We're proud we shared our story
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"We're proud we shared our story with Australian Marriage Equality. We were telling the world that we love our daughter and it was a wonderful feeling to show her our support.” — Fiona, Wodonga.

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Dear marriage equality supporter,

When parliament returns at the end of August, we can expect marriage equality to dominate discussion.

The good news? This parliament has more marriage equality supporters than the last and there are equality champions in every party ready to get it done.

The bad news? The newly elected Government went to the election with a plan to hold a totally unnecessary plebiscite.

Debate on the path to marriage equality continues in the Coalition, Labor and Greens party rooms. We are following these discussions, working tirelessly with our contacts across politics to push for a fair process to equality.

But our new MPs and Senators need to hear about you — read your stories and see your faces — to understand the issue of marriage equality through the eyes of its many and diverse supporters.

Click here to tell your politicians who you are and why you believe in marriage equality: http://www.australianmarriageequality.org/share-your-story/

Marriage equality is about real Australians: People like us, our friends, our children, our parents. As we continue to push for a free vote, we want our politicians to read about the many reasons Australians support marriage equality, and who they support it for.

Stories like this one from Fiona and Ken of Wodonga.

“We’ve got four children, three of them are allowed to get married now, one of our children is gay. Why shouldn’t she be allowed to be married as well, just like the others? What’s the difference?” Ken told us.

“They’re all our kids. They all could fall in love. Why can’t they all get married? I know how good a person Kylie is… how dare anyone say that she’s less of a person because she is gay,” Fiona said.

“You only need to spend five minutes with her or Renee, her partner, to see that they’re beautiful people. So why can’t two beautiful people get married?”

Just like Fiona and Ken shared their story, we'd love to hear yours! Click here to tell us about yourself, your story, and why marriage equality means so much to you: http://www.australianmarriageequality.org/share-your-story/

We will deliver your stories — and over 25,000 signatures on our petition for a free vote — to the offices of every MP and Senator in Canberra.

We need to show our leaders that this issue is about fairness, equality and recognising the love and commitment of our friends and family.

Let’s make this the year love finally wins.

Alex Greenwich
Co-Chair | Australian Marriage Equality
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