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28 May 2020

'Let your advanced worrying become your advanced thinking and planning. '
– Winston Churchill

Adapting To A New World 
During this transformational and historical moment to pause, according to a report by PWC's global strategists, businesses will need to rethink and redesign their operating models so that they can be robust enough and flexible to handle the future societal disruptions ahead.   By developing competitive and collaborative strategies, businesses will need to rethink how to repair in a way that will make them more resilient and more successful by considering and planning for the future.  
The report states that organisations and businesses that are not ready for a platform-based economy — one in which business transactions and social activity are largely facilitated by digital platforms or frameworks — will need to become ready quickly. Forecasting that small businesses will be the most significantly affected and dependent on strong Government policies to withstand this crisis, larger organisations will  need to rethink technology strategy, geographic footprints, and business models to make them more robust and to recognize the very strong pressures for localisation they are going to experience.  

PWC's ADAPT outlining the global trends that Covid-19 has accelerated.
Read more HERE

Overcoming Crisis

The NSW Government's leadership has been world class in carefully managing the risks and impact of Covid-19 for NSW.  We are very fortunate that lives are being saved  with high levels of testing available, incredible front line workers and the community's care for one another to prevent and control the spread of this unknown virus we seem to be at the next phase. 

By slowly relaxing the rules for interactions in public places, workplaces and general businesses with businesses and the community adhering to the rules HCC welcomes the NSW Government's decision for businesses to carefully open again.  Please see the latest NSW Government rules (last updated 27.05.20):

Bars, clubs and pubs – restaurant service
  • Restaurants and bistros within a bar, registered club or pub may open.
  • A maximum of 10 customers will be allowed to be seated at the one time and physical distancing requirements should be adhered to. The 10 customers are the maximum number allowed at one time, regardless of the size of the venue.
  • Alcohol service can resume only for customers eating at the venue.
  • Takeaway services can operate.
  • Poker machines are still closed to customers.
  • Customers are encouraged to call ahead to reserve tables, rather than gathering out the front of venues to queue.
The restaurant:: 
  • must comply with the 4 square metre rule
  • should make provision for physical distancing of 1.5 metres between people
  • should practise good hand hygiene.
Cafes and restaurants - Dining in:
  • Cafes and restaurants can seat 10 customers at any one time to eat and drink on the premises provided they comply with the 4 square metre rule.
  • Cafes and restaurants should make provision for physical distancing of 1.5 metres between people and practise good hand hygiene.
  • Takeaway food and drinks - If you buy takeaway food or drink you must leave the premises to consume it.
From Monday 1 June 2020, pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants in NSW will be able to have up to 50 customers on the premises at once.
  • Venues must follow the four square metre rule.
  • All customers need to be seated, and they can be sold liquor without food.
  • Encourage customers to book ahead to avoid queuing.
  • Maximum of 10 customers per booking.

For further information HERE

Sydney Morning Herald



Jeffrey Tran
HCC Executive Committee Member

Nationwide Electrical

How would you describe your business?
I’m running our family business which was established almost 30 years ago. We specialise in the distribution of portable gas cooking appliances and accessories servicing predominantly oriental and ethnic stores, food market stalls, restaurants and households all around Australia. 

The business provides products which are based on the rich history of Asian cooking and seeks to merge the richness of these traditions and values with modern Australian culture.

During this incredible time what are the mechanism or key elements that are supporting your business?
Our business has been able to grow throughout this incredible time by changing and adapting our processes and by exercising a level of care and understanding for our customers.

We made it a priority to acknowledge the difficulties our customers were experiencing and offered our assistance wherever possible – whether that was extending credit terms, helping with their marketing or even just giving a simple call to see how our customers were going.

Perspective is also another key element that supported our business. By refusing to feel sorry for ourselves during this difficult situation and instead, choosing to view this situation as an opportunity to adjust our processes to changing times we have been able to adapt our strategies and grow in spite of the challenges and uncertainty.

What do you think is most important for businesses to think about in planning their way through this time?
I feel that businesses, if they haven’t already, should start thinking about what additional value they can provide for their customers. There’s no doubt consumer shopping habits and needs will change after this situation is over and businesses should be willing to adapt to that change.

