhibition platform are the initial partners in the SHAREX Project, with financial support from EC Creative Culture.

SHAREX’s objectives are to demonstrate to curators and professionals how to conceive, develop and broadcast their digital exhibitions with ease and efficiency. The digital exhibition platform features both digital rights management and a strong protection of contents, as well as multi-screen broadcasting.

SHAREX's objectives
Deployments are showcased for:
  • The Digital Museum
  • Artistic and Cultural Education
  • Hospitality and Transport

The Digital Museum Experience: a new way to discover modern and contemporary art

The experience aims to combine a digital, immersive experience with a physical exhibition of the artworks themselves. See RMFAB interactive digital immersive space in the shape of a cylinder, visitors are surrounded by very high resolution, augmented images of the artworks that are displayed in the Patio.
Artistic and Cultural Education

Participatory artistic education pilot programs are introduced. Those that have and don’t have devices are working together, hence promoting cooperation with limited resources. The chosen exhibitions curated by the student groups pertain to either sciences, history or geography.
Hospitality and Transport

Deployments are ongoing internationally for guests and travellers that discover digital exhibitions which enhance their experience. Those interested can find descriptions of the artworks and discover the artists, as well as find out when exhibitions are upcoming and more.
And the support of

Receive training/support and membership

The Royal Museums of Fine Art of Belgium, The Greek State Museum of Contemporary Art and WallMuse will provide:
  • a platform account for one or multiple users
  • guided online tutorials and documentation
  • personalised support online
Participants are invited to become a member in order to set-up of an association to sustain a dialogue amongst museum, art centre and festival professionals in and out of Europe so as to:
  • Pursue dissemination and training through research, guides, webinars and forums, and encourage best practices and cooperation between members
  • Ensure membership, representatives and an elected board following democratic and transparent mechanisms
  • Support new activities to help share contemporary digital exhibitions at large, including joint projects
Please contact us for more information.

The partners decided upon a number of co-curations that could be deployed and should be evaluated in terms of new audiences and revenues.
A curation including artworks form Light Painting, Futurism, Mobile Installations, Body in Movement, Op Art  with appropriate photo art and art films.

Women in Arts
This includes artworks from Elvira Bach,Tamara de Lempicka, Frida Kahlo, Edward Weston and many more.
Other co-curations include Contemporary Antiquities; Red is the new Black; Constructions; Slogans; Belgian Artists; Greek Artists; Science-Fiction; Engagement; Still Life.

3. PARALLAX / 2.5D
Parallax or 2.5D is a technique which consists in giving a 3D like effect to a painting, distinguishing various visual elements into various layers in this present case.
Within a 3D environment, camera effects give an impression of depth as some elements are animated at a different pace than others, as if you moved your eyes and noticed a tree in the foreground moving faster whereas the background sky is scrolling slower.
Because the various elements are placed at different depths, when the camera moves, a 3D animation-like effect is perceived.
Not all paintings or images are appropriate for parallax/2.5D. This may be due to the fact that the image’s elements are so closely interrelated (Bacon) or that creating different layers for different visual elements in a painting with no perspective (Servranckx) could be considered as altering the painting, hence requiring approval from the artist or her/his rights holders.
Here are examples of artworks which are appropriate and not:
(c) copyright Sabam Belgium, ADAGP France, DACS UK.

A SHAREX Service

The service is available to SHAREX members.
An example may be viewed in Modern Masterpieces which is a 4K Montage produced for RMFAB.

Other services are also offered including:
  • Batch upload
  • QR code generation for deployments
  • 3D interactive restitution of sculptures, installations including monumental ones

The first edition is scheduled for end of 2017 and will be hosted by a renowned organisation working in the arts, education and/or new social usages fields.
The objective is for this event to become an autonomous and regular conference which attracts art centres/museums, festivals, primary and secondary educational managers, employment schemes and others within a broader conference to reinforce European educational mechanisms.
Its core part will focus on cooperation, supporting the SHAREX project, but also explore new educational possibilities as well as co-operations with public spaces.

Management courses on platforms for children education and vocational training

We invite you to introduce yourself if interested in platform based cooperation mechanisms respectfully for:
  • artistic and cultural education
  • vocational educational training of artists, project leaders and curators or adult education
The management courses will enable participants to propose, adapt, implement, improve, monitor and evaluate their programmes.

As resources, various organisations will bring in their resources and expertise for given themes/geographical areas.
Copyright © 2017 WallMuse, All rights reserved.

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