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HCC President Overview 2015
This year has seen Haymarket Chamber of Commerce continue to advocate on behalf of our members in engaging key stakeholders in the area as well as act as a conduit for dialogue between our members and various authorities.
HCC has attended numerous consultation meetings with Lend Lease regarding Darling Square, Department of Transport and Infrastructure NSW for the Light Rail project and its impact to the area and both advisory and consultation sessions with City of Sydney in planning the 2016 Chinese New Year Festivities and the new pedestrian plaza and public art in Thomas Street. 
In addition to this, our four networking events each year starts with our celebratory Chinese New Year event and our annual Asia Panel Event in September which are both proving very popular in both attracting high profile attendees and speakers with our many valued members.  To support and promote our members, sponsors and partners, we are also progressing with HCC's broad marketing communications platforms to engage and inform our growing, culturally rich and diverse local market.
Anticipating our exciting 10th Anniversary in 2016, HCC’s commitment and growth strengthens each year to support our members to work with stakeholders and authorities in maintaining Chinatown and Haymarket’s cultural and historical sense of place in an evolving environment and community for the future.
Merry Christmas to you all and we look forward to seeing you in 2016.
Simon Chan 
Haymarket Chamber of Commerce

A Positive 2016 Outlook

With optimism in the air and confidence in the market with our much welcomed new Prime Minister Turnbull, we expect an even more auspicious year ahead with the arrival of the Fire Red Monkey Year in February 2016.

Make sure you join HCC at our CNY Banquet evening to celebrate this innovative and exciting year ahead.  See our invitation details below this article.

In preparation for 2016, Forbes recently released top BUSINESS TRENDS that will drive 2016, we have listed their top 3 trends below;

1. Top Performing Companies Will Focus On Connecting Customers
Industry leaders like Seth Godin and Clay Hebert believe we are now in the Connection Economy. The new modern economy is created by building relationships and creating connections, rather than building assets by industrialism. 
2. Smart Businesses Will Embrace Millennials
The largest group of individuals, according to the US Census Bureau is people in their 20’s (80 million). This group, often categorized as Millennials, now represents the largest customer and employee segment and will soon to be the largest business owner segment of the US population.
3. Innovative Organizations Will Invest In Mentoring and Engagement For Remote Employees
Retaining quality staff will require businesses to engage their employees through development and training with a commitment to electronic tools to teach, monitor, and even mentor team members regardless of physical location. 

Read more HERE

Celebrate  the Red Fire Monkey Year 2016 with HCC

2016 is forecast to be a year of vitality, optimism and innovation for business, so join HCC as we
welcome the Red Fire Monkey Year at our banquet celebratory evening on Friday 12 February 2016.  

With special news to come about our official Guests of Honor and hosts, enjoy a delicious 10 course banquet at The Eight restaurant, prizes and wonderful and exciting performances with us. 

Limited tickets available.

A Merry HCC Christmas Event

With a very special visit by Santa B Chan, our recent HCC Christmas Networking event proved a popular event amongst members and Chamber friends with almost 100 attendees.  With our first even band performance, we are very grateful for the ongoing support by our valued sponsors and members;
City of Sydney Councillors and staff
Events Cinema
Friday Night Markets
P & G Mode Realty
Lend Lease
Chinese Ginseng & Herbs
Surfside Hotels
Art Atrium

Banna Property
Avantro Legal
SKW Property
Prestige Strata

Sine Iactura PL
Abacus Visas & Immigration

Eva Law & Associates
Richard Hughes & Assocs.
Umi Group
Benchmark Business
Harry's Singapore Chilli Crab
Nan Tien Institute
Crown Group
O'Loghlin Communication 

Thank you to the City of Sydney Robyn Simon for all her commitment in supporting HCC towards its success as we wish her all the best for her next adventure.  Thank you to the Hilton for their wonderful hospitality, our HCC Executive team for their dedication and commitment to HCC's progress in 2015, our events team Rei Wang, Natasia  Rozali and Sukey Xu and to our deep gratitude to our HCC members and friends who provide HCC with their ongoing support.  Merry HCC Christmas!


The 20 most used online business buzzwords in 2015
Innovation/innovate                     Collaboration                            Selfie                     Best practice
Agile                                            Cut through                              Big data                 Visionary
Cloud computing                          Game-changer

HCC's New Chinatown Phone App

Based on the high demand personal walking tours by HCC co-founding member George Wing Kee, HCC's latest and up to date Chinatown Walking Tour phone application for both Apple and Android phone is now available. 

Experience your very own cultural and historical 'digital' walking tour of Chinatown and search the many local delights and features of the area detailed  throughout the Chinatown Phone App directory.   For Android click HERE  or Apple click HERE

    ANDROID                                                APPLE

      HCC Chinatown Phona App for Android                  HCC Chinatown Phona App for Android
Thanks to Emperor's Garden, Chinese Ginseng and Herbs and St George for supporting HCC by promoting our Chinatown Phone App.


