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31 March 2015

 'Each generation is a new society coming to life.'
Alexis-Charles-Henri Clérel de Tocqueville 
Haymarket is experiencing intense growth and cultural diversification and its ability to flow and adapt to the current shifting landscape and marketplace, will ensure that Haymarket as one of the leading destinations in Australia. 

HCC's 2015 plans reflect our commitment to the changing face and unique vibrancy the local area offers, with our  soon to be launched 'Retail Life Competition', multi-lingual local communication and our next engaging  Asia Panel event.  So to participate or just to keep up to date with HCC visit our website, facebook, phone app, E news and or join us at our next event.    

Businesses that maintain their focus on the changing marketplace are also known as 'Next Generation Organisations' and they usually possess three core goals –
Intelligence, Collaboration and Adaptability.
The first challenge for organisations is ‘Intelligence’ which is the ability to move away from traditional approaches from sourcing data to real insights. The second challenge is around ‘Collaboration’ and the re-design of cultures, networks, strategic partnerships and increasing co-creation. And the final challenge ‘Adaptability’ focuses on speeding up the commercialisation of innovation in order to bring bigger ideas to market faster. Read more HERE  

Having an agile and innovative organisation without leadership would be a futile ambition - so what are the five characteristics that most experts agree are highly important for effective business leaders:

1. Set a vision--and make sure people know what it is.
A company's vision represents where it will be in the future. A good organisation inspires everyone in the company, from all levels, and gets all team members working toward that common goal.

2. Good communicator.
Effective business leaders are, by necessity, great communicators. If you can't effectively present your ideas to your team members, you'll have a hard time gaining their support. If you think your communication skills could use some work, make a commitment to improving them.
3. You exude excellence.
One of the best predictors of employee performance is the leading example in you.  If you show up early and are knowledgeable about the operations of the business, your team will trust you and follow your lead. When you set an example of excellence in everything you do, from your daily habits to the big decisions you make, you send a strong message: This boss knows the business and cares about it. When people see that, they'll give you their best.
4. Customer focused.
Regardless of the size of your company, you'll struggle to lead if you aren't intimately familiar with the needs of your customers. By knowing the customer's needs and wants, a leader can keep the company healthy and send a strong message to all employees that they cares about the business.
5. Employee / Team focused.
To be a good leader, you have to show people you care about them and that they can trust you. You prove this through your words and, even more important, through your actions. Simple gestures--stopping to say hello to team members regularly, clearly explaining what a new company initiative means for them--go a long way toward showing that you're an employee-focused leader.


Architecture, Design & Culture

Six mega trusses, each weighing 30 tonnes and measuring 20-metres
in length, were fabricated in China and shipped to the site.

Five years ago 180 Thomas Street, Haymarket Sydney was a four-storey brick plinth with cumbersome structural columns and a central lift core, not the most exciting building nor the easiest to redevelop.

In 2014 a new 180 Thomas Street opens its doors with an extra nine-storeys of 5 Star Green Star Office As Built V3 rated offices, thanks to Bates Smart Architects and a City of Sydney design excellence competition.  High Rise Green - According to the City of Sydney all new development across Sydney will aim for high green star ratings and these measures include green infrastructure including tri-generation and recycled water networks.  Read more HERE

These exciting new developments and initiatives occurring in and around Haymarket reflects the area's ability to adapt and transform.  Each day Haymarket attracts over 25,000 visitors, workers, students and residents who bustle through the streets of this distinctly Asian district with supports over 3000 local businesses.  With the local area's ability to adopt global trends and support local needs as well as lead the way in showcasing diversity and harmony, Haymarket continues to be one of the leading cultural and innovation destinations in Australia.

Little Book of Villages Launch

City of Sydney launched the Little Book of Sydney Villages last week. The new guide celebrates the unique flavours of each of the city’s villages as a go-to handbook for visitors to the city and for locals.  From gourmet delis to laneway bars, shopping to cultural experiences, the booklet lists over 250 enterprises and provides a series of compelling reasons for people to visit our village precincts.  The hardcopy guide is available at all leading tourist kiosks with 20,000 copies will available in Chinese to capture the growing China tourism market.  Read more HERE 

Independent MP Alex Greenwich Wins
Congratulations to Independent MP Alex Greenwich for securing the primary vote in the NSW State Elections.