By shifting perspectives and focusing on providing value, businesses will be able to come up with new and innovative ways to serve customers and fulfill their needs once all this is over. If they think and plan about it now, they will be able to emerge on the other side with a fresh perspective ready to hit the ground running!

How do you imagine Haymarket in a year's time?
In a year’s time, I imagine Haymarket will be a bustling hub of activity for crowds of all ages with its rich heritage, culture and community encased by vibrant, modern dining and entertainment precincts. I am confident Haymarket will continue its growth as a world class destination attracting students and visitors from every corner of the globe.

Could you please share any persons / quotes that inspire you?
A quote that I always turn to during challenging situations, and which I feel is very fitting for these current times, is “The only constant in life is change” – Heraclitus

HCC Member Interview

Ruby Cheung
William Buck

How would you describe your industry right now?

For William Buck visiting our clients and spending time with them in person has always been a big part of how we work and COVID-19 put this to a grinding halt. As an industry we had to very quickly embrace technology as a key enabler for communicating and collaborating virtually. Like most sectors right now, digital offerings and technology are a driver of business growth and profitability.
While we’re focused on immediate business survival, we’re also looking strategically at mid to long-term implications. A global crisis like the coronavirus exposed a number of operational weaknesses across different industries and with restrictions continuing, clients are shifting priorities to deal with the growing uncertainty and general risk management. One of the biggest challenges and opportunities is how businesses can adapt or pivot to the changing market conditions and maximise technology.
It’s expected that normal preferences will change, and the way people think, and act will be different. As a result, we’ll see digital client engagement models become part of the ‘new normal’ going forward. As an industry centred around relationships, it’s critical for us to we rethink the ‘client experience’ and how to maintain the same levels of service and personalisation. The top priority for many businesses and industries is still focused on cash flow sustainability.

Tell us about why your business is outstanding?
For 125 years, we’ve supported our clients and community through the good and tough times. This commitment hasn’t changed. During this pandemic, we quickly recognised the need to stay connected. Across our offices in Australia and New Zealand, we regularly shared updates with our networks on the latest government announcements and incentives along with sharing broader industry insights. Ultimately, we want to help clients react to the crisis faster and effectively.

We immediately implemented a number of processes and systems to adapt to the changes. Our biggest priority was ensuing people remained engaged and by using virtual collaboration tools such as Zoom, WeChat and Webex, our teams were able to continue to deliver the same level of personal support. Prior to the COVID-19 disruption, William Buck had already begun to invest in digital solution capabilities such as automation and data management tools. The technology infrastructure we had in place allowed us to manage the increase in digital demand.
The impact of the coronavirus has been different for every business. It’s important for us to understand each unique situation and how we can add value. Our recent focus has been to inform SMEs of the immediate measures that would make the difference between survival and collapse. We also proactively identified clients in high risk sectors and advised on options to diversify their business.
The great strength of our culture is that we’re motivated by our unique philosophy of ‘Changing Lives’. During these exceptional times, we’ve stayed true to our firms’ values to make sure our clients and our people were supported and no one was left behind.

How long have you been a HCC member and why?
William Buck has been a member with HCC for just over a year. HCC is a great forum for collaborating and connecting with like-minded professionals and industry leaders. It provides with us with a way to share knowledge and understand the biggest issues and opportunities facing the community.

In a few words could you outline what makes the Haymarket/Chinatown unique?
The Haymarket and Chinatown communities are a gateway to Asia. Known as a vibrant multicultural hotspot, it’s a thriving source of economic growth and a bridge between cultures. It’s seen as a precinct where you can experience traditional Asian cultures with links to imported products and foreign capital. Big Asian brands and inspiring entrepreneurs have chosen to enter Australia by opening storefronts in Haymarket. It’s one of Sydney’s most visited tourist attractions with developments and investments shaping the broader southern CBD.