If you would like to join our growing membership please    


HCC's 2016 plans reflect our commitment to the changing face and unique vibrancy the local area offers, with our  soon to be launched 'Retail Life Competition', multi-lingual local communication and our next engaging  Asia Panel event.  

To participate or just to keep up to date with HCC visit our website, facebook, phone app, twitter, E news and or join us at our next event.  

Light rail construction count down begins

Major construction schedule for the CBD and South East Light Rail project
The CBD and South East Light Rail route has been divided into 31 individual zones to minimise, as much as possible, the impacts of construction in any one area. These are listed below. ALTRAC can alter its construction schedule, but not the duration within any individual zone, if required. If changes to the construction schedule are required, ALTRAC must provide notice of 60 business days. The public will be fully advised of any changes well in advance of works taking place.

 3 December 2015: Closure of George Street between Market and Park streets for light rail construction.
 January 2016: Start of Randwick branch light rail major construction.
 February 2016: Start of Kingsford branch light rail major construction.
 August 2016: Start of light rail major construction in Surry Hills.
 September 2016: Completion of the first pedestrian zone in George Street, between King and Market streets.
Zone 6: George Street, between Market Street and Park Street Construction starts 3 December 2015 - Construction ends 16 October 2016
Zone 7: George Street, between Park Street and Bathurst Street Construction starts 1 February 2016 - Construction ends 31 October 2016

CBD construction hours are 6am to 10pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 5pm Saturday.
Outside the CBD, construction hours are 6am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 5pm Saturday.

Sydneysiders will be faced with a number of challenges throughout the construction period, but by early 2019 the construction sites will be replaced with a fully operational light rail service. One light rail vehicle can carry up to 450 people, the same amount as nine standard buses or 90 cars.

Cyclists will need to dismount prior to entering this zone 5 area. Cyclists not having a destination within this section will be redirected to other routes. For more detailed maps on block closures and how to move around the CBD visit mysydney.com.au.

For further information about the CBD and South East Light Rail project:
Email SLRCommunity@acciona.com.au / infoline on 1800 684 490 or 24-hour construction Ph: 1800 775 465
Visit the TfNSW Community Information Centre, cnr George and King Street (next to Coles), CBD
Visit the project website HERE  or follow  on Facebook  HERE

Darling Square Update
Key upcoming works:
- Demolition of the Qantas Credit Union Arena (formerly known as the Entertainment Centre) will commence
from January 2016. Site establishment works will commence from 5 January 2016 which will involve erecting
hoardings and clearing some vegetation around the site.

- Important infrastructure works will commence from January 2016 at the corner of Hay and Harbour Streets.
These works are to provide stormwater augmentation and flood mitigation.
Changes to Harbour Street from January 2016:

- The western footpath of Harbour Street between Hay Street and Little Pier Street will be closed to pedestrians
from 5 January 2016. Please use the eastern footpath and divert through Little Pier Street to access Darling

- The Entertainment Plaza bus stop will be relocated to a different location. Please call South East Community
Transport on 02 8241 8000 for more information on the changed routes.
First residential building:
- Site preparation, detailed excavation, delivery of infrastructure services, pile foundations and ground floor
slabs are now largely complete for all three towers.
- Third and final tower crane for this building is planned to be erected in December.
Commercial building:

  • Detailed excavation is nearing completion, with all substructure completed and 85% of the ground floor
  • The southern core jump form and car park core jump form is established and operational, and works have commenced to the carpark and northern core formwork systems.
  • The second tower crane has been established, and works will commence to level one within the next month.
Student Accommodation – Urbanest and Buildcorp
The first pour of the Level 2 (podium) slab commenced and the formwork to Level 3 (the residential floors)
has also commenced with a pour scheduled for later in the week.
If you have any questions about the student accommodation building, please contact:
Ned Sardelic, Construction Manager, Buildcorp – ned_sardelic@buildcorp.com.au
Tom Bitmead, Project Manager, Johnstaff Projects – tom.bitmead@johnstaff.com.au or call 0488 300 559

Thomas Street between Hay and Quay street
Upgrades 2015-16

As the City of Sydney continues transforming Chinatown, with ongoing making traffic changes and other improvements in Thomas Street between Hay and Quay streets, the Chamber welcomes this exciting new public space that will engage the local community, attract new visitors and encourage greater pedestrian use. This upgrade follows the successful upgrade of nearby Little Hay Street, Factory Street and Kimber Lane.