"It certainly seems that Sydney has declared its independence once again," said a triumphant Alex Greenwich shortly before 8pm on Saturday night.

The independent MP, who went into the campaign with a whisker thin margin of just 0.3 per cent due to a recent redistribution, told supporters that he was expecting to retain the seat of Sydney with a swing of eight or nine per cent.

Mr Greenwich secured 43.3 per cent of the primary vote as the night wore on, and was on track for a two party preferred figure of 60 per cent.

His closest rival, Liberal candidate Patrice Pandeleos, won about 32 per cent of the primary vote, ahead of Labor's 13.9 per cent and 8.3 per cent for the Greens.  Read more HERE

Chinese Community

'Being Born Again' by contemporary Chinese-Australian artist Lindy Lee 
will lead the design team for the new public space in the heart of Sydney’s Chinatown.
Source: http://beingbornagain.net/bios/Lindy_Lee.html 

In an official Chinese event last month Xinhua reported the Lord Mayor Clover Moore discussing how the Chinese arrived in Australia in the 1850s during a gold rush, but when it ended they pursued other jobs. One was shearing sheep.  Today Australia is home to at least 200 different ethnic communities.

"We like to pride ourselves that we're one of the most multicultural countries in the world," the Mayor said.

"Here in the city we have people from 200 nationalities living here, and about 10 percent of that group has a Chinese background. And they have been very much part of the Australian community for 150 years."

"I think Chinese cuisine was the first non-Anglo sophisticated cuisine we got in Sydney, and that was many years ago now."

"From the tea rooms to the wonderful Chinese restaurants we have, and it's now a very important part of the business community and really contributes to our culture."

"We are proud of our Chinese communities and our Asian communities."

There are thousands of Chinese students in Australia and especially Sydney. And their families provide a huge spike in tourism numbers each February.

"China is very important to Australia," Moore said.

"It's our major trading partner. There is cultural exchange with students and Sydney has been proclaimed one of the most popular cities in the world for students to study in."

"I went to China last year to visit five cities to say thanks for coming to Sydney for New Year, and I was given a an amazing reception."  Read more HERE


Haymarket Live Work Play Guide 2015

Find out all you need to know about Haymarket - food, fashion, people and promotions!
grab a copy at any local retailer or download it HERE

HCC's New Chinatown Phone App
Based on the high demand personal walking tours by HCC
co-founding member George Wing Kee, HCC's latest and up to date Chinatown Walking Tour phone application for both Apple and Android phone is now available. 

Experience your very own cultural and historical 'digital' walking tour of Chinatown and search the many local delights and features of the area detailed  throughout the Chinatown Phone App directory.   For Android click HERE  or Apple click HERE

    ANDROID                                                APPLE

      HCC Chinatown Phona App for Android                  HCC Chinatown Phona App for Android
Thanks to Emperor's Garden, Chinese Ginseng and Herbs and St George for supporting HCC by promoting our Chinatown Phone App.

If you would like to join our growing membership please    
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CBD 7 South East Light Rail Update

The CBD and South East Light Rail (CSELR) is a major infrastructure project that will transform Sydney. It will provide a fast,

Major contract awarded for light rail expansion

The CBD and South East Light Rail will transform Sydney by offering fast, reliable journeys from Circular Quay through the CBD to South East Sydney’s sporting precincts, medical facilities, education and business precincts, every four minutes during the peak.

The project has recently taken a major step forward with the appointment of ALTRAC Light Rail to deliver and operate the new light rail line.

