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Dear Colleagues

We are bringing you a new Key Point Seminar by Claire Turnbull and her colleagues at Mission Nutrition. 

Apart from being the director of Mission Nutrition, Claire is also the nutritionist for the Healthy Food Guide Magazine, Newstalk ZB, Healthy Food Ideas and the Millennium Institute of Sport. Claire also loves sharing her nutrition knowledge and skills through lively, interactive presentations and speaking at conferences and events and has recently had her first book published, Lose weight for Life.

The ENERGY injection
Your guide to Eating RIGHT & Sleeping Tight
Whether you feel like falling asleep throughout your shift or are just sick of feeling tired all the time  – this fantastic seminar will give you the inspiration and answers to help you feel more ENERGETIC every day!

  • How to eat right when you work shifts
  • How much sugar is hiding in your drink?
  • How can you improve your sleep QUALITY
  • Caffeine – how much is too much?
  • Hydration – how it helps
  • Eat at the right TIME for you
  • How food affects how you feel
  • What affects your energy levels?
What will Mission Nutrition provide? 
  • A fantastic interactive, motivating seminar with practical ideas, suggestions and advice
  • PowerPoint presentation (image based)
  • Key points from the seminar emailed afterwards which can be sent to staff as a reminder
  • A flyer to use to promo the seminar to staff (can be word or PDF)
  • A free back copy of Healthy Food Guide Magazine for each attendee.
  • Spot prize for the best question in the session – including one big goody bag with recipe book, food samples and other goodies!
  • 10% off the cost of a first consultation for your employees who would like one on one nutrition advice following the session – includes phone and Skype consults.
Please give me a call on 021 246 0077 or send me an email if you would like more information about this seminar. 

Work Safely
Fiona Johnston
Shiftwork Services
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