Completeed features along Thomas Street between Hay Street and Ultimo Road:

  • decorative paving with concentric circles
  • boulders that are part of an integrated artwork
  • granite footpaths with trachyte kerbs
  • a signalised intersection at Thomas Street and Ultimo Road
  • smartpoles for traffic signals and lights.

Current work across the shared zone between Ultimo Road and Thomas Lane:

  • more smartpoles
  • more granite pavers
  • pits for new trees
  • more decorative paving and boulders as part of the integrated artwork.
The City of Sydney expect the project to be completed in February 2016.  


Christmas Lights up Sydney CBD

Head to the city after sunset and watch in wonder as the facade of some of our most historic buildings come to life with shining light projections every evening.   Illuminations include Sydney Town Hall, the MLC Centre and Martin Place, not to mention St Mary's Cathedral. Find out more HERE

Monkey Baa Welcomes
Lu Cunxin for the Peasant Prince 2016

Congratulations to Monkey Baa for a very insightful and welcoming pre-production workshop with Li Cunxin (Mao's Last Dancer author).  The audience were honored to meet and listen to Li Cunxin, actors and creative team for the most exciting theatre release of the Peasant Prince in 2016.  Find out more HERE
Westpac Launches Bangaroo Offices

As one of the first organisations to launch at Bangaroo officially opened their 28 floors with CEO Brian Hartzer, NSW Finance Minister Gladys Berejiklian and the prominent pas Prime Minister Paul Keating.  
Chinatown Cultural Walking Tours 2016
30th April 2016 and 15th May 2016 
Start time 10.30 a.m. and ends by 12p.m.

Tour group to meet at Capitol Theatre Campbell St. Haymarket.
George Wing Kee conducts personalised Chinatown 1.5 hour walking tours throughout Haymarket. which feature key historical and cultural sites throughout Chinatown. George has shared his tours with hundreds of tour groups with a single walking tour attracting up to 70 people.   If you would like to know more please contact us.
Bookings essential mobile  0416166380. George Wing Kee (Haymarket Chamber of Commerce) or email HERE 
Market City Christmas Globe!

Australia’s largest snow globe arrives in December and at 8.5m in diameter there is room for approximately 20 people to experience a winter wonderland and enjoy some festive cheer. Visit the Market City Globe until January 1st with Market City open every day during the Festive season from 11am to 6pm daily.  Find out more HERE

Wednesday, 16 December 2015
Join AMSA at their exciting Christmas event from 5:30 to 8 PM at Escape Hunt, Level 4, 393 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000.  Find out more HERE


George Wing Kee
HCC Vice President & Co-founding Member
Director P & G Mode Realty

How long have you been doing business in Haymarket?
Peter volunteered me to join his real estate business in Haymarket when I retired after selling the family food businesses in Zetland so I have been involved with P & G Mode Realty over 18 years.
What are the main changes you have seen in the area?
In 1948 when I first came to Haymarket with my dad to buy produce at the Markets. The area was a hectic mix of Chinese and Italian market gardeners heckling, pushing loads of cabbages, celery, bags of potatoes ….orderly confusion and congestion. Now, half a century later, we rub shoulders with bankers ,financiers , property developers, tourists from all over the world.
Could you describe what sort of businesses and people the area attracts?
Once cookhouses run by families from the Southern Province of Guangdong served the mainly Chinese locals, now food remains a dominant attraction to Chinatown, and with all these many cultures the area attracts (these originally) small stores have become empires.  These businesses range from crafts to clothing, IT and supermarkets. With the arrival of capital rich companies from China and thousands of students, Haymarket is entering a new phase and a new society.
How would you describe HCC?
Leading into HCC’s 10th Anniversary in 2016, HCC has been an outstanding beacon in Chinatown, a voice where needed, a responsible citizen with a Committee very dedicated to growing its respectability and influence in the wider community.
What do you see happening in 2016?
In 2016 I see the HCC involved in more projects in Chinatown; .tourism, business seminars, cultural events, networking with other groups and with mammoth developments surrounding Chinatown we need to be vigilant.

MEDIA articleMastering Mandarin Key to                   Improving Relations              

"In response to an article discussing the issue where HSC students are deserting Mandarin as they fear it will bring down their HSC marks.

As an Australian-born Chinese I quite understand the difficulty Australian students find in learning the language, which even I find hard to get my tongue around.

Regardless, the introductions of Mandarin to primary schools has opened a gateway for young students to understand some of the culture and traditions of the ancient dynasty through sings and folk dancing.
While many may never master the language, they will nevertheless, gain insight into the lifestyles of our Asian neighbours.

If we want to encourage co-operation between Australia and China then any steps taken to learn the language of our partners should be earnestly pursued.  The Telegraph editor is correct in saying “it should be all about equipping students to best meet the future.”

              George Wing Kee, Haymarket

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