Any advice to businesses right now?
The most valuable activity for a business right now is to know their financial position. Before you can recover or restart, you need to know how you’re placed to operate post-COVID-19. Cash flow should be a continued focus to ensure you meet your immediate commitments and are ready for the future. Once you know the health of your finances, you can evaluate your business plans and how it aligns with future requirements. Be prepared that some parts of your operation may take longer to recover or become obsolete.
Ask yourself:

  • Will you continue to offer the same product or service, or do you need to adapt or pivot in line with expected changes to customer behaviors and preferences?
  • Are your suppliers able to meet the future needs of your business? Be sure to factor in any restrictions for providers that are based in different locations.
  • Is your business model sustainable? Reset and look at areas that can add more value i.e. automating production lines, adopting digital and analytical tools or shifting business to an e-commerce platform.
  • Do you have the funding arrangements to match your future direction? Look at negotiating or renegotiating debt facilities.
  • Is there an opportunity to merge or acquire a supplier or competitor? This can minimise supply chain risks and gain market share.
  • Have you considered ratio analysis (benchmarking business financials) or scenario planning? This will influence what actions you can take.

What's one of your most memorable times in Haymarket/Chinatown?

Celebrating Lunar New Year in Chinatown was such a unique experience. The festival draws on so many cultures represented in Sydney including Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, and Malaysian communities. Everyone enjoys the festivity as the atmosphere was inclusive and filled with pride. It’s a beautiful way to showcase tradition through arts, performance, food and sport.  It’ll be good to see Haymarket/Chinatown thrive again in conjunction with the vibrant activities around Darling Quarter and the Darling Harbour precinct.

Favourite Quote?
 “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

Covid-19 Safe Workplace

The Hon Alan Tudge MP Minister for Population, Cities and Urban Infrastructure  Acting Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs with Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash Minister for Employment, Skills,  Small and Family Business Senator for Western Australia have released a multilingual brief for a Covid-19 Safe Workplace.

1. Prepare plans so employees and customers know what to expect both in undertaking daily business but also in the event of a COVID-19 related incident or outbreak

2. Develop workplace and business models to prevent the spread of COVID-19 which incorporate measures such as physical distancing or barriers and hygiene as appropriate depending on the nature of your business operations

3. Prepare plans to respond in the event of an incident involving an infected employee or customer including testing and isolation measures (as well as support for and information flow to employees and their families)         

4. Prepare plans and protocols to recover after incidents including cleaning and testing the workplace.
Guidance material on operating in a COVID-19 safe manner has been translated into 63 languages and is available HERE


Haymarket Library Announcement

Dr John Yu and Lord Mayor Clover Moore

HCC congratulates the Museum of Chinese in Australia (MOCA) who have secured the heritage Haymarket Library building in Chinatown Sydney.  

Announced last week by the Lord Mayor on International Museum Day, MOCA plans to explore and preserve the two countries' centuries-old shared past..

"The museum will play an important role in promoting and sharing the story of Chinese settlers and their descendants, as well as understanding and celebrating their challenges, contributions and achievements," Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore said.

It will occupy a Victorian-era three-story sandstone building on the edge of the city's Chinatown in Haymarket, recently vacated by the suburb's library.

"Haymarket is the home of our city's oldest and largest Chinatown, so it's fitting that this is where we will create a centre for the preservation of our Chinese history," Moore said.

MOCA will feature rotating exhibitions, a collection of historic reference materials including books and journals, community spaces for meetings and events and a studio area for artistic programs.  There will also be an attached cafe and shop featuring Chinese-Australian inspired baked goods.  To DONATE and or find out more go HERE

Events Cinema Redeveloped

Development plan

The last remaining theatre from the historic George Street cinema strip is under threat of demolition, with two multi-purpose apartment complexes getting development approval for the site.

The City of Sydney approved two development applications for a 270-metre residential tower and a 43-storey building constructed on the Event Cinema site, which straddles separate blocks of land.

The 270-metre, 507-unit residential building is expected to cost more than $692 million and will house a childcare facility, shops, a separate boutique cinema and 347-car parking lot.

The developer Mirvac said its approved proposal includes the demolition of the existing cinema complex.  Read more HERE

Sydney's Recovery Plan 

The City of Sydney is preparing a City Recovery Plan in response to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Council  ask businesses, communities and organisations across Sydney to share what problems encountered during lockdown, and how the City of Sydney can assist towards recovery.  Please assist the City of Sydney by contributing to the survey HERE up until Wednesday 3 June 2020.

