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Dear Colleagues

For many years I have been helping organisations minimise the risks associated with fatigue to their workers, as such I have always kept an eye out for innovative solutions to support my clients. Over recent months I have developed a relationship with ComOps, a leading provider of Workforce Management Solutions.
ComOps Workforce Management Solution suite (Microster) includes a Fatigue Management Module to support optimal placement and replacement outcomes on Microster-generated rosters. As the New Zealand licensees of FAID®, of key interest is the Microster FAID Integration Fatigue Scoring – referencing of the FAID (Fatigue Algorithm Interdyne) algorithm developed by the University of South Australia to provide an hourly Fatigue Score based on worked shift patterns. This option assumes intervening periods of rest and provides a fully audited “fatigue metric” that will alert or refuse specific rostering outcomes by referencing User configurable “hard” & “soft” fatigue rules. The Microster Fatigue Management Module supports the building and transacting of fatigue critiqued rosters, providing organisations with a quantifiable, audited record of hourly and “Shift Maximum” Fatigue Scores to support optimal placement and minimise exposure to general and OH&S incidents. The module can also be used to support change management when introducing alternative rostering practices to preventing unacceptable placement patterns.
In summary Microster’s FAID Integration Fatigue Scoring allows an organisation to apply FAID in real-time on a daily basis so you can proactively optimise your workforce and do more than just predict likely fatigue levels of employees based on their hours of work, you can proactively mitigate risk.
Please contact me if you would like more information on Microster and the FAID integration. 

Work Safely
Fiona Johnston
Shiftwork Services
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