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 Hafu Project exhibition held at New People gallery in San Francisco, CA (Photo: courtesy of Jayson Carpenter)
Dear <<First Name>>

We hope you are keeping well and that you are enjoying the early months of 2012. First of all we would like to thank you for you support throughout 2011. Last year was a year full of developments for the Hafu Project.

During the early part of 2011, we went to San Francisco to present our photo exhibition at New People gallery and took part in the Hapa Japan Conference held at UC Berkeley. At the conference, we had the honour to meet many of the leading figures of mixed race studies in the US - a thoroughly exciting and inspiring experience. One of the highlights was Jero's enka performance and we were very thankful that he spoke a few words at our exhibition opening party!

(Photo: courtesy of Jayson Carpenter)

Shortly after our visit to the US, we were in Nagoya (Japan) with the hafu film team, to give a talk at the Nagoya Conference on Multiculturalism (organized by Nagoya International School), followed by a hafu film fundraiser evening. We were so grateful to all the energetic teachers, students and parents who were very much dedicated to the topic of multiculturalism!

In the latter part of 2011 we participated in the first Mixed Roots International Academic Forum organised by Osaka University Global Collaboration Centre. We were also invited by Dr. Robert Moorehead to hold a lecture/workshop at Ritsumeikan University (Kyoto).

Continuing from 2010, we have worked along the Hafu film directors Megumi Nishikura and Lara Perez Takagi, to create and promote the forthcoming documentary “Hafu". The film team is working hard towards the completion of the film this year. We are grateful for any donation you can afford. For more information, please visit www.hafufilm.com/

All in all, 2011 was a fun year with lots of developing opportunities for us and we would like to thank everybody who has emailed us and offered their help and support. Since we have limited resources we cannot always respond immediately and would like to thank you for your understanding. We have had a lot of people offering their help and we are currently looking into areas we need support in. We hope it is ok for us to get back to you once we have clearly identified what kind of support we need. Thank you.

For the time being we will continue to work hard to raise awareness of debates surrounding race, culture and nationality through the lens of hafus.

Thank you very much from your the Hafu Project team.

Natalie and Marcia
The Hafu Project
The Hafu Project News


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The Hafu Project events


This month we are presenting at two events, one family event and a university lecture. Come and meet like-minded people to discuss issues surrounding raising multilingual children or learn more about being a hafu in Japan. 

Raising Multilingual Children

4 March 2012 (Sun) 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Sweet Room, Daikanyama, Tokyo
Organizer: Robert Purss
More info
(Booking required)

To be "hafu" in Japan

7 March 2012 (Wed) 7:00pm -
Lakeland College Japan (Shinjuku, Japan)
Organizer: Lakeland College Japan
More info
(Booking not required)


3 March (Yokohama)
Seminar for Multicultural Understanding "Education for International Understanding in Japanese Society"
Oranized by: Yokohama YMCA
3 March (Tokyo)
International Educational Forum
Transcultural movement and education for children in the global age
Organized by Tokyo Gakugei University, Center of International Education
24 March (Osaka)
NPO and network promotion to establish multicultural communities
Organized by Osaka City

Hafu Book



We are currently working on an edited publication of mixed race individuals in Japan and we are looking for researchers who have explored Japanese/Korean or Japanese/Chinese mixed race identity. Please get in touch with us if you know anybody who has done such work.


In addition we are looking for artists/ designers/ manga artists/ illustrators and other 2D artists who are producing artwork dealing with mixed Japanese identity. Please send us an outline of your work (with pictures) alongside a short biography.

Email us


We produced a Hafu Project full colour A4 brochure (40p) which will give you an insight into the lives of hafus. It features photographs, interviews, facts and figures on Japan’s changing population and diversity.
Currently we have a printed version in Japanese and you can obtain a PDF online version in English. All proceeds go towards the continuation of our work.

Learn more


Are you hafu or a parent of hafu children? Please let us know so we can update our contacts and send you relevant information.

More info
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