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Purchases are made by visual cues and the most persuasive is color.  Many organisations excel in color management to ensure that their products consistently meet their color standards.  For the color practitioner, the question is how can we communicate color easily and accurately? 
CIE L*a*b* Color Space
The CIE L*a*b* color space or commonly referred as CIELAB is widely acceptable and used in the industry to quantify colors.  It is easy to understand and interpret.  In CIELAB, L* indicates lightness and a* and b* are the chromaticity coordinates.  The L*a*b* values of a color tells the location of the color in the color space.
The L* axis represents lightness – light to dark.  The a* axis is the green / red axis with +a* towards the red direction and -a* towards the green direction.
The b* axis represents the blue / yellow axis, where +b* is towards the yellow direction and -b* is towards the blue direction.
In the center, the color is achromatic, neutral color – grey.

Learn more about CIELAB color space here.

Are There Blue Foods?
On a lighter note, check out Food Detective on Food Network - "Are There Any Blue Foods". What color is blue cheese?

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