CrowdSurf Continues to Thrive!

Hello CrowdSurfers!

We are happy to inform you that CrowdSurf is prosperous! With YOUR help, we are quickly growing more and more successful!

However, in order to guarantee CrowdSurf's sustainability and growing success, we have had to lower Payment Rates and discontinue Weekly Bonuses on Mturk.

As of Wednesday March 9, 2016, Mturk rates have been lowered by 10%. This means that for tasks that earn up to $0.17, Mturk will now pay $0.136. And, since Monday March 14, 2016, Mturk tasks are no longer eligible for Weekly Bonuses.

Full base payments and bonuses are still available via CrowdSurfWork and Work Market!

Work Market is a cloud-based Freelance Management System that we are using to hire and pay all of our wonderful CrowdSurfers. 

Benefits of Work Market:

  • Easy Account Creation click here
  • Reliable and user-friendly website
  • Several Payment Disbursement options
  • More customizable user-experience on the CSW platform

We plan to make Work Market our primary payment platform, but we will continue to offer work through Mturk at approximately 20% lower rates than Work Market. 

How to get started:

1) The Recruitment Link:  Use this custom Recruitment Link to join CrowdSurf on Work Market. Do not make your own account on Work Market without this link. This link will ensure that you're in the correct group for the CrowdSurfWork fast track.

2) Work Market Setup:  Once you receive the recruitment message, go ahead and make your account on Work Market. Be sure to verify your email and please set your industry as "Writing and Translation".
Remember: Set your preferred notification settings (uncheck all of the boxes so you don't get spammed by other requesters) and set up your tax/ banking information for later. Please research and choose the payment method that best fits your needs.

3) Wait for Login Instructions:  Once everyone has created their Work Market accounts, we will create your new CrowdSurfWork accounts and send you an email with CrowdSurfWork platform login instructions. Please wait to receive our email, it may take up to 5-10 business days. We will reach out to you about your new account. While you're waiting, please check out our Work Market FAQ.

4) Move to CrowdSurfWork:  Once you receive your CrowdSurfWork instructions, please move all of your CrowdSurf activity to the CrowdSurfWork platform and Work Market payments. Please note that bonuses will not be combined across both platforms and rollover will not be moved over to Work Market. Start as soon as possible on Work Market to avoid bonus disruption.

5) Receive Payments via Work Market:  While you're using Work Market, you will log in to the CrowdSurfWork platform to complete all work and track all work history, payments, and feedback. No action will be required on Work Market except receiving funds and withdrawing funds from your Work Market account.

For the BEST work experience, we encourage you to join us on Work Market to enjoy all that CrowdSurfWork has to offer! 

Thank you for all your hard work!

CrowdSurf Support