Key facts
The CBD and South East Light Rail will:

  • carry up to 450 people per vehicle, the same amount as 9 standard buses or 90 cars
  • provide frequent and reliable services, operating separate from traffic, every four minutes in the city during peak hours
  • provide seamless interchange between trains, buses, ferries and light rail with the use of Opal card
  • feature electric powered light rail vehicles with air conditioning and a fully accessible low floor design
  • generate more than $4 billion for the NSW economy
  • create approximately 10,000 jobs.
  • minimise the loss of trees and plant up to eight replacement trees for every tree removed.
Construction begins in 2015 until 2019/20.  More details HERE or find out more HERE
Darling LIVE Update

Darling Harbour Live – Construction update
Public Realm
The Darling Harbour Live site will be closed over the public holiday period between Friday 3 April and Monday 6 April. There will also be no work on Tuesday 7 April. Security guards will continue to monitor the site during these times.

Weekdays: Changed traffic conditions
During weekdays between 10am and 3pm, Darling Drive may be reduced to one lane between the convention station and Pier Street roundabouts as required. Stop-and-go arrangements will be in place to maintain two-way vehicle access.
Weekends: Temporary closures
Darling Drive will be closed to all vehicles between 7am on Saturdays and 5pm on Sundays to allow works associated with the construction of the loading dock to be carried out. Construction hours of work are between 7am and 5pm on Saturday and between 8am and 5pm on Sunday.
School holidays: Temporary closure of Darling Drive
Darling Drive will be closed to all vehicles between Wednesday 8 April and Sunday 19 April.


For more information on the Darling Harbour Revitalisation Infrastructure NSW 8016 0100 or The Goods Line Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority 9240 8500. Find out more HERE

Haymarket in High Demand
In demand: The site at 15-33 Parker Street, Haymarket.
In demand: The site at 15-33 Parker Street, Haymarket. Photo: ccummins@fairfaxmedia.com.au

Private developers are tipped to swoop on a new site at Haymarket being offered for sale, in an area where residential, hotels and serviced apartments are at a premium.

Known as part 15-33 Parker Street, Haymarket, the site of about 671 square metres has two frontages, is situated between George and Pitt streets and is being sold through Colliers International.

It comes as a overseas-based private investor paid $112.3 million for the office tower at 309 George Street, which was sold by The Abacus Property Group/AM Alpha joint venture through JLL and Knight Frank.

Settlement is due in May 2015 and is conditional upon Foreign Investment Review Board approval. The property was acquired by the joint venture in October 2011 for $68.75 million.

Thomas Street Upgrades for 2015

Improvements and traffic changes to Thomas Street between Hay Street and Quay Street are part of the second stage of transforming Chinatown. This follows the successful upgrade of Little Hay Street, Factory Street and Kimber Lane.
Traffic changes;

- Two
travel lanes on Thomas Street between Hay Street and Ultimo Road, with the additional left turn lane into Ultimo Road being retained.  From Ultimo Road, there will be no traffic permitted southbound into the proposed Thomas Street shared zone.

One-way southbound traffic on Thomas Street between Thomas Lane and Quay Street.

Adding 2 loading zones in the area, and removing 18 parking spaces on the western side of Thomas Street to allow for widened footpaths

The City is developing detailed design plans for the Thomas Street transformation, with construction set to begin in January 2015.  Find out more HERE
Exotic KFC - Korean Fried Chicken


Neighbouring Chinatown, places like Sydney’s Koreatown near Pitt and Liverpool Streets, and in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD around Little Lonsdale Street. Naru One, a favourite late-night chefs’ haunt in Sydney was one of the first here with three types of chicken, while Arisun in Chinatown, and Arisun Express at World Square offer a paprika and cinnamon-dusted version you can take away in a paper cup. Gami, a chain slowly taking over Melbourne, throws in a mystery daily flavour while even old bowling clubs are getting in on the act, with the Strathfield Sports Club a beacon for the fried bird.  Read more HERE



Top 5 Contestants take home Prizes worth over $200 each with the winner receiving prizes over $1000 . Go to  UMI KAITEN ZUSHI Haymarket on 20th April 2015. TIME: 6pm-10pm

Art Atrium

Exhibition launch with the Artist by Selena Griffith Senior Lecturer UNSW Art and Design 2.30pm-4.30pm Saturday 11 April 2015. Find out more HERE

Westpac was revealed the winner last week of the top five honours at the annual Asian Banker Excellence in Retail Financial Services Awards in Singapore which was attended by senior retail bankers from award winning banks in countries across the Asia Pacific, the Gulf and Central Asian regions.  