City of Sydney Planning and Key Changes

City of Sydney's Sustainable Sydney 2030 vision identifies a key goal of nurturing a competitive global Sydney.  The planning framework provides a clear path for investment to help rebuild business confidence and support jobs in small and large businesses. It considers commercial development, hotel and visitor accommodation, cultural uses and retail alongside residential living.
Key changes include:

  • additional height and density in the most suitable locations
  • removing the incentive for residential towers
  • opportunities to unlock additional capacity for economic and employment growth
  • ensuring new development achieves design excellence through a revised design policy.

Summary of key changes or find out more HERE 

The Window of Art
SEDITION, an annual public art exhibition and festival combines cabaret, music, photography and painting. 
Creating a physical exhibition to take place in twelve shopfronts across Sydney’s Haymarket precinct from 28th August – end of September 2020 this shopfront exhibition will run over four-weeks with the online version that will provide audiences the opportunity to physically and virtually journey around Haymarket. The exhibition will concurrently run for four-week program also featuring  streamed music events, performance, panel discussions and artist workshops.

Sedition is asking Haymarket businesses, artists, writers and performers to use their imaginations to envisage the future and participate with Sedition 2020.  Find out more HERE or enquire HERE

Darling Square Launches Digital Content Hub

Darling Square powered by have launched Digital High Street.  This new digital hub invites local businesses, creatives, community organisations  to submit their content and Think Bright will curate and publish it through their social media channels.  Aimed at amplifying the community by creating awareness and offerings directly to the local area and to communicate directly to the people living and working in the Darling Square, Haymarket, Ultimo area.
Find out more;
Facebook @think.bright.official
Instagram @think.bright.official
YouTube @think.bright.official
LinkedIn @think.bright.official

Government Support For Businesses

Source: Forward Business


NSW Public Transport

Sydney's CBD to Randwick Lightrail Update:

Passenger services are now running on the new L3 Kingsford Line between Circular Quay and Kingsford, completing the 12-kilometre CBD and South East Light Rail network.

The opening of the new line provides public transport for workers and the community in the south east as it services the important health precinct and the city.

Operations will be fine-tuned over a period of time as the L3 Kingsford Line is integrated with the L2 Randwick Line and while services are bedded down.

This is an important time for customers and the community to adjust and familiarise themselves with the new network, particularly when it comes to safety.

With light rail running down Anzac Parade through Kensington and Kingsford, it is vital all road users follow traffic signals and for pedestrians in particular to be aware that there are two-stage crossings to connect to the light rail stops.

As the first month to operate, trams on both the L2 Randwick Line and L3 Kingsford Line will operate between 5am and 1am, with weekday services between 7am and 7pm running every 4-8 minutes in the CBD and every 8-12 minutes in the South East.

For more information about light rail services and trip planning, visit or HERE

Sydney Light Rail
NSW Transport's Safety Video
Find out more HERE



HCC Members 

 Abacus Visa Immigration Lawyers
Abacus Visa Immigration Lawyers

Accentro Legal


Art Atrium


Diamond Conway Lawyers

Eva Law & Associates
Ph: 02 9264 8887


First Class Accounts
Jason Zheng


Forward Business
Jack Lee
Ph: 02 9247 1061 / 0405 211 100


Haymarket HQ
 Ph: 0426 675 464

Hughes & Co Solicitors
Richard Hughes: Solicitor and Notary Public
Phone:  9221 4000 
Fax:      9283 9657
Mobile:  0418 468 502


Insurance Advisernet
Ph: 02 9211 1718

Sunny Siu Videography
Phone: 0449954603

VTS Lawyers
Ph: (02) 8226 8686 

HCC Members

Bendigo Bank

Darling Square  Community Bank Branch
Shop NE12, 11 Little Pier St
Haymarket NSW 2000

First Class Accounts Paddington
Jason Zheng
Ph: 9271 7328
Pitt Martin Accountants & Tax Advisers     tel 02 9221 3345      fax 02 9221 3405        
SUMO SIV Managed Funds.
 Tel: (02) 8226 8829
Westpac Banking - Haymarket
Phone 8217 8525, 9281 1026,

William Buck Accountants & Advisors
Ruby Cheung

Welcome to our new HCC Member


HCC would like to thank our long standing members.










Chinese Ginseng and Herbs

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