Getting It Right  Getting the right color is a challenging process that demands accuracy and consistency.  Far too often, incorrect or inconsistent lighting and viewing conditions result in communication problems during the color inspection. To combat these problems, the industry has established a standard, ISO 3664:2000, to insure greater viewing consistency.  When all participants involved in the color process view color under standard conditions, color communication is optimum.  

Industry standards require that viewing conditions meet strict specifications with regard to: color quality, light intensity, evenness of illumination, viewing/illumination geometry and surround conditions.  Differences in any of these conditions can affect color appearance.
Color Inspection Workflow There are many factors that influence the way color is perceived.  Individuals perceive color differently due to the complex nature of the human eye.  When you combine this fundamental factor with physical viewing conditions have on color appearance, the slightest variation in lighting and environment can produce major color shifts. The best way to guarantee that the color communication "chain" is functioning under proper and consistent conditions is to require all participants to view color in a controlled environment in accordance with industry standards.

Once this goal has been accomplished, it is crucial that all viewing environments are routinely maintained to assure ongoing compliance with the standard.  Here is a template to get you started in your visual color evaluation.

Can You Remember the Colors?  Have you ever purchased a cabinet thinking that it may match the color of your curtains and realising that it is not up to your expectations?  We do not have memory for colors.  The color that we recalled is unlikely to be the actual color we saw previously.  To ensure color consistency, corporations invest in color control and management systems to ensure the right color all the time.  Read how Inax Corporation Inc, Japan leading ceramic and sanitary wares manufacturer uses color technology to improve their quality control.

Visually or instrumentally, we can help you in your color work.

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