Westpac's new digital and face-to-face services such as its state of the art Bank Now Branches and Connect Now video-conferencing facilities has also seen Gai McGrath, Westpac's General Manager of Westpac Retail Banking, named as the Retail Banker of the Year.

TAFE launches a great new partnership with Australia's top chefs. Led by Luke Mangan and the masterchefs including graduate Mark Best will be working with our apprentices across the year which will offer an amazing opportunity for students.  More HERE

 Aaron Seeto in the Chinese Garden of Friendship, Darling Harbour.
Photo: Michele Mossop
Aaron Seeto 
 Departing HCC Executive Member and Director of 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art
Curatorial Manager, Asian and Pacific Art at the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA).

Just as some banking executives begin their careers as tellers, so Aaron Seeto worked his way up at the 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, from gallery assistant to director. He became interested in art curation while studying for a double degree in law and creative arts (the law degree remains unfinished). The 36-year-old Enmore resident began at 4A in 2000 in his first "proper job" in the arts, before leaving to return as director in 2007.

The gallery's recent exhibition, Actions for Tomorrow, is the first solo exhibition of the Chinese collective, Yangjiang Group. "They give us a different perspective on contemporary Chinese art," says Seeto. "They're stretching what calligraphy looks like through performance and installations."

Where did you grow up?  My parents moved from Papua New Guinea in the 1980s. I grew up in the south-west, in Picnic Point, then we moved to the Sutherland Shire. At the time, suburban Sydney was very different to probably what it looks like now. We were the only Chinese family in the entire neighbourhood. One of the things I've really noticed [that] has changed about Australia is the great diversity we have now. Australian culture has shifted so much and it's happened very quickly. Now that casual racism that you might have encountered then almost doesn't exist. It's not that there aren't other problems, but I think Australian society has come such a long way. Sydneysiders embrace people from different places.

Sydney's Chinatown and Dixon Street mall.
Sydney's Chinatown and Dixon Street mall. Photo: NSW Tourism

Is there a place that's special to you?  Chinatown is very dear to my heart. It's somewhere I've worked almost my entire professional life. Also, for Chinese people in Australia, it's a very important heart of the community. Probably one of the earliest memories that I have is coming into the city to go to yum cha on special occasions. I like the older shops, the historical architecture. Chinatown illustrates a kind of cultural layering that happens. You've got old communities, you've got international students, you've got new businesses, and all these things happen in the same space.

Do you have a favourite restaurant in Chinatown?

Zilver's deluxe pork dumplings.
Zilver's deluxe pork dumplings. Photo: Janie Barrett

We like to share the love. In terms of yum cha, we're right next to Zilver so we'll often go there, but we'll also go to Marigold and The Eight. The thing I have to order is chicken feet. That might sound really cliched, but it's the only place I ever eat it.

Where do you go to unwind?  The Chinese Garden [of Friendship in Darling Harbour] is a gem. You see these kinds of Chinese gardens almost all around the world, but Sydney's is really beautiful. It's a great place to spend time if you want to relax and contemplate. When you're in the middle of it, you don't realise how close you are to the city. From the outside, you don't always understand how massive it is.


The Eat. Drink. Give. Cook Off for 2015 promises to be nothing short of a culinary experience. Starting with 8 cooks and consisting of 2 rounds, guests will enjoy dishes that deliver on taste and creativity, until we find our winner.

Dainty Group is proud to announce Australian Superstars John Farnham and Olivia Newton-John will perform together at the Qantas Credit Union Arena on 15 April 2015.  Book now.

Les Miserables at Capitol Theatre

Cameron Mackintosh’s acclaimed new production is now playing at the Capitol Theatre. Completely reimagined with incredible new designs and an astonishing cast. This is Les Mis like you’ve never seen it before.  Book HERE

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